Das Boot Ist Kaputt! Germany Has The World’s Best Submarines… But Does Not Have One Working Submarine

“Germany Has The World’s Best Submarines…”

New Russian Submarines Are So Silent That The U.S. Navy Calls Them ‘Black Holes’

Russia’s Stealth ‘Black Hole’ Submarine Prepares For 4,000 Km Trip, Deep Water Trials

“Germany Has The World’s Best Submarines…”

…and delivered them to Israel…

Israel Seeks To Buy 3 New German Dolphin Class Submarines

And Another German-Built Dolphin-Class Submarine (Costing $2 Billion To Build) Heads To Israel For Delivery

Israel’s WWDs: German Made Nuclear Armed Dolphins

Colin Powell Leaked Emails Reveal Israel Has “200 Nuclear Bombs”

Israel Deploys 3 Nuclear-Armed Subs Off Iran Coast; Iran Warns Of Forceful Response To ‘Evil Acts’

Israeli Subs Destroy Russian Missiles In Syria – Russia Holds Largest Post-Soviet Military Drill

Spiegel Report: Israel Fitting Nuclear Arms On German-Supplied Submarines


Das Boot ist kaputt! Germany has the world’s best submarines… but none of them work:

Germany is effectively without its entire submarine fleet, and won’t have one vessel operational for months to come. Each one of the navy’s vaunted U-boats is either on maintenance or in desperate need of repairs.

The German navy once boasted that its cutting-edge Type 212A submarines equipped with hydrogen fuel cells allow them to navigate submerged for over two weeks before resurfacing, thus giving them an edge over most diesel submarines that can stay submerged for only a few days. Each such vessel costs the German budget some €400 million ($469.9 million), according to the German ARD broadcasting corporation. However, the German military have recently admitted that all of their six precious vessels are out of action.

Berlin lost the last of its submarines this October when the Type 212A vessel named U-35 suffered serious damage to its rudder after hitting a rock during a diving maneuver off the Norwegian coast. The damage was so severe that the submarine had to be escorted to the German port of Kiel by testing ship the Helmsand. The rest of the submarine fleet, it turned out, was already out of service by that point.

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Putin launches deadly ‘Vladimir the Great’ submarine – complete with 20 ICBMs

Putin launches deadly ‘Vladimir the Great’ submarine – complete with 20 ballistic missiles:

VLADIMIR Putin has an incredible new weapon in his arsenal following the launch of the Russian Navy’s most powerful submarine to date.

The Knyaz Vladimir, meaning ‘Vladimir the Great’ is capable of launching 20 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM), which can devastate cities up to 5,778 miles away.

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Russia floods Gibraltar waters with DEADLY submarines as military fears sinister plot

Russia floods Gibraltar waters with DEADLY submarines as military fears sinister plot:

RUSSIAN submarines have flooded the Gibraltar Strait sending British alarm bells ringing as tensions rise between Vladimir Putin and the west.

H/t reader kevin a.

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UK nuclear sub collides with merchant vessel off Gibraltar

UK nuclear sub collides with merchant vessel off Gibraltar:

One of Britain’s newest Astute-class submarines has docked at Gibraltar after suffering a “glancing collision” with a merchant vessel, the UK Royal Navy announced, emphasizing that the HMS Ambush suffered “absolutely no damage” to her nuclear reactor.

The incident happened at around 1:30pm local time on Wednesday, when HMS Ambush was “submerged and conducting a training exercise” off Gibraltar, the Royal Navy said in a statement.

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And Another German-Built Dolphin-Class Submarine (Costing $2 Billion To Build) Heads To Israel For Delivery

Posted this just in case you wanted to know how Israel invests U.S. taxpayers money.

US ‘To Boost’ Military Aid To Israel By ANOTHER $1.5 Billion Per Year (Israel Is Already Receiving  $3 Billion A Year):

The US has offered to increase military aid to Israel by another $1.5 billion per year to ease tensions over the nuclear deal with Iran, media has reported. Defense Secretary Ash Carter is expected to make the offer during next week’s visit to Tel Aviv.The proposed increase would see Israel getting an additional squadron of F-35 fighter jets, funding for research and development of missile defense systems, and ammunition to replenish the stocks used in last year’s bombing of Gaza, Israeli sources told Jerusalem Post.Under the current arrangement, Israel is receiving $3 billion a year, most of which is used to purchase US military hardware such as fighter jets and missile defense systems. Israeli and US officials have been discussing increasing the amount of aid to anywhere between $4.2 and $4.5 billion per year, sources familiar with the talks told the New York Times.


German-made submarine heads to Israel for delivery:

WASHINGTON, Dec. 18 (UPI) — The latest German-built Dolphin-class submarine INS Rahav is en route to Haifa to be delivered to the Israeli Navy.

INS Rahav, given the Hebrew name for Greek god of the seas Poseidon, is one of the Israeli Defense Force’s most expensive weapons. The vessel’s voyage to Haifa comes roughly a decade after the Israeli government placed the order to German defense contractor Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft.

The company unveiled the submarine in April 2013, however more work was needed to ensure the vessel was fully operational. Rahav is the fifth submarine of its class to be delivered to the Israeli Navy, The Times of Israel reports.

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Did Russia Just “Gently” Threaten The USA?


Did Russia Just “Gently” Threaten The USA?:

Interesting stuff today.  A major Russian TV channel just aired a report about Putin meeting with his top military commanders.  I don’t have the time to translate what Putin said word for word, but basically he said that the USA had refused every single Russian offer to negotiate about the US anti-missile system in Europe and that while the US had initially promised that the real target of this system was Iran, now that the Iranian nuclear issue had been solved, the US was still deploying the system.  Putin added that the US was clearly attempting to change the world’s military balance.  And then the Russian footage showed this:


According to the Kremlin, it was a mistakenly leaked secret document.  And just to make sure that everybody got it, RT wrote a full article in English about this in an article entitled “‘Assured unacceptable damage’: Russian TV accidentally leaks secret ‘nuclear torpedo’ design“. According to RT:

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​Ex-Royal Navy sailor to RT: Trident whistleblower’s security allegations true

The British Royal Navy's submarine HMS Victorious
The British Royal Navy’s submarine HMS Victorious

​ Ex-Royal Navy sailor to RT: Trident whistleblower’s security allegations true (RT, May 20, 2015):

As Royal Navy whistleblower William McNeilly remains in military custody for criticizing Trident nuclear safety procedures, an ex-Navy sailor who backs many of his allegations has spoken at length to RT.

Euan Bryson, 25, served in Britain’s Royal Navy for 4 1/2 years as a communications and IT specialist. Among his leading roles were positions onboard the UK’s ex-Royal Navy flagships HMS Ark Royal and HMS illustrious.

The former sailor also served at the Faslane nuclear submarine base where McNeilly was working before publishing his 18-page report, which argued that the Trident nuclear program posed serious safety and security risks to Britain.

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Trident Nuclear Submarine Program Whistleblower To Hand Himself In

William McNeilly

Submariner who attacked Trident safety to hand himself in (BBC News, May 18, 2015):

A Royal Navy submariner who criticised safety procedures around the Trident nuclear-armed submarines has said he will hand himself in to police later.

William McNeilly, 25, went on the run after alleging the Trident nuclear missile programme, based on the Clyde, was a “disaster waiting to happen”.

Able Seaman McNeilly said: “Other people need to start coming forward.”

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Russia’s Stealth ‘Black Hole’ Submarine Prepares For 4,000 Km Trip, Deep Water Trials

Related info:

New Russian Submarines Are So Silent That The U.S. Navy Calls Them ‘Black Holes’

Russian advanced stealth submarine
Workers attend a ceremony of launching the Rostov-on-Don Russian diesel-electric torpedo submarine at the Admiralteiskiye verfy shipyard in St. Petersburg (AFP Photo / Olga Maltseva)

A new Russian advanced stealth submarine, dubbed a “black hole” by NATO for its ability to be undetectable, has begun preparations for deep water tests. However, it must first make a 4,630km journey to the Barents Sea in Russia’s north.

“The crew of the electric diesel submarine Rostov on Don which was handed to the Russian Navy by Admiralty Shipyards has started the preparation for the passing from the Baltic Sea zone to the Barents Sea,” Captain Igor Dygalo from the Ministry of Defense said.

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North Korea Launches Upgraded Soviet-Era Ballistic Missile Submarine


German ‘Dolphin’ Submarine Loaded With A 500 KILOTON HYDROGEN BOMB ‘DISAPPEARS’ While Being Tracked By The NSA, MI6 And Every Sophisticated Device NATO Owns

North Korea launches upgraded Soviet-era ballistic missile submarine – report (RT, Nov 2, 2014):

Pyongyang is modernizing once obtained decommissioned Soviet diesel submarine capable of carrying ballistic missiles either for active service or as a test bench for constructing a similar sub of its own, South Korean government sources say.

North Korea “imported a Soviet-era Golf-class diesel submarine and modified it,” Yonhap news agency has reported, citing a government source.

The Soviet Union constructed various modifications of Golf-class diesel-electric submarines, also known as ‘Project 629’, starting from 1958. The sub was capable of carrying three single stage liquid-propellant ballistic missiles (types vary on different modifications of the subs), with one nuclear warhead and six torpedo tubes, which could use nuclear torpedoes as well.

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‘Russian Distress Call’ Prompting Swedish Sub Hunt NEVER EXISTED – Sigint Source

‘Russian distress call’ prompting Swedish sub hunt never existed – sigint source (RT, Oct 28, 2014)

There was no Russian distress call. That’s the opinion of a Swedish signal intelligence (SIGINT) source after a massive $2.8mn military and media sub-hunt consumed the country for a week.

Reports of a Russian distress signal and a grainy-picture were enough to deploy the navy while the media widely concluded the vessel had to be a Russian submarine spooking Stockholm.

The proof of this was an alleged comms intercept, at distress call frequency, between the supposed sub and Kaliningrad base.

But the Dagens Nyheter daily cited a Swedish Intel source who confessed there was no distress call.

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Israel Deploys 3 Nuclear-Armed Subs Off Iran Coast; Iran Warns Of Forceful Response To ‘Evil Acts’


Netanyahu Orders Israel Army To Prepare For Possible Military Strike Against Iran In 2014

Israel Deploys 3 Nuclear-Armed Subs Off Iran Coast; Iran Warns Of Forceful Response To “Evil Acts” (ZeroHedge, May 31, 2014):

With tear-gas flying in the streets of Turkey, Ukraine’s civil-war raging in the south and east, US drones based in Japan to oversee the South China Sea, and Europe’s extremist parties gaining significant traction, today we get one more piece of considerably worrisome geopolitical news that global stock markets must ignore. The Sunday Times reports that Israel is to deploy three submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles in the Persian Gulf that are meant to act as a deterrent, gather intelligence and potentially to land Mossad agents. Iran is not happy, warning that “anyone who wishes to do an evil act in the Persian Gulf will receive a forceful response from us.”

Israel Deploys 3 Nuclear-Armed Subs Off Iran Coast

As Haaretz reports,

Israel is to deploy three submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles in the Persian Gulf, the Sunday Times reported on Sunday.

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Russia To Add ‘Stealth’ Submarines To Mediterranean Force

Russia To Add “Stealth” Subs To Mediterranean Force (ZeroHedge, Feb 23, 2014):

Many have been surprised by the lack of public response by Russia to the ongoings in Ukraine. Aside from some comments by Siluanov, the response has been concerning in its absence from the iron fist. However, quietly and with little new coverage, RiaNovosti reports that the combat capability of Russia’s naval task force in the Mediterranean will increase significantly – for the first time in decades – following the first deliveries of Varshavyanka-class submarines (with advanced stealth technology dubbed “black holes in the ocean”) to the Black Sea Fleet.

Via RiaNovosti,

Russia formed a permanent naval task force in the Mediterranean last year to defend its interests in the region. The move was widely seen, however, as a response to calls for international intervention in the worsening civil war in Syria, Russia’s longtime ally.

The task force currently consists of 12 warships and auxiliary vessels, including the nuclear-powered missile cruiser Pyotr Veliky and aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov.

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New Russian Submarines Are So Silent That The U.S. Navy Calls Them ‘Black Holes’


New Russian Submarines Are So Silent That The U.S. Navy Calls Them “Black Holes” (The Truth, Dec 1, 2013):

Did you know that Russia is building submarines that are so quiet that the U.S. military cannot detect them?  These “black hole” submarines can freely approach the coastlines of the United States without fear of being detected whenever they want.  In fact, a “nuclear-powered attack submarine armed with long-range cruise missiles” sailed around in the Gulf of Mexico for several weeks without being detected back in 2012.  And now Russia is launching a new class of subs that have “advanced stealth technology”.  The U.S. Navy openly acknowledges that they cannot track these subs when they are submerged.  That means that the Russians are able to sail right up to our coastlines and launch nukes whenever they want.  But instead of trying to find a way to counteract this potential threat, the Obama administration has been working very hard to dismantle the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal.  In the end, we could potentially pay a great price for this utter foolishness.

recent RT article discussed these new super silent “black hole” submarines.  To say that they are impressive would be a massive understatement:

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High-school Teen Justin Beckerman Builds One-Man Submarine For $2,000

New Jersey teenager Justin Beckerman has constructed a working one-man submarine out of spare parts and discarded objects.

High-school teen builds one-man submarine for $2,000 (CNN, May 29, 2013):

The submarine’s body may be constructed from drainage pipes and the hatch from a recycled skylight, but according to its 18-year-old inventor, this single-person U-boat can plunge to a depth of 30 feet and has already completed three successful dives.The Nautilus took high school inventor Justin Beckerman just six months and $2,000 to put together — all while keeping on top of his homework.

“He has been building things since he was two years old,” says his mother, Jess Beckerman. “If we tried to help him we would just get in the way and mess things up.”

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DARPA Building DRONE SUBMARINES To Patrol The Oceans

DARPA building drone submarines to patrol the sea (RT, Nov 24, 2012):

Surveillance drones in US airspace is soon to be inevitable, but what about unmanned vehicles patrolling the seas? The Pentagon is working hard at perfecting a stealth underwater drone for maritime monitoring.

Science Applications International Corporation of McLean, Virginia was recently awarded a contract from the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, valued at over $58 million. With that funding, researchers have already begun working on an underwater vessel that will take the surveillance abilities that make aerial drones such a hot commodity and use it to send an unmanned submarine to sweep the sea for potential hazards.

According to DARPA, enemy submarines are being built right now with competing technology, allowing America’s foes to perhaps find a way to sneak unmanned vessels of their own around US bases across the globe. That’s why the Pentagon has contracted a team to work on an Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel, or ACTUV, which they say will be able to address a serious emerging threat.

“The growing number of adversaries able to build and operate quiet diesel electric submarines is a national security threat that affects US and friendly naval operations around the world,” writes DARPA.

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Should The US Destroy Israel’s Submarines? (Veterans Today)

Israel’s high-tech German made submarines give it a global reach to wage thermonuclear war.

Should the US Destroy Israel’s Submarines? (Veterans Today, Oct 2, 2012):

It’s a well known fact that Israel currently has a growing stockpile of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and that it has several submarines capable of launching thermonuclear weapons from virtually anywhere on the globe. Couple this with the fact that Israel is based on the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and it becomes very obvious something must be done to limit Israel’s deadly reach. If the US would use Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, or any means necessary, to destroy Israel’s submarines that are capable of delivering nuclear warheads the world would be a much safer place.

The Jewish state of Israel does not have a constitution because it is much more of a religious state than it is a democracy. By not having a constitution Israel is in violation of its own declaration of independence which called for Israel to have its own constitution no later than October 1, 1948. It is also a violation of UN General Assembly Resolution 181 which put forward the idea of forming a “Jewish state” in Palestine. The reason for a lack of an Israeli constitution is religion. As a religious state Israel cannot have any man-made laws as are found in a constitution being of greater importance than what the religious Jews consider God’s laws that are found, in Israel’s case, in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and the Talmud.

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