Fastest Decline In Solar Activity In 9,300 Years!!!

Fastest decline in solar activity in 9,300 years:

Could signal a descent into Maunder Minimum-like conditions.


“The recent prolonged solar minimum and subsequent weak solar cycle 24 have led to suggestions that the grand solar maximum may be at an end,” says this study on

The study,  published in 2015, looked at past variations of solar activity. In 2010, the study found, scientists estimated a mere 8% chance of a return to Maunder Minimum-like conditions within the next 40 years.

However, “the decline in solar activity has continued, to the time of writing, and is faster than any other such decline in 9,300 years. (Italics added)

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Grand Solar Minimums bring the collapse of Civilizations

Grand Solar Minimums bring the collapse of Civilizations:

About time reality was shoved into the faces of the IPCC and the UN. Our enslavers are middle class elitist socialists.

– J.H. Walker


Grand Solar Minimums bring the collapse of Civilizations

By J.H. Walker

During the Dalton (sunspot) Minimum and the early part of the French Revolution around 1789, when told that her French subjects had no bread, Marie-Antoinette (bride of France’s King Louis XVI) supposedly sniffed, “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”—“Let them eat cake.”

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Scientists Fear Grid Failures During Solar Minimum

Scientists Fear Grid Failures During Solar Minimum:

As our sun’s activity slows and the star gets quieter, scientists’ fears of solar minimum are coming to the forefront.  It isn’t the lack of activity that is terrifying those who study the sun, it’s what happens next that worries them all.

There would be nothing any of us could do if the sun’s activity decreases to the point that it causes the outermost atmospheric layer to collapse.  No amount of taxation in the name of “global warming” will save anyone on earth from this outcome. But first, scientists have to worry about the sun reaching “solar minimum” and the possibility of losing the outermost layer of the atmosphere thanks to the rapid cooling.

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Intensifying cosmic rays, grand solar minimum and Earth’s climate

Intensifying cosmic rays, grand solar minimum and Earth’s climate:

Data provided by the students of Earth to Sky Calculus and Dr. Tony Phillips of show cosmic ray levels are intensifying, as the Solar Minimum approaches, with an approximately 13% increase since March 2015. This article provides a brief overview of some of the consequences for our planet, its climate and us.

Today, May 13, 2017, marks the 34th day in 2017 that the Sun has been spotless. This exceeds the total number of spotless days in entire 2016 by 2.

“The accelerating pace of spotlessness is a sign that Solar Minimum is approaching,” Dr. Phillips explains, adding that forecasters expect the sunspot cycle to reach its nadir in 2019 – 2020.

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Grand Solar Minimum Volcanoes Simultaneously Collapsed, Mayan, Roman & Chinese Societies (Video)

Grand Solar Minimum Volcanoes Simultaneously Collapsed, Mayan, Roman & Chinese Societies in the Late Antique Little ice 535-545 AD. It was a combination of volcanoes erupting in Mexico and New Guinea that are firmly documented. The combination of GSM cosmic ray increases that increased cloud cover, particulates and SO2 in the atmosphere change temperatures and rainfall patterns the world over. We should be preparing for the same volcanism as our Earth enters the new Grand Solar Minimum.

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‘Upheaval’ by John Casey, Instantly Frozen Fish & S. Cali Freeze Warnings (Video)


John Casey’s new book Upheaval is out and connects the anti-correlation of low sunspot activity and high earthquake activity. The take away is that during grand solar minimums such as the type we are entering now, there will be a major 8.0+ quake in the Mississippi River Valley destroying bridges, ripping apart gas pipelines and all trade crossing the Mississippi will come to a halt. Also Switzerland experiences the most days below zero since 1964 and flash frozen Pike with a fish in its mouth, Mastodon.

Flash Frozen pike eating bass
Flash Frozen pike eating bass ORIGINAL VIDEO…
Southern California get hard-freeze warnings…
Nullschool temperature map 28 Jan 2017…

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Baltic Freezes, Venice Freezes & DNC Wants to Prosecute those Talking About a Mini Ice Age (Video)

Jan 17, 2017

How quickly six months passed when DNC and environmental groups called for prosecution of all those that din not believe that CO2 was a settled science. Not that the Baltic Sea is freezing for the first time in 60 years, snow in Albania in first 30 years, Venice lagoon 20 years and 5X record snow in Corsica, the debate needs to be opened about the Sun’s effects on our Earth and how to adjust to the new grand solar minimum.

U.S average temperature 16°F – colder than any time last winter, and winter hasn’t started yet!…
NYT Blames Winter Chill on Global Warming…
Blame the Polar Vortex. And Global Warming…
Democrats Call For Prosecuting Global Warming Skeptics…
DNC brokenlink calling for arrest of those that don’t believe CO2 is the cause of global warming…
Dem Party Platform Calls For Prosecuting Global Warming Skeptics…

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So far in 2017, the big story in space weather is sunspots–or rather, the lack thereof.


So far in 2017, the big story in space weather is sunspots–or rather, the lack thereof. The sun has been blank more than 90% of the time.  Only one very tiny spot observed for a few hours on Jan. 3rd interrupted a string of spotless days from New Years through Jan.11th. Devoid of dark cores, yesterday’s sun is typical of the year so far:

The last time the sun produced a similar string of spotless days was May of 2010, almost 7 years ago. That was near the end of the previous deep Solar Minimum.  The current stretch is a sign that Solar Minimum is coming again. Sunspot numbers rise and fall with an ~11-year period, slowly oscillating between Solar Max and Solar Min. In 2017, the pendulum is swinging toward the bottom.

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Mini Ice Age by 2021 not 2024, Every Continent Will be Affected (Video) – #SolarMinumum #IceAge #GlobalCooling #ClimateChange

“The amount of deception going on to keep this information from you, it’s meant to depopulate this planet.”

“That’s the ONLY conclusion I can come to right now.”

Jan 6, 2017

New news headline out as NASA admits Mini Ice Age coming faster than anticipated. All continents are now showing signs of cooling. With summer snow in New Zealand, record snow in Athens, Central Asia record cold, North America record snows, Sahara desert snows, Middle East blizzard, and Australia 5X rains and desert floods. Get ready as there is no where to run.

GLOBAL FREEZING: 15-year ICE AGE to hit in just 4 years as the sun prepares to ‘HIBERNATE’………
Cooling of the southern high latitudes during the Medieval Periodand its effect on ENSO…

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And Now The Weather … Boston: Coldest December 16 in 133 years – Record snowfall in Victoria, B.C. – Record snowfall in Kurdistan

Boston – Coldest December 16 in 133 years

Below-normal temperatures expected across entire northern half of U.S.

Record snowfall in Victoria, B.C.

Montana – Two record-breaking days of snowfall in Helena this week

New Hampshire – MINUS 85 Degrees wind chill on Mount Washington

Syracuse breaks 99-year cold record

Canada – Extreme cold in west continues

More record lows in British Columbia

2, 4, even 6 feet of snow for California mountains

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Grand Solar Minimum, Global Elite Using Police State to Control Food: Adapt 2030 Interview (Full Video – MUST-SEE!!!)


Michael DePinto from Right Wing Conspirator interviews David DuByne from ADAPT 2030 on the political events around the world and how it relates to the new grand solar minimum. From population migration, to currency devaluation , proxy wars and saber rattling, its all a grand plan to control the masses when food shortages rock our planet in 2018-2019.


Michael DePinto’s Website:


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And Now The Weather… – #Maunder Minimum, #GlobalCooling, #ClimateChange, #GlobalWarming (Videos)


BC Hydro sets new record in these freezing temperatures

Well over 2 ft of snow headed for Washington, Oregon and Idaho

Extreme cold warnings for prairie provinces

Cold leads to record electricity use in Alberta

Life-threatening cold could hit northern U.S. next week

Hillsboro, Oregon – Outdoor ice skating rink closed due to ice.

Chill factor minus 60 degrees in Greenland

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Alleged “Consensus on Climate Change” Is Actually Only 75 Hand-Picked US Scientists (Video)


Alleged “Consensus on Climate Change” Is Actually Only 75 Hand-Picked US Scientists (Video):

Considering that we’re living in a time when news outlets on both sides of the political spectrum are screaming “fake news” about anything and everything written or said by anyone other than themselves,  this article and the video before it will come as fantastic news for anyone looking to retire their status as a “climate denier” for good.

If the whole “climate change” debate wasn’t so dishonest, so corrupt, and so fraudulent, once you finally find out where the numbers liberals have been throwing at you for years actually come from, you’d probably die of laughter. Unfortunately, when you consider how many hard working Americans Al Gore must have stolen from to become a billionaire based on a perpetual lie, it becomes less funny. 

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Canadian Harvest Covered in Ice and Snow, Crop Prices Up, Sunspot Count Down (Video)


With freak snowstorms and freezing rain covering major crop producing regions of Canada, it is apparent that the rosy forecasts of record harvest are greatly exaggerated. At least 20% of crops remain in fields and farmers still need to dry what is left if any at all.

Canadian Canola harvest damaged by ice…
Quality of crops damaged in Alberta……
Crop harvest standstill…

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Global Wine Production 20 Year Lows & Food Price Rises Blamed on Brexit (Video)



With vineyards being damaged globally because of unusual freeze events and massive hail storms, global wine production is at 20 year lows. Additionally all food prices globally are now being blamed on Brexit and currency valuations, not anything to do with the weather.

Climate changes bring upheaval…
World wine production down 20%…
Argentina wine production losses……
French vineyards hail damage……

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8 Inches of August Snow for Alaska, Record Cold Europe , Snowpack Remains Scotland & UK (Video)


Unusual to say the least with all the news articles saying its the warmest year ever and now 8 Inches of August Snow for Alaska, Record Cold Europe, Snow pack Remains Scotland & UK up to 20 meters/60 feet deep.

Twente coldest ever recorded in August 0C…………
Record Cold Trondheim Norway…

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Spotless Sun heralds Solar Minimum after CME producing Region 2567 departs

H/t reader squodgy:

“Food shortages of a general nature are on the horizon for us all, which means initially higher prices, followed by actual shortfall.

The shortfall will be compounded by the monoculture mentality of genetically modified and thus tainted produce like corn, soy, oilseed rape, sunflower, maize, and now alfalfa, which are not designed to meet the needs of the human population.

Natural, seasonal vegetables are essential for our wellbeing, but space for these is constantly being challenged by the profit/greed motive of BigAgri. In addition, home grown seasonal has been overtaken by the ‘globalised’ culture where much of the northern hemisphere produce is uneconomically produced overseas for minimum wage then transported by ships and airplanes over vast distances.

As that despicable apology for a human, Henry Kissinger’s mantra says….”


Spotless Sun heralds Solar Minimum after CME producing Region 2567 departs:

After Active Region 2567, the source of 7 M-class and numerous C-class solar flares between July 21 and 24, rotated away from the visible disk, our Earth facing Sun is again spotless.

This is the third ‘spotless Sun’ since June 3, and although it is a temporary state, it signals that Solar Minimum is approaching.

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