UK: As Many As 45,000 Babies Brain Damaged By Sodium Valproate

Cruel betrayal of my Milly: Carol Sarler’s granddaughter was damaged by a toxic medicine… here she reveals brutal indifference of officials who won’t help (Daily Mail , Feb 1, 2013):

  • Milly was irreversibly brain damaged by ‘the new thalidomide’
  • Her mother was prescribed with sodium valproate to control epilepsy
  • As many as 45,000 babies in the UK have been affected

Sometimes, on a soft grey morning, there comes a surge of happiness so intense that for a few, fleeting moments, all is right in my world.It is a treat, frequently indulged, for my grand-daughter Milly to trot down from her home upstairs to my granny-flat and to sleep with her nan, in my old brass bed. So I wake to wide eyes, just inches away, and when they meet mine, a beam crosses her face to light the skies.

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