Jan 25


- Britain on RED alert as ‘displaced Polar vortex’ to unleash weather hell next week (Express, Jan 25, 2015):

Panicked forecasters raised the alert in the past hour after spotting the freak system on the weather models.

Rare in the UK it is identical to the phenomenon which triggered crippling whiteouts and ice storms in the United States.

Sparked by the frenzied and volatile behaviour of the jet stream it threatens to bring the fury of the North Pole tearing across the country NEXT WEEK.

Forecasters say temperatures will plunge to below -15C (5F) while feet-deep snow drifts on a par with the worst winters in history are likely.

The whole of the UK will be scourged by screaming Arctic gales and blizzards right through the first half of February. Continue reading »

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Jan 25

blizzard snowfall forecast_0

- “Historic” Blizzard To Slam Northeast On Monday Night: Over A Foot Of Snow Expected In New York City (ZeroHedge, Jan 25, 2015):



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Jan 17

- Record snowfall in western Norway – 2 to 3 meters (6 to 10 feet) (Ice Age Now, Jan 16, 2015):

Some buildings in Voss have collapsed under the weight and several municipal buildings are in danger of collapsing.

On Tuesday, civil defense authorities asked for assistance in shoveling massive amounts of snow from roofs on municipal buildings. Continue reading »

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Jan 17


- UK weather: Snow warning for most of Britain as temperatures plummet to -6C (Independent, Jan 16, 2015):

Much of the UK could be blanketed in up to 15cm of snow over today and tomorrow as temperatures plummet far below freezing.

More warnings have been issued for severe cold weather and ice until Tuesday, with the elderly and anyone with underlying health conditions being urged to keep warm indoors.

Carrbridge, in the Scottish Highlands, is due to see temperatures of -6C over the next 24 hours as one of the coldest places in Britain.

- Snow is on the way and temperatures could plummet to a teeth-chattering -15C (Daily Record, Jan 15, 2015):

WEATHER Channel UK meteorologist Liam Brown warned: “We should prepare for freezing temperatures and very icy conditions for the coming days, and probably much of next week too.

BLIZZARDS swept across the country yesterday – as Scots were warned that the worst of the wintry weather was yet to come.

Continue reading »

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Jan 11

- Heavy snowfall in Saudi Arabia (Ice Age Now, 10, 2015):

I love this photo! A snow camel!

Saudi Arabia: Friday, 18 March 1436, corresponding to 9 January 2015
The snow fell heavily on Friday evening (January 9, 2015), in Qurayyat -Jouf, and its environs and the “books”, and parts of the province Tarif.
http://www.burnews.com/sites/default/files/dlkzf.png Continue reading »

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Jan 11

- Record snow in Florida (Ice Age Now, 10, 2015):

Snow flurries from Jacksonville through coastal Georgia

“Snow danced over the streets of Jacksonville Thursday for the first time in five years and tied the record for the day of a trace set 57 years ago,” says News4jax.com.


“Granted it’s not a Buffalo type record, where the only way of escape out of your house after a snow event is out the second story window. But this is Florida and any flurry, whether one or a dozen is a BIG deal.

“Around 10 a.m. Thursday, multiple reports started pouring into the newsroom of flurries around Jacksonville, then spreading north to Fernandina Beach, Yulee and into coastal Georgia in the afternoon.”


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Jan 11

- Iraq – Sulaymaniyah province in a white dress of snow (Ice Age Now, 10, 2015):

9 Jan 2015 – The streets of the province of Sulaymaniyah have been covered in white since early morning on Thursday.

The city seemed to be wearing a white dress designed by the snowstorm that swept the Middle East, called by several names such as ‘Zina’ and ‘Huda.’

See many photos:
http://d3dyqb2m69ozbp.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Z4.jpg Continue reading »

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Jan 09


- Yet More Snow for Turkey, Jerusalem This Weekend:

Snow totals for western and central parts of Turkey and down to the city of Jerusalem

- Greek islands buried under 6½ ft (2 m) of snow – Video:

At least 8 villages isolated – Normally sun-drenched islanders lose power and water

- Up to 5 feet (1½ m) of snow to hit western New York:


- Romania – Coldest morning in 50 years:

It feels like a Siberian winter in Romania.

- Winter storm bringing misery to millions of refugees: Continue reading »

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Jan 06

From the article:

“The cold put wheat crops in danger in parts of Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kansas,” says the Associated Press.

- Bitter cold puts U.S. wheat crops in danger (Ice Age Now, Jan 6, 2015):

Brings record low temperatures to Hawaii

Snow followed by a wave of frigid air is moving eastward, threatening to bring wind chills into the single digits even in the Deep South.

The cold is expected to extend deep into Georgia by early Thursday. In metro Atlanta, wind chills below 5 F (-15 C) are expected. Even in Cordele in south Georgia, the wind chill could hit 8 degrees (-13 C). Continue reading »

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Jan 02

- Greece covered in snow, but the free press in Europe don’t report this (Ice Age Now, Jan 2, 2015):

However it is front page news in China: “Greece welcomes New Year blanketed in snow”.

ATHENS, Jan. 1 (Xinhua) — Greece welcomed the New Year gripped by extreme weather conditions of heavy snowfall, rain, strong wind and sub-zero temperatures which have caused major disruptions in traffic nationwide.

The thermometer has dropped to minus 16 Celsius degrees in the region of Macedonia and Thrace in northern Greece and minus 1 Celsius in the southern part of the country. Continue reading »

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Jan 02

- Curious Snow in Tunisia and Algeria (Ice Age Now, Jan 2, 2015):

A stone’s throw from the Sahara Desert!

Tunisia: More than 1 meter (3 ft) of snowfall in mountains

Continue reading »

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Jan 02

- Midwest and East Brace for Brutal Cold Next Week (Ice Age Now, Jan 2, 2015):

It is possible temperatures fail to climb above zero F (-17.8C) on one or more days in northern New England next week, warns accuweather.com. “Highs may be in the single digits across upstate New York and central New England with night time lows well below zero.”

“Temperatures may hold in the single digits around Chicago and the teens around Chicago or lower on multiple days.” Continue reading »

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Jan 01

- Record Snowfall in Pueblo, Colorado (Ice Age Now, Dec 31, 2014):

And temperature record tied

The 2.3 inches of snow that fell on Dec 29 broke a 41-year-old record for the date, according to the National Weather Service in Pueblo, Colorado. (The original article used the word “shattered,” but I don’t think that word really applies here.)

The previous record snowfall for the day of 2 inches was set in 1973. Continue reading »

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Dec 31

- 180 motorists rescued in Southern California snow (USA Today, Dec 31, 2014):

Firefighters in Southern California completed the rescue early Wednesday of more than 180 motorists who were stranded when a winter storm brought snow to the San Bernardino Mountains.

The San Bernardino County Fire Department said in a news release that 136 people were rescued on State Highway 138 near the communities of Crestline and Mount Baldy, about 50 miles from Los Angeles. Continue reading »

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Dec 31


- Greece – Snowfall traps dozens of cars in the tunnel of Artemisium (Ice Age Now, Dec 31, 2014):

Most the country has been dressed in white since early this morning

31 Dec 2014 – Experts estimate that the cold will continue until  the New Year, and snow is expected even in coastal areas.

Due to the intense snowfall in many parts of the country, the use of snow chains has become necessary in many places. Continue reading »

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Dec 29

- Snowfall records “smashed” in Oklahoma and Texas (Ice Age Now, Dec 29, 2014):

27 Dec 2014 – “Oklahoma City’s one-day snow fall record of 1.3 inches set in 1968 was smashed with 3.5 inches of snowfall on Saturday,” says this article in the Duncan Banner.

Just across the Red River in Texas, Wichita Falls saw 2 inches of snow.

“According to the National Weather Services, the oldest records show there has never been snow on Dec. 27 in Wichita Falls.” (italics added)

(Two inches of snow may not sound like much, but compared to “never,” it’s a definite record.)


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Dec 29


- Massive snowfall traps thousands in French Alps (Ice Age Now, Dec 28, 2014):

Officials open emergency shelters in at least 12 towns.

France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve urged drivers “to exercise the utmost caution” and asked those who could delay their trips to do so.

The country declared an orange weather alert — one step under the maximum red alert — in 19 regional departments. Continue reading »

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Dec 28

A car is stuck in the snow on December 27, 2014 on the road to Les Saisies ski resort in Savoie, central-eastern France.

French Alps hit by massive snowfall, thousands of cars stranded (PHOTOS) (RT, Dec 28, 2014):

Massive snowfall, aggravated by strong winds and ice in the French Alps, has trapped thousands of holidaymakers, with up to 15,000 people forced to spend Saturday night in emergency accommodation centers in the Savoie region in southeastern France.

Conditions remained difficult on Sunday, a spokesman for the Savoie prefecture said. Authorities set up shelters in a dozen towns for stranded tourists in the area.
Continue reading »

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Dec 28

UK travel chaos as snow and delayed engineering works wreak havoc (RT, Dec 28, 2014):

British commuters who are wearily used to travel and public transport hold-ups found that snow and delayed engineering works on the East Coast mainline meant that many had to abandon their journeys.

A £200 million (US$311 million) engineering project to install overhead power cables on the East Coast mainline just north of King’s Cross, scheduled for Christmas and Boxing Day, has overrun – meaning that trains are being terminated at Finsbury Park, a few miles north, or Peterborough.

The result has been chaos and overcrowding, as Finsbury Park only has four platforms – compared to a dozen at King’s Cross. Other trains have simply been cancelled, meaning the ones that are running are massively overcrowded.

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Dec 28

- Europe goes in the deep freezer (Ice Age Now, Dec 27, 2014):

Snow, ice sweep Europe, stranding potentially thousands of drivers.

- Germany – Now comes the Winter with power (Ice Age Now, Dec 27, 2014):

Snow, ice, high winds and temperatures down to minus 20 degrees.

From the English Channel, the cold first moved to Belgium then reached west and south-west Germany early Saturday morning, bringing “much white stuff.”

It snowed in North Rhine-Westphalia, Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg. Continue reading »

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