Were the Polish elite abducted and killed in Poland? Eyewitness, Polish TV journalist Slawomir Wisniewski, saw no evidence of dead bodies at crash site.

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Polish TV journalist Slawomir Wisniewski who was among the first to reach the crash site of the Tupolev plane containing key Polish military and civilian figures, including the Polish President Lech Kaczynski, has said that he believes there was no one on board the crashed plane apart from the crew.

In an interview with a Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita (RZ), he said he saw no evidence of bodies or personel belongings.

“There was no sign that 100 people had been killed by the crash,” he said.

“There were no seats, suitcases, bags, simply nothing and above all no human remains and there was a terrible silence at the site,” he said.

Wisniewski said that he had flimed another plane crash in 1987 and had seen the remains of bodies everywhere.

“The fact that i did not see them in Smolensk made me suspect that there were no passengers on board, and only the crew…” he said.

Wisniewski was manhandled and thrown to the ground by Russian secret service agents, who confiscated his film, but managed to keep the tape that was later put on the internet.

Another film of the crash site that appeared on April 11 and that was shot by a Ukrainian journalist using his mobile phone also shows no sign of bodies. According to internet reports, the journalist died in hospital in Kiev after being attacked with a knife and after his life support system was disconnected.

The absence of any sign of bodies will fuel speculation that the Polish elite were lured to the airport or another location and abducted in Poland and then taken to prisons, possibly even CIA-run prisons, for interrogation before being killed. The plane crash in Smolensk was then staged to explain their disappearance.

The Polish central bank governor, national security chief and top army generals allegedly died in the crash as well as the president, two presidential candidates and much of the opposition party, clearing the way for Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk to follow pro euro, pro-IMF and pro-Gazprom policies that will enrich the Gobalists.

There have also been reports of Polish agents entering the office of one crash victim to search through files two hours after the plane crash was announced, suggesting the crash was planned.

The two videos of the crash site taken from the article below:

Video from Polish TV journalist Slawomir Wisniewski

Video from journalist Adrij Mendierej

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