Jan 07

German Vice Chancellor Says “European Break Up No Longer Unthinkable”:

There was a time when even the merest hint of a breakup of the Eurozone was considered a taboo topic in Europe. Who can forget Mario Draghi’s response to a question from Zero Hedge readers who wondered if there is a “plan in place if a nation is forced to step out of the Eurozone”  to which Draghi’s response was that “if the Euro breaks down, and if a country leaves the Euro, it’s not like a sliding door. It’s a very important thing. It’s a project in the European Union. That’s why you have a very hard time asking people like me “what would happened if.” No Plan B.

In short: to demonstrate just how “cohesive” Europe was, even the mere possibility of a break-up was unthinkable, i.e., “no plan B“. Continue reading »

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Dec 10


Diversity is our strength!

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Sep 05

As Merkel Support Slumps, Benefit-Claiming Refugees Soar 169%:

Following her humiliating loss in German state elections on Sunday, coming in third place to the anti-immigration, eurosceptic AfD party in her own home state, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s support may well decline further. As Reuters reports, the number of migrants claiming German welfare benefits soared by 169 percent last year, data showed on Monday, a figure likely to further boost anti-immigrant groups such as AfD.

It appears the German electorate is none too pleased with Merkel’s immigration policy… (as MishTalk’s Mike Shedlock explains)

Merkel came in third place, to the anti-immigration, eurosceptic AfD party in her own home state in statewide elections.


Please consider Merkel Suffers Humiliating Election Defeat on Home Turf

Chancellor Angela Merkel suffered a humiliating defeat in German regional elections on her home turf on Sunday as voters turned their backs on her liberal refugee policy and gave the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party a political triumph. Continue reading »

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Aug 29

gabriel merkel_0
Sigmar Gabriel and Angela Merkel

German Vice Chancellor Warns UK “Must Pay For Brexit” Or Europe Would Go “Down The Drain”:

Germany’s outspoken economy minister, and Angela Merkel’s vice-chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel continued to make waves over the weekend when he attacked her handling of the migrant crisis, forcing the German chancellor to defend her refugee policy and firing the gun on the campaign for a general election next year. Gabriel, leader of the left-leaning Social Democrats and Ms Merkel’s junior coalition partner, called for a cap on the number of migrants entering Germany, saying the government had “underestimated the challenge” of integrating the 1million refugees who arrived in 2015.

As the FT comments, his remarks show how battle lines are being drawn between Germany’s main parties ahead of next year’s election. As reported last night, his remarks coincide with a poll showing that one in two Germans did not want Ms Merkel, who has been chancellor since 2005, to remain in the post after next year’s elections. She has refused to confirm whether she will stand again. Continue reading »

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Aug 20


This response was given by Vice Chancellor and leader of the Social Democrats Sigmar Gabriel after the Heidenau Merkel visit in 2015 in which she was insulted by a lot of bystanders of worried citizens opposing the creation of refugee centers in their neighbourhood.

Gabriels labeling has backfired, since nationalists now proudly reference it as an example of him betraying our country and people.

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May 29

Merkel’s TTIP policy is ‘wrong:’ German Vice Chancellor criticizes US-EU free trade deal:

TTIP Hastiness would lead to an unfavorable agreement, German Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel said, criticizing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s approach to reaching an agreement with the US on harmonizing trade and investment regulations.

“It was wrong that, in the euphoria of [President Barack] Obama’s visit to Germany, the Chancellor said that we will be able to conclude negotiations under any circumstances by the end of this year – and that she recently repeated that statement,” Gabriel said in an interview to the German regional RND newspaper group, criticizing Merkel’s stance on negotiations concerning the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the US. Continue reading »

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