May 27


Walmart Pre-Crime Treats All Customers Like Criminals (The Daily Sheeple, May 26, 2014):

Walmart Pre-Crime treats all customers like criminals…but won’t/don’t stop real shoplifters.

Gone are the days of “Thank you, come again (we appreciate your business).”

Instead, today’s box stores target average customers as potential criminals, subjecting them to post-checkout screenings.

Because… somehow, RFID-tagged & tracked merchandise, ubiquitous security cameras from every angle inside and outside the store, security personnel, police officers and metal detectors at the door just aren’t enough. Continue reading »

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Dec 03

Wow – The Holiday Shopping Season Is Off To A Horrible Start (Economic Collapse, Dec 2, 2013):

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent an average of 4 percent less over the four day Thanksgiving weekend than they did last year.  Overall, that means that approximately $1.7 billion less was spent at U.S. retailers compared to last year.  It had already been projected that this holiday shopping season would be the worst for retailers since 2009, but if these numbers are any indication it may be even worse than expected.  So why is this happening?  Well, basically the American consumer is tapped out.  The unemployment crisis in this country is actually getting worse, poverty is absolutely exploding and the middle class is being systematically eviscerated.  In other words, you can’t get blood out of a stone.  Many retailers are offering extreme discounts in a desperate attempt to lure more shoppers, but the money simply isn’t there.

According to Yahoo News, the decline in shopping over the four day Thanksgiving weekend was the first decline that we have seen since the last recession: Continue reading »

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Nov 30

Black Friday: A Shameful Orgy Of Materialism For A Morally Bankrupt Nation (Economic Collapse, Nov 29, 2013):

It has been called “America’s most disturbing holiday”.  Black Friday is the day when millions of average Americans wait outside retail stores in the middle of the night in the freezing cold to spend more money that they do not have for more cheap Chinese-made products that they do not need.  It is a day when the rest of the world makes fun of Americans for behaving like “rabid animals” and “zombies” as we indulge in a tsunami of greed.  It truly is a shameful orgy of materialism for a morally bankrupt nation.  It is being projected that approximately 140 million Americans will participate in this disgusting national ritual this year.  Sadly, most of them have absolutely no idea that they are actively participating in the destruction of the economic infrastructure of the United States.  If you don’t understand why this is true, please be sure to read this entire article all the way to the end. Continue reading »

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Oct 16

Smart Shelves Will Identify Grocery Shoppers, Deliver Custom Advertisements (Technology Advce, Oct 14, 2013):

According to an interview with the Wall Street Journal, snack company Mondelez International will introduce so-called “smart shelves” into grocery stores starting in 2015. The shelves, which will be concentrated at the checkout line, will use a variety of tools to identify a shopper’s sex and age. The machine will then use that info to choose an ad custom tailored for the shopper’s demographic.The shelves should also be able to track individual engagement, and monitor how long each ad is watched. Weight sensors under the product holders will let the machine know when a customer has picked up an item, or is considering a purchase. Custom coupons can be displayed, in order to boost conversion rates.

Continue reading »

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Nov 25

YouTube Addded: 23.11.2012


This video documents the sad truth that Black Friday is just another globalist mega scam pointed at the ignorant and poor.

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Nov 24

YouTube Added: 22.11.2012

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Nov 27

YouTube Added: 27.11.2010

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Total Insanity: Fighting Over $2 Waffle Maker (Video)

Black Friday Insanity: Woman Pepper Sprays Shoppers To Get Xbox! (Video)

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Nov 27

What will happen when the food runs out in the coming financial/economic collapse?

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Jul 09

This is not comparable to airport full-body scanners.

Mall Uses Airport Body Scanning Technology for Clothes Shopping (Daily Tech, July 1, 2011):

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding body scanners at the airport since they began producing nude photos of the public. While many have complained about the new technology, Unique Solutions Limited has found a new use for it that keeps the public’s clothes on.

Unique Solutions Limited, which was established in 1994, specializes in personalized shopping. It originally started out as a company that provides custom sewing patterns tailored to fit customers’ body shapes perfectly. Its goal is to provide clothing that fits an individual, since many clothing stores offer set sizes that may or may not fit the way they should. The company has expanded to offer technology that can provide this convenience.

Unique Solutions’ newest technology is called “mybestfit,” and it utilizes the body scanning technology used in airports — except it keeps your clothes on.

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