Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara To Tokyo Residents Who Protest Against Radioactive Disaster Debris From Iwate: ‘SHUT UP’

ONLY ‘3,000 complaints have been sent to the Tokyo Metropolitan government…’ ???

What are you doing???

Tokyo Governor to Tokyo Residents Who Protest Against Disaster Debris from Iwate: “Shut Up” (EX-SKF, Nov. 4, 2011):

Now that the radioactive disaster debris from Iwate Prefecture is a fait accompli and ready to be crushed and burned and buried, Shintaro Ishihara, irascible 79-year-old governor of Tokyo who almost single-handedly decided to do this mind-boggling project to “assist the recovery” of Iwate, mentioned the complaints that his government has received over the issue in the press conference on November 4 afternoon.

According to Fuji TV news clip on November 4, the governor said,


“Shut up” is all we need to say to these complaints.

誰がそれでどうするの? 力のあるところが手伝わなくちゃ、しょうがないじゃないですかWhat could one do? A powerful municipality [like Tokyo] must help [Iwate and other disaster-affected areas] because no one else can.

Fuji TV news also says that 3,000 complaints have been sent to the Tokyo Metropolitan government, over 90% of them protesting against the debris from disaster-affected areas to be transported, processed, crushed and burned and buried in Tokyo Bay.

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Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara: ‘Japan Should Absolutely Possess Nuclear Weapons’

Japan Should Have Nuclear Weapons: Ishihara (Bloomberg, July 19, 2011):

Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara criticized Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s vow to reduce dependency on atomic energy after the Fukushima disaster, saying instead the country should deepen its nuclear embrace to include weapons.

“Japan should absolutely possess nuclear weapons,” Ishihara said in a July 15 interview at his office in Tokyo, citing China and North Korea as potential threats. “I don’t think we can easily do away with atomic power. Nuclear energy is inexpensive if managed well,” he also said.

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