British Tycoon Scot Young Falls 60ft To His Death, Impales Himself On Iron Railings A Year After £20 Million Divorce Battle

Scot Young: Tycoon involved in £20 million divorce battle falls 60ft to his death (Telegraph, Dec 10, 2014):

The financier impaled himself on iron railings less than a year after acrimonious legal battle ended

A financier at the heart of one of Britain’s biggest divorce battles has died after falling from his £3 million home and impaling himself on iron railings.

Scot Young, 52, suffered horrific injuries after plummeting four storeys from a window of his luxury central London penthouse.

His death comes almost a year after an extraordinary legal fight with his ex-wife concluded at the High Court.

Michelle Young, 49, won a £20 million payout after a seven-year legal battle but declared the sum a “disgrace” and is never believed to have received the cash.

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