Jul 26


Marked: “Schools Assess Students’ Threat Level” From Kindergarten Up in PreCrime Society (SHFTplan, July 23, 2015):

Minority Report, eat your heart out. The real system is worse than anyone could have imagined.

By now, everybody knows that the NSA and a host of other alphabet agencies are spying on Americans, collecting virtually every piece of communications data they exchange, regardless of whether or not they are “doing anything wrong.”

But what are they doing with it?

Apart from its value in consumer and marketing fields, the data is used to create “threat assessments” and put a black mark on the record of anyone who the authorities deem troublesome that will follow them throughout their career, and make it harder for individuals to get a job, qualify for a loan, travel, or enjoy the rights of a (now once) free society.

MassPrivateI reports: Continue reading »

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Jun 02

No lunch for you: School district fires kitchen manager for giving students free meals (RT, June 2, 2015):

A Colorado woman lost her job because she decided to play Good Samaritan to a child in need. Della Curry, the kitchen manager at an Aurora elementary school, was fired for giving school lunches to children who didn’t have any money to pay for them.

The Cherry Creek School District fired Curry on Friday for giving students lunches that they couldn’t pay for, KCNC reported.

“I had a first grader in front of me, crying, because she doesn’t have enough money for lunch. Yes, I gave her lunch,” Curry told the local CBS affiliate.

The problem was that the Dakota Valley Elementary School student had no money on her school lunch account, called PayPAMS, but did not qualify for the district’s free and reduced-priced meals.

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Oct 19

Madeline Scotto

100-Year-Old Math Teacher Still Going Strong at Brooklyn Elementary School (DNAinfo.com, Oct 17, 2014):

DYKER HEIGHTS — Three days a week, Madeline Scotto walks across the street from her home to St. Ephrem’s elementary school, where she was part of the first graduating class.

She climbs the stairs to her classroom, where she works to prepare students for the math bee. She pores over photocopied worksheets with complicated problems, coaching kids on how to stay calm on stage while multiplying and dividing in their head.

She’s just like any other teacher at the school — except for one thing: She’s 100 years old. Continue reading »

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Sep 16

For my German speaking readers.

More info HERE.

Der neue Film von ERWIN WAGENHOFER:


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Sep 07

HSLDA Founder and Chairman Mike Farris meets with the Wunderlich family during the Global Home Education Conference held in Berlin, Germany in October 2012. Farris is asking homeschoolers to contact German officials on behalf of the Wunderlichs.

Children Seized in Shocking Raid (HSLDA, Aug 30, 2013):

At 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 29, 2013, in what has been called a “brutal and vicious act,” a team of 20 social workers, police officers, and special agents stormed a homeschooling family’s residence near Darmstadt, Germany, forcibly removing all four of the family’s children (ages 7-14). The sole grounds for removal were that the parents, Dirk and Petra Wunderlich, continued to homeschool their children in defiance of a German ban on home education.

The children were taken to unknown locations. Officials ominously promised the parents that they would not be seeing their children “anytime soon.”

HSLDA obtained and translated the court documents that authorized this use of force to seize the children. The only legal grounds for removal were the family’s continuation of homeschooling their children. The papers contain no other allegations of abuse or neglect. Moreover, Germany has not even alleged educational neglect for failing to provide an adequate education. The law ignores the educational progress of the child; attendance—and not learning—is the object of the German law.

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Jan 22

Sandy Hook Mom Says Clairvoyant Son, 5, Refused To Go To School, Saving His Life (Hollywood Life, Jan 2, 2013):

Karen Dryer‘s worst nightmare started to unravel when her  young son Logan Dryer, 5, became so anxiety ridden when he went to kindergarten at Sandy Hook Elementary School that she decided to pull him out of school just two weeks before the deadly massacre.

Like any parent, Karen could not understand why her usually happy, healthy son Logan all of a sudden started having panic attacks while in school. Little did she know, that like her own late mother, her son had the gift to foresee the future.

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Mar 22

Cesium measured from every milk used for school lunch (Fukushima Diary, Mar 22, 2012):

Kunitachi Tokyo published their measurement data of school lunch.

They outsourced the measuring of milk products and a few kinds of the vegetables to Isotope research institute.

As the result, cesium 134, 137 have been measured from milk products every time they analyzed since 11/4/2011. Continue reading »

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Feb 09

”Is An Unsuspecting Public Being Sacrificed?’


Which is exactly why I post EVERYDAY all these news in regards to the Fukushima meltdowns.

Fukushima – 350 Times Maximum Annual Radiation Dose Permissible? (Veterans Today, Feb. 8, 2012):

Is an Unsuspecting Public Being Sacrificed?

350 Times the Maximum Annual Radiation Dose Permissible 40 mSv Hour Mainichi Daily News 20120121

(San Francisco) A recent headline on the six crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Reactors read: “40 microSv/h detected from radioactive gravel site used for schools, homes — Measured one meter above source,” Jan 21, 2012.

I asked Physicist Dr. Paolo Scampa, PhD. of the AIPRI Blog fame, what this translates to for everyday people, their kids and families. The Fukushima nuclear tragedy is still going on after 335 days as of Wed, Feb 08, 2012 affecting the entire world.

US Imperial Unit Measurements

Dr. Scampa stated:

Public Warnings?

“An absorbed dose of 40 microSievert/hour at one Meter or about 39 inches above the ground, means a radioactive deposit creating an average of 12,330,000.00 Cesium 137 nuclear explosions per second (Becquerels) for every 39 inches square over much of the Northern Hemisphere.

Further, the radiation is spreading rapidly through the air. The Earth’s  surface is covered with many deadly radioactive isotopes from the six crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Reactors.”

“This is 22 times more Radiation than the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) decreed for the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Disaster Exclusion Zone when they said everyone had to leave.

In Chernobyl the radioactivity level was 555,000.00 radioactive molecular nuclear explosions per second per 39 square inches.”

By contrast, delusional Japanese “public officials” declared deadly radioactive areas a simple Picnic and Recreation Grounds, thus sacrificing in place an unsuspecting public.

Dr Scampa concluded:

“This amount for a 39 square inch reading is, in fact, situated between a minimum deposit of 2.96 Million radioactive molecular nuclear explosions per 39 square inches of very energetic gamma rays from radioactive elements such as Cobalt 60 or  Rubidium 90 on the low side; and, the  maximum is a deposit of 74 Million radioactive molecular nuclear explosions per 39 square inches for low energy gamma rays from radioactive elements such as Uranium 238.

A single particle of this fuel stuck in the human body is about 350 times the Maximum Annual Radiation Dose Permissible.”

Metric Unit Measurements

Dr Scampa:

Why No Media Coverage?

“An absorbed dose of 40,0 microSieverts/hour at 1 meter above ground means an average deposit of 1,233E7 Bq/m2 of Cs137 (0,661 MeV.) This is 22 times greater than the IAEA Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Disaster Exclusion Zone value of 555,000 Bq/m2.

This amount for 1 meter above the ground is, in fact, situated between a maximum deposit of 7,400E7 Bq/m2 for low energy gamma rays from radioactive elements such as Uranium 238 (0,0495 MeV) and a minimum deposit of  2,960E6 Bq/m2 of very energetic gamma rays from radioactive elements such as Cobalt 60 (2,55 MeV) or Rubidium 90 (0,881 – 4,2 MeV).

A single particle of this fuel immobilised in the body corresponds to 350 times the Maximum Annual Radiation Dose Permissible.

By contrast, delusional Japanese “public officials” declared deadly radioactive areas just a simple Picnic and Recreation Ground; thus sacrificing in place an unsuspecting public.”


Continue reading »

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Feb 08

YouTube Added: 06.02.2012


Please share. Save children.
On 5 Feb 2012, I measured radiation around Kashiwa High School, Kashiwa city, Chiba pref. Japan.
The monitor indicates 0.29 micro Sievert per hour in air at chest hight, 6.20 on road side near a bicycle parking lot for students.
The monitorinig place is aprrox. 200 km from Fukushima Nuclear power plant, and 25 or 30 km for the center of Tokyo.
Measuring instrument is made of Ukraine, ECOTEST MKS-05.
6.20μSv/h 県立柏高等学校 自転車置場近くの砂

More info:
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Feb 08

Health chiefs have defended sexual health services going into schools, saying teenage pregnancies had dropped by 22 per cent as a result

Girls, 13, given contraceptive implants at school (Telegraph, Feb. 7, 2012):

Girls as young as 13 have been fitted with contraceptive implants at school without their parents knowing.

The procedure was carried out in Southampton, Hants, as part of a government initiative to drive down teenage pregnancies.

Continue reading »

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Jan 28

Größere Kartenansicht

The water supply facility was left open, and school doesn’t know since when (Fukushima Diary, Jan. 28, 2012):

The father to have 2 children go to elementary school tweeted about the management ability of a school in Japan.

They live in Tamaku Kawasaki shi Kanagawa.



Elementary school of my children told us to bring water bottle because they can’t allow students to drink tap water. They found the lid of water supply facility opened by chance and they don’t know since when. The facility is on the roof of school.


From snow and rain, and even from the air, Iodine-131 and cesium-134,137 are measured constantly. School force children to have school lunch for no reason but they don’t even take care about the tap water.

This father is strongly doubting the management ability of school.

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May 09

One in five teenagers is practically unemployable after leaving school lacking the English and maths skills needed for everyday life, research suggests.

The number of 16- to 19-year-olds rendered functionally illiterate or innumerate has failed to improve over the last two decades, the study said, despite billions spent attempting to raise standards in the three-Rs.

Teenagers’ reading ability has barely changed since 1960, it was claimed, leaving thousands of young people struggling to “partake fully in employment [and] family life”.

The conclusions – in research from Sheffield University – come amid continuing fears over levels of basic skills.

Last month, a cross-party committee of MPs said that the number of school leavers without a job or college place had failed to improve “despite one policy strategy after another”.

It will also raise doubts over Labour claims that school standards have risen dramatically in the last 13 years. Continue reading »

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Sep 24
National Socialist German Workers’ Party
Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei
Former German national party

We had that brainwashing before.

The Obama Youth:
US wants to enlist Girl Scouts to combat pandemics, terror attacks and other disasters

This was filmed around June 19, 2009 at the B. Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington, NJ.

Added: 6. September 2009

Mmm, mmm, mm!

Barack Hussein Obama
He said that all must lend a hand [?]
To make this country strong again
Mmm, mmm, mm!

Barack Hussein Obama
He said we must be clear today
Equal work means equal pay
Mmm, mmm, mm!

Barack Hussein Obama
He said that we must take a stand
To make sure everyone gets a chance
Mmm, mmm, mm!

Barack Hussein Obama
He said Red, Yellow, Black or White
All are equal in his sight
Mmm, mmm, mm!

Barack Hussein Obama
Mmm, mmm, mm!

Barack Hussein Obama

segue to

Hello, Mr. President we honor you today!
For all your great accomplishments, we all [do? doth??] say “hooray!”
Hooray Mr. President! You’re number one!
The first Black American to lead this great na-TION!
Hooray, Mr. President something-something-some
A-something-something-something-some economy is number one again!
Hooray Mr. President, we’re really proud of you!
And the same for all Americans [in?] the great Red White and Blue!
So something Mr. President we all just something-some,
So here’s a hearty hip-hooray a-something-something-some!
Hip, hip hooray! (3x)

h/t WryMouth

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Sep 05


Oh, I see, High Chancellor Obama will speak to our children directly!

Some school districts in Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Virginia and Wisconsin, among other states, have decided not to show President Obama’s televised speech to students next week, the Associated Press reports. Others are still thinking it over or are letting parents have their kids opt out.

What is wrong with President Obama telling our children to be better students?
Everything: Obama Claims He Has Visited 57 States during the campaign.

Obama is also using manipulation/hypnosis techniques in his speeches.

One possible ulterior motive for this speech, besides manipulation:

Barack Obama:
“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.”.
“We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

(Source: Obama calls for Civilian National Security Force)

There is no change: Bush’s Third Term? You’re Living It.

The plans originally suggested that pupils write letters to themselves on what inspired them about Mr Obama

President Obama has been accused of trying to build a personality cult and indoctrinate America’s schoolchildren with a speech to be beamed into the nation’s classrooms next week.

Not a word of the speech has been published but it has been seized on by his opponents because of lesson plans for teachers issued by the White House to encourage discussion of the speech. Until they were hastily revised yesterday, the plans suggested that pupils write letters to themselves on what inspired them about Mr Obama and how they could help to achieve his goals.

Continue reading »

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