Belgium suspends Schengen in fears of Calais ‘Jungle’ chaos


Belgium suspends Schengen in fears of Calais ‘Jungle’ chaos:

Belgium has temporarily abandoned Schengen rules that allow passport-free travel between some of the EU’s internal borders, as it tries to keep the potential migration flow from France under control.

Belgium’s Interior Minister, Jan Jambon, announced on Tuesday that the decision comes as France is looking into the option of evacuating the Calais “Jungle” refugee camp, which houses around 4,000 people. It is feared the move could trigger a new wave of migrants streaming out of the port city in northern France.

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Austria Suspends Schengen

Austria Suspends Schengen:

The Schengen agreement on open borders was “temporarily suspended”  in Austria Saturday as Chancellor Werner Faymann added his voice to a chorus of leaders warning that the refugee crisis threatened to pull the EU apart.

The failure of the EU to reach agreement on a fair allocation of refugees and to secure its external borders threatens not just Schengen but the European project as a whole, he said in an interview for Austria’s Österreich newspaper. 

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