Migrants Totally Loot And Vandalize A Restaurant In Italy (Must-See Video)




Big group of Muslim, African migrants plundering a restaurant in Italian town Villanovaforru (Sardinia). How long Europeans will tolerate those invaders? How many more people have to die, to be raped, attacked… before we fight back?

H/t reader kevin a.

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Italians Beg Swiss: Please Buy Sardinia

Italians beg Swiss: please buy Sardinia (The Local, Feb 26, 2014):

Could Sardinia become Switzerland’s 27th canton? In a bid to ease Italy’s economic woes, a Facebook campaign has been set up to sell the southern Italian island of Sardinia to the Alpine country.

The “Maritime Canton” (“Canton Marittimo”) Facebook group has gained more than 3,500 members attracted to the debate of selling Italy’s second-largest island to the wealthy Swiss.

“We are investigating the willpower of Sardinians of allowing Italy to sell Sardinia to Switzerland, to repay part of the public debt and restart the national economy,” the group description reads.

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