Meet Krampus: Santa’s sidekick and Christmas ‘enforcer’ is making a comeback

Krampus: Santa’s sidekick and Christmas ‘enforcer’ is making a comeback:

SICK of Saint Nick? Kids in need of a serious wake-up call? This long-forgotten legend may be exactly what you need: Krampus, Santa’s demonic sidekick.

YOU better watch out. You’d better not cry. Santa Claus is coming to town. And he’s bringing Krampus — the Christmas demon — with him.

Forget red jumpsuits, silly hats and bulging sacks.

And the Grinch simply doesn’t have what it takes.

If you’re looking to shake-up the crazed Christmas season this year, there’s a horned, fanged, half-goat half demon waiting in the wings for you.

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Santa Claus in 2009: In Hard Times, Kids Ask for Bare Essentials Like Shoes, Eyeglasses and a Job for Mum and Dad

A 5-year-old girl to Santa: “Can you turn my daddy into an elf?”

“Why?” he asked.

“Because my daddy’s out of work, and we’re about to lose our house,” she said.

For America’s Santas, It’s Hard to Be Jolly With the Tales They’re Hearing

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As a longtime Santa Claus at a suburban Chicago mall, Rod Riemersma used to jokingly tell children they would get socks for Christmas if they were naughty.

This year, he stopped telling the joke. Too many children were asking for socks. “They’ve probably heard their parents say, ‘Geez, I wish I had some money to get them clothes,’ ” says Mr. Riemersma, 56 years old.

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