American Ambassador To The UN Samantha Power: US Fighting ‘Delegitimization’ Of Israel

Being married to Cass Sunstein this should be not surprising …


AND NOW: Obama Picks Cass Sunstein, America’s Joseph Goebbles, To Serve On The NSA Oversight Panel

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US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power

American Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power–US fighting ‘delegitimization’ of Israel (The Ugly Truth, June 17, 2015):

Samantha Power assures lawmakers of commitment to Jewish state, remains cagey on possible Security Council Palestine resolution

American UN envoy: US fighting ‘delegitimization’ of Israel (Times of Israel, June 17, 2015):

Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power on Tuesday assured Congress that Washington was committed to combating efforts to “delegitimize” Israel, but declined to say whether the Obama administration would veto a potential Security Council resolution setting terms for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

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