Jan 23


Sakurajima Volcano, Japan: Several Impressive Eruptions, Static Lightning Discharge, Lava Covers Entire Mountainside (Video, Dec. 22, 2011)


Warning about pyroclastic flow from Sakurajima (Fukushima Diary, Jan. 22, 2012):

A Japanese volcano in Sakurajima is becoming active.

1/22/2012, 20:44, it erupted for the 142 times of this month, which broke the historical record of September of 2011 (141 times).

Last year it erupted for 996 times. Since 2009, the eruption has become frequent more and more.

The crater is at 800m point.

Local meteorological observatory of Kagoshima warns pyroclastic flow and ash deposits.


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Dec 26

YouTube Added: 22.12.2011


You will see 5 of the 10 eruptions which occurred today at Sakurajima. If you were to watch the videos in extreme fast forward, the volcano would appear like a steam engine — literally giving off eruptions all day long at regular intervals.

In this video, you will see static discharge lightning, lava bomb/missiles/projectiles, and the entire mountainside covered in lava.

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May 01

Added: 30.04.2011

I haver never personally seen a “lightning” storm off a volcano that was THIS intense. Its a first for me.. and I’ve seen a LOT of volcano eruptions.

This makes the earlier video look like nothing! Something strange is going on with this particular eruption at Sakurajima.. its been active for a while, but not like this…

April 30, 2011


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Apr 30

Added: 30.04.2011

A day ago on April 28-29 .. Sakurajima Japan eruption..

Large explosion of lava, and at the same time plasma discharge, and then static discharge lightning.


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