Ryanair Passengers Call Police During Eleven Hour Delay As They Demand ‘Food, Water And The Right To Leave The Aircraft’

Mutiny at the airport: Passengers stranded without food and drink in 11-hour delay call police onto plane (Daily Mail, Feb 21, 2014):

  • Passengers called police after being sat on the plane for three hours
  • Ryanair said they couldn’t let them into the terminal because it was locked
  • The airline said the captain also called police for assistance getting the passengers back into the building
  • They were finally allowed off at 3.45am – but had to board the flight again two hours later when they faced another two hour delay
  • Ryanair flight from Stansted to Porto was supposed to take off at 8.30pm
  • However, it eventually took off at around 8am the following morning
  • Incident happened after loudmouth businessman Michael O’Leary pledged to clean up the airline’s act and ‘stop p****** people off unnecessarily’

Furious passengers stranded on a Ryanair flight called police from the tarmac after being left for hours without food or drink.

More than 100 travellers, including children, had already faced a long wait to board the delayed flight from Stansted to Porto in Portugal. Three hours later, the plane was still on the ground.

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And now: Ryanair to sell £5 tickets for standing-room only flights

Ryanair is planning to run flights where passengers stand during the journey at a cost of just £5 per ticket.

Michael O’Leary, the airline’s chief executive, will set out proposals today that include charging customers to use the loo.

A standing area with “vertical seats” will be introduced at the back of its fleet of 250 planes.

He said that charging customers £1 to make use of facilities would encourage travellers on one hour flights to use lavatories at the airport instead of on the aircraft.

The Irishman said he intended to introduce coin-operated loos and added: “The other change we’ve been looking at is taking out the last 10 rows of seats so we will have 15 rows of seats and the equivalent of 10 rows of standing area.”

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