Roy Antigua Had A NASA Uniform. U.S. Customs. The Navy. The CIA. Secret Service. Homeland Security. Dozens Of Military Medals. A Flight Helmet And Flight Instructor Badge. A Boy Scout Troop Leader Uniform.

New Port Richey man had vast collection of fake IDs and uniforms, authorities say (Tampa Bay Times, Aug 7, 2012):

NEW PORT RICHEY — A stranger in a Coast Guard uniform introduced himself to New Port Richey police Chief James Steffens. It was a Memorial Day event at a cemetery. The man said he was Lt. Cmdr. Roy Antigua, and he sat next to the chief in a special section for officials.

“Everybody around there thought that he was the real deal,” Steffens said.

But it turns out Antigua is a man of many identities and disguises, none of which appear to be real, authorities said.

“We need to know, from start to finish,” Steffens said at a news conference Monday, “who is Roy Antigua?”

So far, authorities have found out he is from Cuba and has family in Miami. He is single. And he owns a worrisome hoard of law enforcement, military and medical uniforms, badges, identification cards and supplies, discovered when Antigua’s home was searched after he was arrested on an unrelated charge.

Antigua, 52, had a NASA uniform. U.S. Customs. The Navy. The CIA. Secret Service. Homeland Security. Dozens of military medals. A flight helmet and flight instructor badge. A Boy Scout troop leader uniform.

Officers found a suitcase full of medical scrubs and a black leather doctor’s bag with instruments. Antigua had badges saying he was a physician’s assistant. There was a photo of Antigua in scrubs holding a newborn. Steffens said his team is investigating to find out where that was taken and what role Antigua played.

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