Jun 23

The 10 most popular websites that consistently LIE about important health topics:

There is nothing worse than doing research for which you don’t get paid, and then finding out that it’s not even valid! What if you wrote a whole thesis paper for college, only to find out that all of your research was based on lies and propaganda? How about if you did hours and hours of homework for a sick relative, to help them try to overcome some major illness, and then figured out later that you had given them a boatload of bad advice? How upsetting would that be?

Millions of Americans are growing to distrust medical doctors, dentists, dermatologists and oncologists, mainly because we’re all finding out that most of them are paid big bucks by Big Pharma to dish out chemical medicines that only cover up and relieve symptoms of deeper rooted illnesses. What’s worse, most of these sicknesses, diseases and disorders are preventable, if only we all had the right resources for research and self-investigation. Continue reading »

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