Linking To Free Stuff Is Not Piracy, EU Rules


Linking to free stuff is not piracy, EU rules (RT, Feb 14, 2014):

Managing a site with links to freely available copyrighted content does not amount to online piracy, an EU court has ruled. The justices advised their Swedish colleagues, who are reviewing a journalists’ lawsuit against a link-hosting website.

The case involves four journalists from Göteborgs-Posten newspaper, who believe they sustained damages from the website Retriever Sverige, which provides users with clickable links to various online publications.

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High-Profile Filesharing Site UploaderTalk Found To Be An Anti-Piracy Honeypot

Filesharing site revealed to be anti-piracy ‘honeypot’ (Guardian, Oct 25, 2013):

Operator of UploaderTalk boasts of ‘biggest swerve ever’ as he sells user data to anti-piracy company

A high-profile file-sharing site has been revealed to be a year-long pirate “honeypot”, collecting data on users, file hosters and websites.

The revelation, which had users of the forum up in arms, accompanied the purchase of the UploaderTalk (UT) site by US-based anti-piracy company Nuke Piracy.

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