The new GMO directive passed by Parliament opens the floodgates of GMO authorizations, without actually strengthening the power of the member states, and also assigns a monopoly of expertise to EFSA which is unacceptable, given the infiltration of lobbyists within the health agency.

CRIIGEN press release: Rough translation into English by Claire Robinson

This Tuesday, 13 January 2015, the European Parliament adopted a new Directive that fundamentally changes the game for marketing and cultivation of GMOs in Europe at the expense of legal, health and environmental security. This new European text on “renationalisation of GMO authorization procedures” was meant to be more stringent and aimed, among other things, to “facilitate” national bans on GMO crops. The biotech lobby, with the support of some pro-GMO member states in the European Council (UK, Netherlands, Spain …), still managed to impose its will to introduce more GMOs in Europe. The new directive now gives more power to businesses, working in partnership with the member states with which the authorizations must be negotiated, while facilitating the process of marketing and cultivation of new GMOs. Continue reading »