Jan 19

Why Palestinian children throw stones:

Forget the empty posturing of world leaders in Paris yesterday. This photo (copyright: Nedal Eshtayah/Anadolu Agency) tells us what the Israel-Palestine “conflict” is really about.

Imagine for a second that the little boy – how old is he, eight, nine? – is your son, trying to adjust his keffiyeh because it keeps falling over his eyes and he can’t see anything. Image your small son surrounded by masked Israeli “soldiers”, or what looks more like a Jewish militia than an army. Imagine that the boy is likely soon to be bundled into the back of a military van and taken for interrogation without his parents or a lawyer present, or even knowing where he is. That he could end up beaten and tortured, as human rights groups have regularly documented.

Maybe you can’t imagine any of that because you, a responsible parent living in Europe or the United States, would never let your child out to throw stones.

Then you need to know more about the story behind this picture. Continue reading »

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Jan 19

Oct 16, 2015


October 12 A ‎Palestinian woman from Haifa attacked and detained by [Jewish] ‎Israeli passersby in Tel Aviv. Passers-by are arguing about whether or not to beat and kill her. One woman claims she saw she had a knife and screams and demands her execution. Someone kicks her in the head. If not for the intervention of some of the bystanders who stop the lynch this would have been reported as another “stabber terrorist” that was “neutralized” .

H/t reader squodgy:

“I’d have kicked his bloody head off.”

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Jan 18

Jan 17, 2017

Israeli soldiers yesterday shot and killed a Palestinian teen during clashes between the troops and Palestinian protesters in Taqou village of Bethlehem, West Bank. At least four people were reportedly injured in the clashes.

H/t reader squodgy.

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Jan 06

Netanyahu thanks US House for vote to slam anti-Israel UN resolution:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed his gratitude to US legislators after the House of Representatives voted in condemnation of a recent UN Security Council resolution demanding a halt to the Tel Aviv regime’s settlement expansion policy.

Netanyahu, in a video statement published on Friday, described the anti-Israel resolution, which was adopted on December 23, 2016, as outrageous and one-sided, stating that House members “voted to either repeal the resolution at the UN or change it – and that’s exactly what we intend to do.” Continue reading »

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Dec 29

Statement of Jews United against Zionism in Reaction to U.N. Security Council Resolution Condemning Israeli Settlements:

On behalf of anti-Zionist Jews worldwide, we of Neturei Karta International, Jews United Against Zionism, greet with enthusiasm the recent United Nations Security Council resolution 2334 condemning Israeli settlements as illegal.

For decades, the settlements have been a major cause for bloodshed and unrest in the Holy Land. Hundreds of innocent lives have been sacrificed on the altar of nationalism and lust for land. We congratulate the countries in the Security Council for taking this long-overdue step toward justice and peace. And in particular, we congratulate the President of the State of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, on his success in achieving the passage of this resolution.

At the same time, we wish to reiterate the Torah position that it is not just the West Bank that is illegally occupied. Jews have been sent into exile by the Almighty, and any kind of Jewish sovereignty over any territory is a violation of that decree. Therefore the concept of the State of Israel is entirely illegitimate and forbidden. The crime is compounded when the creation of this homeland entails the occupation, oppression, subjugation and expulsion of another people. Before the era of Zionism, Jews lived in Palestine in peace and security, side by side with the Palestinian Arab population. We fervently hope for the day when Jews return to abiding by the laws of the Torah and living in peace with all peoples. Continue reading »

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Dec 27

Israel Outraged That Countries Object to Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians:

by James Corbett
December 27, 2016

From the way Israel is reacting you would think that someone had dropped a nuke on Tel Aviv.

Prime Minister Netanyahu summoned the US ambassador to deliver an official diplomatic protest. Continue reading »

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Dec 26

Strongest blizzard in 80 years to hit Palestine:

Natural disaster experts warn that the coming storm could result in enormous losses of life and property.


According to local Arab News reports, the current snowstorm in the Middle East is just the beginning of a series of unprecedented polar storms.

Both European and Russian meteorologists agree that the coming snowstorm will be one of the worst blizzards in Middle Eastern history. Several sources confirm that a second wave of snowstorms will hit Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine by the end of the week. Continue reading »

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Dec 23

Tel Aviv rejects ‘shameful & absurd anti-Israel’ UN resolution

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Dec 22

Speaker: Ken O’Keefe Continue reading »

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Dec 15


1,221 Palestinians homeless due to Israel’s 2016 demolitions: EU:

The European Union has condemned the Israeli destruction of Palestinian homes and structures in the occupied territories, saying the regime’s 2016 demolitions have left more than one thousand Palestinians homeless.

In a statement sent to reporters on Thursday, the EU said that its diplomats “deplore the demolitions of Palestinian structures undertaken by Israel in the occupied West Bank.”

EU officials said the Tel Aviv regime has destroyed 866 structures so far this year in Area C of the West Bank, which constitutes about 61 percent of the territory and is under full Israeli military control. Continue reading »

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Dec 02

Dec 2, 2016 Continue reading »

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Nov 24

The founder of the Gatestone Institute is a philanthropist and a Zionist.

Why am I posting then articles from this website?

There are not too many websites that report about the migrant crisis and related issues. That’s why.

I am also posting articles & videos from Alex Jones (look up who funds him and works for him!) …


TPTB are moving the pieces on the global chessboard and most of the people are not even aware that they are being played.

Divide et impera! … served the elite so well and it looks like they will get their way again.

TPTB have engineered the migrant crisis and I’ve mentioned before what I think might be the plan behind all of this madness.

From the article:

“In the 1970s, the Palestinians began to use international terrorism

Really? And who terrorized the Palestinians and stole their land?


France on the Verge of Total Collapse:

  • France did not perceive it at the time, but it placed itself in a trap, and the trap is now closing.
  • In the 1970s, the Palestinians began to use international terrorism, and France chose to accept this terrorism so long as France was not affected. At the same time, France welcomed mass-immigration from the Arab-Muslim world, evidently as part of a Muslim wish to expand Islam. France’s Muslim population has since grown in numbers while failing to assimilate.
  • Polls show that one-third of French Muslims want the full application of Islamic sharia law. They also show that the overwhelming majority of French Muslims support jihad, and especially jihad against Israel, a country they would like to see erased from the face of earth.
  • “It is better to leave than flee.” — Sammy Ghozlan, President of the National Bureau of Vigilance against Anti-Semitism. He was later mugged, and his car was torched. He left.
  • Villiers also mentions the presence in “no-go zones” of thousands of weapons of war. He adds that weapons will probably not even have to be used; the Islamists have already won.
  • Originally, France’s dreams might have been of displacing America as a world power, accessing inexpensive oil, business deals with oil-rich Islamic states, and the prayer of no domestic terrorism.

France is in turmoil. “Migrants” arriving from Africa and the Middle East sow disorder and insecurity in many cities. The huge slum commonly known as the “jungle of Calais” has just been dismantled, but other slums are being created each day. In eastern Paris, streets have been covered with corrugated sheets, oilcloth and disjointed boards. Violence is commonplace. The 572 France’s “no-go zones,” officially defined as “sensitive urban areas”, continue to grow, and police officers who approach them often suffer the consequences. Recently, a police car drove into an ambush and was torched while the police were prevented from getting out. If attacked, police officers are told by their superiors to flee rather than retaliate. Many police officers, angry at having to behave like cowards, have organized demonstrations. No terrorist attacks have taken place since the slaughter of a priest in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray on July 26, 2016, but intelligence services see that jihadists have returned from the Middle East and are ready to act, and that riots may break out anywhere, any time, on any pretext. Continue reading »

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Oct 28

Clinton bemoans US not rigging 2006 Palestinian election in newly-released tape:

Decade-old audio exposes then-Senator Hillary Clinton saying the US should have manipulated Palestinian parliamentary elections in 2006 to prevent a Hamas victory. The presidential candidate lamented that the US didn’t “determine who was going to win.”

“I do not think we should have pushed for an election in the Palestinian territories. I think that was a big mistake,” then-New York Senator Clinton told the Jewish Press, a New York-based weekly newspaper, several months after the January election.

“And if we were going to push for an election, then we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win,” she said.

* * *

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Oct 17

H/t reader squodgy:

“Ridiculed for telling the truth, as has been the case for decades.”

Related info:

Vladimir Putin : “Publish A World Map And Mark All The U.S. Military Bases On It.”

US root cause of all problems in Middle East: Iran:

Chief spokesman for Iran’s Armed Forces says the United States is the most important reason behind all the current problems in the Middle East, stressing that Washington must accept its strategic mistakes and leave the region.

“The root cause of all the problems in the West Asia region is the US hegemony,” Deputy Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri said on Sunday.

He added that bloody wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen, the continuation of the Israeli regime’s occupation of Palestine, the Iraqi imposed war on Iran in the 1980s, the Lebanese and Bahraini conflicts and other events that have killed and wounded thousands of people and left behind destruction are only some consequences of measures taken by the evil US government in the region. Continue reading »

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Oct 15


Countries from Around the World Just Slammed Israel’s Imperialism in Palestine:

New York — In a special session of the United Nations Security Council on Friday, the U.S., along with several other countries, slammed the practice of forcibly removing Palestinian civilians by Israel to make way for Israeli settlers, saying the behavior is leading to a “one-state reality” for Palestinians.

The session, titled “Illegal Israeli Settlements: Obstacles to Peace and the Two-State Solution,” is a response to mounting criticism over a dramatic rise in settler activity in recent decades. It’s been reported that over 11,000 Israeli housing units have been authorized under the rule of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Continue reading »

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Oct 02


Israel seals off Palestinian territories, approves new settlements ahead of Jewish new year

* * *

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Sep 20

H/t reader squodgy:


Common Sense Prevails.

Wonder for how long? The point is, educating anybody with the truth about Palestine will always provoke yiddishe aggression and accompanying bullshit.”

UC Berkeley reinstates controversial course on history of Palestine:

UC Berkeley senior Paul Hadweh designed a course on the history of Palestine in order to spark discussion about his family’s homeland under Israeli occupation.

“I wanted to create a space where we can read, think and speak critically about the question of Palestine,” Hadweh said.

But the one-credit, student-led offering — which aimed to analyze Palestine through “the lens of settler colonialism” — was suspended last week after just one class following a storm of criticism that it fostered anti-Semitism and indoctrinated students against the Jewish state.  Continue reading »

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Sep 16

American university suspends Palestine history course:

A top-ranking university in the United States has suspended an academic course on Palestinian history midway through the semester, following accusations that it propagated anti-Semitic viewpoints and indoctrinated students against Israel.

The University of California at Berkeley cancelled the course “Palestine: A Settler Colonial Analysis” after it received complaints from 43 pro-Israel and Jewish groups alleging that the one-credit course was politically bent and encouraged students to hate the Tel Aviv regime and “take action to eliminate it.”

The advocacy groups had expressed concern that the course aimed to teach the idea “that Israel is an illegitimate settler colonial state” and that the readings in its syllabus had “a blatantly anti-Israel bias.”


Berkeley’s Chancellor Nicholas Dirks confirmed the suspension, claiming that the class “did not receive a sufficient degree of scrutiny to ensure that the syllabus met Berkeley’s academic standards.” Continue reading »

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Sep 06

Israeli tanks once again fire shells at Gaza homes:

The Israeli military has heavily shelled residential areas in the Gaza Strip days after a similar attack injured three Palestinians in the Israeli-besieged enclave.

The Palestinian Naba news agency reported that Israeli tanks fired artillery shells at Palestinian homes and agricultural lands in the eastern part of Deir al-Balah city in central Gaza early on Tuesday. Continue reading »

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Sep 05


The Prophecies Of Alois Irlmaier – The Roadmap To WW3 – The 3 Days Of Darkness (Worse Than WW3):

Everything calls peace, Schalom! Then it will occur – a new Middle East war suddenly flames up, big naval forces are facing hostiley in the Mediterranean – the situation is strained. But the actual firing spark is set on fire in the Balkan: I see a “large one” falling, a bloody dagger lies beside him – then impact is on impact. …”


Israeli PM Netanyahu considering Putin’s offer to host Palestine talks in Moscow – statement:

Benjamin Netanyahu is considering Russia’s offer to host Israeli-Palestinian talks in Moscow, a statement from the Israeli PM’s press service said.

[Netanyahu] presented Israel’s position whereby he is always ready to meet [Abbas] without preconditions and is therefore considering the Russian president’s proposal and the timing for a possible meeting,” the statement reads, as cited by Reuters news agency.

The statement came after Netanyahu held talks with Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister and Special Envoy to the Middle East, Mikhail Bogdanov.

If agreed upon, the talks would be the first between the two leaders in several years, amid the ongoing rift in the region. Continue reading »

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Aug 24

State Department Urges US Citizens To Leave Gaza “As Soon As Possible”:

It’s been a busy 24 hours for John Kerry. Between fending off requests for Hillary’s emails, palling it up with Erdogan, and dealing with Afghanistan fallout, The Department of State has just issued a travel alert warning U.S. citizens against all travel to the Gaza Strip and urges those present to depart as soon as possible when border crossings are open. The announcement follows an escalation between Palestinian militants and the Israeli military over the weekend.


The security situation remains complex in Israel and the West Bank, and can change quickly depending on the political environment, recent events, and geographic location. U.S. citizens should exercise caution and remain aware of their surroundings when traveling to areas where there are heightened tensions and security risks. The Government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority both make considerable efforts to police major tourist attractions and ensure security, particularly in areas where foreigners frequently travel. This replaces the Travel Warning issued December 15, 2015.   Continue reading »

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Aug 22

Evangelical Lutheran Church In America Becomes 9th Denomination To Divest From Israel:

The church also passed a resolution demanding an end to U.S. aid to Israel until Israel halts construction on illegal settlements in occupied Palestine.

AUSTIN, Texas — On Saturday, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America became the ninth Christian denomination in the United States to vote for divestment from Israel.

The resolution, which the ECLA calls a “memorial,” requires the church to end its current investments in companies that support Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine and to rigorously screen all future investments as well. Continue reading »

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Aug 09


Israel Unveils Plan to Track and Deport Those in Favor of BDS Movement:

Amplifying the growing crackdown on dissent and specifically the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian rights, the Israeli government this weekend unveiled a new initiative to track and deport activists suspected of supporting the campaign.

Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan and Interior Minister Arye Dery on Sunday announced the creation of a new government task force charged with gathering intelligence on pro-Palestininian activists and organizations with the intent, as Haaretz put it, of collecting enough evidence to legally deport them from Israel or the occupied West Bank. Continue reading »

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Aug 09
Israeli rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu
Israeli rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu
A senior Israeli rabbi says Tel Aviv should execute Palestinians instead of arresting them and “leave no one alive” in order to establish safety in the occupied Palestinian territories, Palestinian media report.

“Israeli army has to stop arresting Palestinians,” Shmuel Eliyahu said in a message posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday, adding, “but, it must execute them and leave no one alive,” Palestine News Network reported.

As chief rabbi of the city of Safed, Eliyahu is known for his racist behavior and remarks about Arabs and Muslims. He had earlier urged the Israeli regime to take “revenge” against Arabs in order to restore what he called Israel’s deterrence.

He also described Palestinians as the enemy of Israel and claimed that they “must be destroyed and crushed in order to end violence. If they don’t stop after we kill 100, then we must kill a thousand. And if they do not stop after 1,000, then we must kill 10,000. If they still don’t stop we must kill 100,000, even a million,” the Jerusalem Post quoted him as saying in 2007.
Continue reading »

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Jul 26

Israeli settlers destroy Palestinian homes like ‘termites’: US Rep.:

Democratic US Representative Hank Johnson says Israeli settlers living in illegal settlements are destroying Palestinian homes like “termites.”

“There has been a steady [stream], almost like termites can get into a residence and eat before you know that you’ve been eaten up and you fall in on yourself,” the Georgia lawmaker said Monday, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

He made the remarks during an event in Philadelphia, sponsored by the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. Continue reading »

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Jul 20


Related article:

Israel’s New Open-Fire Rule Authorizes ‘Extra-Judicial Execution’ of Palestinian Youths

12-yo Palestinian boy killed during clashes with Israeli troops near Jerusalem:

A 12-year-old boy was shot dead by a rubber-coated bullet during clashes with Israeli troops not far from Jerusalem, the Palestinian health ministry reported.

“Mohiyeh al-Tabakhi, 12, was killed by shots fired by occupation soldiers in the Al-Ram area near Jerusalem,” the ministry said in a statement, cited by AFP. Continue reading »

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Jul 15

WTF: New Israeli Defense Forces Chief Rabbi Says Soldiers Can Rape Arab Women During Wartime to Boost Morale:

Because nothing says “boost morale” during war like rape? W. T. Actual. F.


Outgoing chief rabbi, Brig. Gen. Rafi Peretz, of the Israeili Defense Forces, who is stepping down after six years in the position is being replaced. And, his successor, Rabbi Col. Eyal Karim’s appointment is being met with backlash — as he is outspoken for allowing soldiers to rape women during wartime. Continue reading »

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Jul 13

Israeli Border Police Deliberately Provoking Palestinians in East Jerusalem

* * *

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Jul 09

“It is clear that the regulations do not refer to just any stone throwers but that they were written specifically regarding Palestinian youths,” said Adalah attorney Mohammad Bassam. (Photo: Reuters)

Israel’s New Open-Fire Rule Authorizes ‘Extra-Judicial Execution’ of Palestinian Youths:

Israeli police regulations, previously kept classified, permit preemptive and fatal recourse against suspected stone-throwers

Israeli police are officially permitted to use deadly force against stone-throwing Palestinian teenagers, according to updated regulations made public on Tuesday by an Israel-based human rights organization.

The new open-fire regulations, revealed by Adalah, a rights organization and legal center that defends Palestinians living in Israel as well as the occupied territories, state that “an officer is permitted to open fire [with live ammunition] directly on an individual who clearly appears to be throwing or is about to throw a firebomb, or who is shooting or is about to shoot fireworks, in order to prevent endangerment.” Continue reading »

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Jul 04


Israel approves 800 settler homes in & outside E. Jerusalem after teen killing:

A massive construction of homes in East Jerusalem and the surrounding area has been approved by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The new construction is being seen as a form of retaliation for attacks by Palestinians.

On Sunday, Netanyahu and his freshly-appointed defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman, signed off on plans for putting up 560 new housing units in Ma’ale Adumim, a West Bank settlement right outside the capital, according to the Jerusalem Post. Around 140 homes more were approved for the Jewish East Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramot and other 100 for the Har Homa neighborhood, in southeast Jerusalem.  Continue reading »

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