Tampons Mysteriously Disappear From Store Shelves, eBay Users Bid Up To $76 For 3 Packs

Hmmh. Maybe the government is hoarding tampons.

The elite would certainly not stockpile toxic, pesticide contaminated o.b. tampons.

Lombard/News ‘Everyday price’ or not, o.b. tampon shelves are empty at this Rite Aid.

The recent disappearance of a popular tampon brand is really cramping the style of city women.

Drugstore shelves have been mysteriously empty of o.b. nonapplicator tampons since late fall, leaving the feminine hygiene product’s devotees puzzled and peeved.

The popular product is in such short supply that eBay users are bidding up to $76 for three packs, which usually sell for just $8.79 a pack.

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