Japanese Radiation Prof. Shinzo Kimura: ‘Women Are Particularly Sensitive To Stress’ And ‘They Cannot Control Themselves’

From the article:

“In particular, women are more sensitive to stress. For good or bad, they are more sensitive.”

“It’s also a female characteristic that, because of that sensitivity, they cannot control themselves.”

I do not advocate violence, but I couldn’t help myself to think for a moment

If only a woman (preferably a 5th Dan Karate or higher!) could punch Shinzo Kimura in the middle of his face and walk off saying:

“I am a woman particularly sensitive to stress and just couldn’t control myself in your presence!”

Shinzo Kimura: Minami Soma’s Ms. Numauchi Suffers from Autoimmune Disease Caused by Stress (EX-SKF, Jan. 13, 2012):

“Women are particularly sensitive to stress”, he says, and they can’t control themselves. In this particular case, it must be the fear of radiation that had stressed her so much before summer, and it manifested itself in fall when her teeth started to fall off.

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Independent Journalist Interviews Fukushima Blogger Numauchi Emiko Whose Teeth And Nails Are Falling Out

Live : Minamisoma blogger is on Ustream (Fukushima Diary, Jan. 10, 2012):

Following up this article about Fukushima women losing their hair

The Minamisoma blogger, Numauchi Emiko, is on Ustream right now. (Was a live event – no longer live)

Independent journalist Iwakami Yasumi had an interview with her.

(Note, the original movie was missing on ustream so changed the embed code on 23:00 1/10/2012)

Q, Do you believe the government ?

A, No,I don’t even doubt. I know they tell just lies.

Q, Why do you stay in Minamisoma ?

A, To prove government is killing us by using my own body. On 3/14, I thought that was already too late to evacuate, taking it into consideration that the reactors had already exploded and Tepco had released tons of radionuclides by venting. My place is not in the evacuating zone. Government still keeps telling us it’s not dangerous, so I wanted to prove how a human becomes if they live as the government tells us to do. Everyone dies. I thought this would be my best way to burn the rest of my life. This is why I recorded details of my health problem, but honestly it was faster than I thought.

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