Japan Prof. Nobumasa Akiayama: ‘Fukushima Now Affecting Every Area Of The World’ (Asahi)

Asahi: Fukushima nuclear disaster is affecting every region of the world – Japanese Professor (ENENews, July 28, 2012):

(Subscription Only) Title: NAGASAKI PEACE SYMPOSIUM: Fukushima disaster figures big in discussions
Source: Asahi AJW
Date: July 28, 2012

With “The road to nuclear weapons abolition” as its theme, the annual International Symposium for Peace, held alternately in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, has offered a venue for calls to scrap the world’s nuclear arsenals.[…]

During the panel discussion, Nobumasa Akiayama, an associate professor of Hitotsubashi University and researcher with the Independent Investigation Commission on the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Accident, said Japan must fully reflect the fact that it is responsible for a nuclear disaster that is affecting every region of the world.

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