NHK Spokesman’s Rebellion Against NHK And Government Lies Using NHK’s Official Twitter Account: ‘We Can No Longer Expect Anything From The Government Or Organizations’ … ‘We Must Change This Country’

An NHK spokes man rebelled against NHK (Fukushima Diary, Dec. 14, 2011):

NHK’s official twitter account is run by an announcer named Hori Jun.

Since 311, NHK has been spreading lies and has killed millions of people by making them too late to escape.

However, Mr Hori Jun tweeted comments that rebels against NHK.

Because it’s an official NHK twitter account, it’s causing confusion but generally his comments were welcome as rare sanity found in mass media.

nhk_HORIJUN 堀 潤 Jun Hori
福島県で除染作業に携わっていた60代の男性が亡くなった。男性の死亡原因について国は「除染作業と関係はない」としているが何故関係がないと判断したの か、その根拠も示さなくてはいけない。チェルノブイリ事故でさえ人体への影響について研究が続けられている最中だというのに。情報公開の徹底を!


A man (60) died during decontamination in Fukushima. Japanese government states it has nothing to do with decontamination, but they must show the basis to prove it really has nothing to do with decontamination. Even for Chernobyl accident, they are still studying the radioactive effects on humans. They must disclose information.

– End –

nhk_HORIJUN 堀 潤 Jun Hori
国や組織に期待してはだめだ。もうだめだ。僕らで動こう。僕らで考えよう。僕らでこの国を変えよう。だって、僕らの国なんだからさ。誰かに任せるのは、も う、やめよう。僕らは皆仲間だ。ここでこうして繋がっている皆は、何かに気が付いたからこうして繋がっている。だから、僕らが動こう。


We can no longer expect anything from the government or organizations. No, no anymore. We must move by ourselves. Let’s think by ourselves. We must change this country. This is our nation. We shall stop giving the power to someone else. Let’s rule ourselves. We are the one. We have realized “something”, that’s why we are connected to each other like now. so, let’s move.

– End –

They are worried about his security.

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TEPCO And NHK Obfuscation Of Fukushima Reactor No.1 Corium Into The Concrete

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Study Shows Worse Picture of Meltdown in Japan – Prof. Hiroaki Koide: ‘I Have Always Argued That The Containment Is Broken, And That There Is The Danger Of A Wider Radiation Leak’

Institute of Applied Energy: Corium Could Be 2 Meters Deep Into Concrete

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 1: TEPCO and NHK’s Obfuscation on Corium in the Concrete (EX-SKF, Nov. 30, 2011):

In the first post on the subject, I translated what NHK reported:


It has been discovered by TEPCO’s analysis that the significant amount of Reactor 1’s melted fuel pierced through the steel Reactor Pressure Vessel and dropped onto the Containment Vessel, then melted the concrete at the bottom of the CV. It is estimated that the melted fuel may have eaten into the concrete to maximum 65 centimeters deep.

Maximum 65 centimeters deep from the bottom of the concrete floor, right?

Well no. It’s 65 centimeters from the bottom of the deep groove on the concrete floor.

And neither NHK nor TEPCO would bother to tell you how deep the groove is.

At least, NHK Kabun (NHK’s last remaining conscience, as far as I’m concerned) tweeted and gave the link to its blog post, where NHK’s analysis of the concrete-eating corium is shown with the screenshots from the program:

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Journalists Touring Fukushima Nuclear Plant Told To Put Cameras Down (Video)

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Journalists Touring Damaged Fukushima Nuclear Plant Told To Stay In The Bus Because Of High Radiation Levels – Update: Japanese Journalist ‘Felt Ill From Heat And Fatique’ After Tour

YouTube Added: 14.11.2011


ANN News from KHB Channel.8 months after nuclear disaster a Fukushima report was controlled by male on the bus after they passed 3-4 reactor probably heading to reactor Nr. 1 and dosimeters were showing 300 microsievert /hour. The limit for workers on the cite is 250 microsieverts /hour. Hear it by your self. Freedom of press?

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NHK Caught Manipulating Truth About Radiation Danger Again

News: NHK manipulates again (Fukushima Diary, Oct. 12, 2011):

They found a hot spot in Setagaya ku Tokyo. (1.5m high from the ground, 2m wide.)

It is on the pavement, and between a kindergarten and a nursery school.

According to a ward council, Tanaka Yuko, it was 4.699 uSv/h. (Source)

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‘Star Wars’ Hologram TV is Coming

‘Panem et circenses’ (‘Bread and circuses‘) desperately needs a few updates, because the people are starting to wake up.

A hologram of Princess Leia appears in the film Star Wars.

THREE-DIMENSIONAL television may be the latest in home cinema, but it will soon seem so 2010. Scientists are already planning its successor — holographic television.

On a holo-TV, images will be projected into the middle of a room as a “cloud” that can be enjoyed from every angle without 3-D glasses.

It may even be possible to broadcast concerts in other arenas around the world and to view live, lifesize sporting events in stadiums thousands of miles from the real players.

Holographic enthusiasts have named it the “Stars Wars technology”, after a scene in the 1977 blockbuster where a holographic image of Princess Leia is briefly projected from the robot R2-D2 pleading: “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

NHK, the Japanese equivalent of the BBC, has committed to creating the first holo-TV within six years.

It is sponsoring research at giant Japanese companies such as Sony and Mitsubishi and has dispatched engineers to America, where scientists have already generated basic holographic transmissions. It sounds like it won’t be long before holographic images can be projected into our living rooms as we are relaxing by playing cheeky bingo. This research is likely to revolutionise the way we view images and communicate with each other.

The University of Arizona recently announced it had used lasers and powerful computers to generate single-coloured clouds of images. Nasser Peyghambarian, professor of optical sciences at the university, said adding colour and fluid movement was “closer than ever”.

NHK has earmarked £2.8 billion for developing holo-TVs, as part of Japan’s bid to host the 2022 World Cup in Tokyo, but hopes to have prototypes working much earlier.

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