The holistic science behind Tom Brady’s remarkable longevity and performance

The holistic science behind Tom Brady’s remarkable longevity and performance:

Tom Brady boasts one the longest-lived careers in the NFL, and the 39-year-old quarterback reportedly hopes to stay on the field for another seven years. After winning his fifth Superbowl, it certainly seems that whatever Brady puts his mind to, he achieves.

Playing for the NFL obviously requires a lot of hard work, dedication and more than a modicum of talent, but the longevity that has experienced Tom Brady isn’t a gift: He works for it through his diet and lifestyle. Fergus Connolly, football performance director for Brady’s alma mater, the University of Michigan, says, “I have no doubt that Tom Brady’s ability to recover is due to his lifestyle health.” Many players often have no choice but to leave the game of football behind, in the wake of injuries like torn ligaments and shredded cartilage. As a football expert Connolly says, maintaining proper sleep, nutrition, strength, flexibility, along with spiritual and cognitive resilience, are all integral parts of having a long career with the NFL.

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Ex-NFL Player Tasered For Pointing At Cop

Incorrect body language, talking to an officer now results in “pain compliance”

After Worley exits the vehicle and appears calm, the cowardly officer accuses him of “making fists” when Worley is doing no more than crossing his arms. Apparently, incorrect body language is now an offence that justifies “pain compliance” correction by means of a Tasering.

Worley even puts his palms together in a prayer-like pose in an attempt to reassure the officer he is calm but that is not good enough, after Worley points at the cop for half a second, the officer then approaches Worley who backs away but is then Tasered.

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