Feb 21

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Feb 20

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Feb 17

New Zealand Glaciers Advancing

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Feb 11

As 200 More Whales Are Stranded In New Zealand, Heroics Turn To Heartbreak:

The day began with grim resolve, as volunteers descended upon a remote New Zealand beach to try to send some 100 beached pilot whales back to sea. By mid-afternoon local time, most of those whales — the survivors of country’s third-largest stranding on record — had successfully swum back into Golden Bay.

It could have been a happy ending to a story that began tragically, with some 300 whales found dead after more than 400 stranded earlier in the week on Farewell Spit, a thin strip of beach that arcs like a bent finger into the waters north of New Zealand’s South Island.

The volunteers’ celebrations did not last long, though.

Another large pod, composed of approximately 200 whales, stranded just hours later near the original site. The members of that second group appear to be different from the original survivors, which had been tagged before being refloated. None of the new whales bore those tags, NBC News reports. Continue reading »

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Jan 28


This is now the second “Rare” summer snowfall in New Zealand. The year has so far been below normal temperatures for several parts of the country, but the last out of season Antarctic low brought a foot of snow in the middle of summer. Apple shortages across the country and out of season rains have prompted farmers to hire helicopters to hover over the fields to dry fruit.

New Zealand Summer Snow Second Time GET OTHER IMAGES
Summer snowfall record New Zealand https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-z…
January Summer snow for new Zealand https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-z…
Yes, it’s snowing in the middle of summer http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/art…
It’s Summer In New Zealand And They’re Getting Snow! http://unofficialnetworks.com/2017/01…
Auckland homes lose power as storm hits http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/nationa…

Helicopters save New Zealand cherries http://www.freshplaza.com/article/169…
New Zealand shoppers dismayed at apple shortage http://www.freshplaza.com/article/169…

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Jan 25

Elites Eying The Exits Signals America’s Crisis:

The Institute for New Economic Thinking’s President Rob Johnson was interviewed by the New Yorker on hedge-fund managers and the market for air strips in New Zealand

Interviewed as part of an extraordinary New Yorker investigation into growing anxiety among America’s corporate elite over the potential for anarchic social collapse, Institute President Robert Johnson saw his peers’ talk of bolt-holes in New Zealand as reflecting a deeper crisis.

Johnson told writer Evan Osnos of the mounting anxiety he had encountered among hedge-fund managers and other wealthy Americans he knew.

“More and more were saying, ‘You’ve got to have a private plane,” Johnson said. “You have to assure that the pilot’s family will be taken care of, too. They have to be on the plane.’ ”

Osnos writes: Continue reading »

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Jan 25

What does top Bilderberg member Peter Thiel know, that most of the people don’t know?

Continue to prepare for the greatest financial collapse in world history and civil war.

New Zealand is garnering a lot of interest by the world’s super rich concerned about the future.

Silicon Valley’s super rich are eyeing New Zealand for escape plans:

THE term “doomsday prepper” provokes images of tin foil hat-wearing, gun-totting bushmen, the likes of which appear on the plethora of TV shows dedicated to their pessimistic worldview.

But across the United States, at the big end of town — both on Wall Street and Silicon Valley — there is apparently growing paranoia about the potential of impending catastrophe and many are hatching contingency plans.

And it appears New Zealand is at the top of the list for many of the super rich who are seeking “apocalypse insurance”.

In a truly fascinating article published this week by The New Yorker, journalist and author Evan Osnos investigated the surprisingly extensive world of centi-millionaire and billionaire doomsday preppers hedging against the potential of mass social unrest.

An unknown number of Silicon Valley titans are reportedly buying up property in New Zealand as a safe haven when the proverbial s**t hits the fan. Continue reading »

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Jan 24

‘Dream’ winter conditions, except it’s summer:

Whatever happened to summer? Cardrona Alpine Resort woke up to its heaviest summer snowfall in living memory yesterday, 30cm covering the base.

Temperatures dropped to -2degC overnight and snow continued falling for most of the day.

H/t reader kevin a.

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Jan 11



Summer snow in New Zealand, oh thats to expected in the warmest year ever, coldest winter in 20 years inn Perth too. Longest cold spell since 1986 in BC, snowpocalypse in SE USA, interstates shut, and record cold for Miami, Florida.

British Colombia coldest in 30 years http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british… California Ski resort totals http://www.onthesnow.com/california/s… Summer snow new zealand http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/88145… https://resources.stuff.co.nz/content… http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/88115… http://www.metservice.com/mountain/so… 2016: Perth’s coldest year in a decade http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/weste… California and SE Usa Forecasts https://twitter.com/RyanMaue Ice Cover https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C1iwMhRWI… https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C1iwOLKXg… https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C1hjo53W8… Driving Visibility https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C1g-YqIXg… https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C1hXIGeXc… https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C1du9IoXc… https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C1YYs0WXg… https://twitter.com/BigJoeBastardi https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C1i8eZnWg… https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C1gwGn_WE…

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Jan 06

Snow into the South – State of Emergency declared in three states

Saskatchewan – Temps to plummet to near or below -30 C (-22 F)

California – 6½ feet of snow in 72 hours:

Ten to fifteen feet of snow for California

Austria – “Winter is returning – and how!”

Far colder than normal in Russia:

-40ºC (-40ºF) frosts to come in Central Russia.

“Brutal cold” in Germany:

In the east and south German highlands temperatures have already plummeted to – 10 C. But it will get a lot worse.

In the night from Friday to Saturday some parts of Germany temperatures are expected to drop to minus 25 C (-13F).

“Great cold” in eastern France:

“Grand froid: – 15°C dans l’Est de la France,” reads the headline.

Idaho – Most snow on the ground, any day of the year, any year

Boise sets TWO snowfall records 

Villages isolated by snow in Iraq:

Temperature drops to 6 below zero

Schools in E. Idaho (where it’s COLD) – close because it’s TOO cold:

Wind chills expected to reach minus 30 (-34C) across eastern Idaho tomorrow.

Snowing in New Zealand – In high summer

Continue reading »

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Nov 27

New Zealand earthquake lifts the seabed by more than a METRE

H/t reader kevin a.

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Nov 14

Earthquake lights in New Zealand – Video

Footage filmed during the powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake shows the night sky lighting up with mysterious green, white and blue flashes.

New Zealander Zachary Bell said he filmed a video at ‘the peak of the shaking’, noting that ‘the sky began to light up with colours’ over the sea. Continue reading »

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Oct 27


With snow still falling across Southern Australia and New Zealand and reported well below temperatures for the months of June-October it is difficult to believe that temperatures came in 4th warmest year ever. Remember that meteorological bureaus said get ready for no snow and warmest year ever. The opposite happened.

Canadian Weather Service http://weather.gc.ca/warnings/index_e…
Late Snows Record Snows and Cold Winter Forecasts Globally

Continue reading »

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Aug 15

Related info:

Prof. Valentina Zharkova: We’re Headed Into A Little Ice Age (Video)

It Is Colder Right Now Than Throughout Almost All Of History

Scientist Predicts ‘Little Ice Age,’ Gets Icy Reception From Colleagues

Scientist Predicts ‘Little Ice Age,’ Gets Icy Reception From Colleagues

German science institute warns of miniature ice age

Retired U.S. Navy Physicist Warns Of What Is To Come – Little Ice Ages Bring Famine And Disease

World Government Think Tanks Ready for Global Food Shortages: Timeline and Which Countries (Video)


The north island of New Zealand which receives a dusting of snow every 15 years or so, was pummeled with 3 feet and 120 mph winds over the last week. So rare was the event that the word Unfathomable was used in the media.


Continue reading »

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Aug 10

NZ snowstorm leaves central North Island looking like a “war zone”:

“Snow-hit power lines could take weeks to fix,” says Radio New Zealand.

“We’re dealing with a metre of snow in some of those cross country areas,” said Unison power company spokesperson Danny Gough.

“It’s almost like a war zone – we’ve got poles that have just been been broken like twigs, trees and vegetation and all sorts of other rubble across the lines and the poles.”



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Aug 09

More than a meter of snow in New Zealand knocks out power for a week:

“Help on way to Hawke’s Bay homes cut off by snow,” reads the headline.

“Communities and farmers on the snow covered Taupo Plains are being warned to expect to be without power for more than a week. Continue reading »

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Aug 09

New Zealand – One of lowest temperatures in last hundred years:

Heavy snowfall leaves many areas isolated.

Many parts of the island remained isolated after 50 to 70 cm (20 to 28 inches) of snow closed highways.

Meanwhile, the temperature in the city of Queenstown, South Island, dropped to -6.5 ° C (the historical record for August is -7.8 ° C), making this one of the lowest levels recorded in the last hundred years! Continue reading »

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Aug 06

Blizzard batters Hawke’s Bay New Zealand – Cold could break 144-year-old record:

The worst still on the way.

Record-setting cold expected overnight into Sunday, particularly in the South Island.

Queenstown could break its all-time August winter low since records began in 1871.

With heavy snow (50-70 cm) blanketing many parts of the country, a “major” snow event has been declared. Continue reading »

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Aug 06

New Zealand coldest in more than a century:

South Island temperatures set to smash record that has stood for more than one hundred years.

Temperatures are forecast to plunge to minus 15C (5°F) across the South Island tonight, and drop even lower on Saturday night.

Niwa forecaster Ben Noll said Queenstown could reach one of the coldest temperatures since record keeping began 145 years ago. Continue reading »

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Aug 06

New Zealand skiers and snowboarders frothing with joy:

“After last year’s epic ‘record-breaking’ snowfalls, looks like Nature’s out to better herself yet again!” says reader. “All of us New Zealand snowboarders – and skiers – are frothing with joy.”

“Places on the North Island’s east coast, which rarely get snow, are now digging themselves out of 1+ metre snowdrifts. And just when the media were talking-up summer’s arrival . . . d’oh!”

MetService said the weather was so bad it had not been able to measure the snow’s exact depth, but estimated at least 70 cm (28 inches), with snowdrifts of more than 1m (39 inches) in places.

The heavy snow knocked out power to 40,000 properties. Continue reading »

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Jul 31

New Zealand blizzard leaves cars buried in snow up to their windows:

Snow closes roads, forces evacuations at Mt Ruapehu

31 Jul 2016 – White-out conditions at Mt Ruapehu have forced the evacuation of dozens of people from the slopes today.

A blizzard dumped stacks of snow on the mountain’s Whakapapa and Turoa skifields overnight – and left around 30 people trapped in nearby lodges. Continue reading »

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May 26

Anti-fluoride activists in New Zealand are routinely silenced by a corrupt government:

The addition of fluoride to drinking water has become a hot topic, with numerous activist groups lobbying governments across the world to stop adding the harmful chemical to drinking water. For decades, governments have been claiming that the fluoridation of water is a safe and effective method of protecting teeth from decay – but according to Global Research this is in fact a lie.

Fluoridation is not actually essential for good health or good for protecting teeth – but it is poisonous. Consuming excess amounts of fluoride may increase your risk for 23 different types of cancer, lower the IQ of your children and increase oxidative stress throughout your body. As reported by Natural News, research by the World Health Organization has found that Americans living in areas with “optimal” water fluoridation have an increased risk of cancer.

As reported by Fluoride Alert, the ingestion of fluoride also has direct effects on the brain that might impair intelligence by effecting learning and memory capacity, as proven by more than 40 different animal studies. Continue reading »

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Apr 15

What is Coming? Elite Feverishly Building Survival Bunkers: “Fear of Uprising From the 99%”:


Panicked Elite Buying Bomb-Proof Luxury Survival Bunkers to Escape Civil Unrest, Disasters

Panicked members of the elite are buying luxury bomb-proof underground survival bunkers because they fear mass civil unrest might be on the horizon.

The company behind the construction of the sprawling complexes, Vivos, says the facilities are for the “protection of high net worth individuals” in the event of apocalyptic-style scenarios during which “millions will perish or worse yet, struggle to survive as victims”.

“Where will you go when pandemonium strikes?” asks a promo for the luxury shelters.

The biggest facility, called Europa One, is located in Germany and is “one of the most fortified and massive underground survival shelters on Earth, deep below a limestone mountain” and is “safely secured from the general public, behind sealed and secured walls, gates and blast doors”. Continue reading »

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Apr 11

Solar tax to delay solar a desperate money making move:

Solar tax to delay solar a desperate money making move, says solarcity CEO

Auckland, 6 April 2016 – New Zealand’s leading solar energy services provider, solarcity, has condemned Trustpower’s support of a residential solar tax as a “desperate move to squeeze every last dollar out of a dying business model”.

Last week Hawke’s Bay electricity lines operator, Unison Networks, announced it was introducing a tax of up to 26% on solar power and batteries. (1) Yesterday Trustpower community services manager Graeme Purches came out in support of the tax saying it was “completely understandable”. Continue reading »

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Feb 14

Christchurch: 5.7 quake, 62 aftershocks:

There is a 63 percent chance another quake between magnitude 5 and 5.9 will strike Christchurch in the next year, after Sunday’s 5.7 quake increased the likelihood from 49 percent.

The quake – the largest in the city in four years – hit 15km east of the city at a depth of 15km at 1.13pm.

It hit with such force cliff faces crumbled, items fell off shelves and walls and liquefaction started bubbling. It shook the ground, and it shook people’s emotions – just eight days out from the five year anniversary of the February 22, 2011 quake which killed 185 people. Continue reading »

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Feb 08


US, Japan, Canada, Australia and 8 Other Countries Sign Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement:

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) would be horrible for Americans and the people of the world.

But most politicians are thoroughly corruptNeither the Democratic or Republican parties represent the interests of the American people. Both parties ignore the desires of their own bases.

So today, 12 countries – Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, United States and Vietnam – signed the TPP. Continue reading »

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Dec 17

NOT the Onion … check!

NOT April 1st … check!

Holy macaroni! New Zealand approves Pastafarian marriages

Holy macaroni! New Zealand approves Pastafarian marriages:

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has been allowed to officiate weddings for its kiwi followers.

The application filed in November to the registrar-general of births, deaths and marriages has been approved and is now listed in the New Zealand government’s gazette.

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has been allowed to officiate weddings for its kiwi followers

The application was found complying with New Zealand’s law, and thus there was no reason to decline it, registrar-general Jeff Montgomery told the website stuff.co.nz. Continue reading »

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Jul 12

Heaviest snow in New Zealand in 35 years (Ice Age Now, July 11, 2015):

9 July 2015 – As the country battles blistering cold, snow has become a serious hazard throughout the North and South Islands, and brought the heaviest falls seen in central Hawke’s Bay for 35 years.

Several central North Island highways remained closed on Thursday night due to snow and ice, according to the New Zealand Transport Agency. Continue reading »

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Jul 11

Heavy snow causes chaos in Gisborne, New Zealand (Ice Age Now, July 10, 2015):

Stranded motorists have spent the night in other people’s houses after roads around Gisborne closed as snow carpeted the region in a thick white blanket.

10 July 2015  – A severe weather warning is in place for Mohaka, while roads around Gisborne have been closed. Continue reading »

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Jun 23

NZ – South Island wakes to record freeze (Ice Age, June 23, 2015):

“In a rare event, almost the entire South Island has woken up to temperatures below zero degrees today,”

says Radio New Zealand.

“MetService meteorologist Stephen Glassy said the coldest place in the South Island overnight was Pukaki aerodrome near Twizel which reached a bone chilling – 19.8°C

One person died when their car hit black ice today near Christchurch.

Meanwhile, some people in the Canterbury region have been without power since heavy snow brought down lines last week.


New Zealand looking at record low temperatures (Ice Age, June 23, 2015):

“One of our coldest days in history,” shouts headline. “New Zealand shivers as mercury plummets.”

Temperatures at Lake Pukaki dropped to -22 C (-7.6 F) overnight as the big freeze continues to envelop New Zealand.

Breakfast weather presenter Sam Wallace says the low temperatures are starting to get close to the New Zealand record, which was -25.6 degree Celsius in 1903 in Ranfurly.

“It’s down there New Zealand, one of our coldest days in history,” said Wallace. ‘It’s temperatures like I’ve never seen before.’ Continue reading »

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