More devastation: 6.7 magnitude aftershock earthquake strikes Nepal

More devastation: 6.7 magnitude aftershock earthquake strikes Nepal (RT, April 26, 2015):

A fresh 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck 17km south of Kodari, Nepal, on Sunday morning triggering avalanches on Mt. Everest and raising fresh fears after Saturday’s 7.9 quake claimed thousands of lives.

The US Geological Survey reported the quake struck at 1:09pm local time (7:09am GMT). The quake was followed by another tremor, of magnitude of 5, less than 20 minutes later.

The earthquake triggered an avalanche in the Himalayan Mountains, as well as tremors in the Indian capital, New Delhi, more than 1000km away. The New Dehli Metro system has been halted to a standstill. The Kathmandu Airport is reportedly closed after the 6.7 earthquake struck Sunday, with airspace shut down, reported.

Tens of thousands fled their homes in the Kathmandu Valley after the 6.7 quake hit. Since Saturday’s tragic 7.9 earthquake, more than 30 aftershocks have been recorded.

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Nepal: Hundreds Dead After Devastating Magnitude 7.9 Earthquake Topples Structures, Starts Avalanches (Photos, Video)

Hundreds Dead After Devastating Nepal Earthquake Topples Structures, Starts Avalanches (ZeroHedge, April 25, 2015):

A little over four years after the devastating Japanese earthquake led to a tsunami that triggered the biggest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl, overnight Asia was once again the epicenter of a massive, 7.9 magnitude earthquake, this time not on the Pacific Rim but deep in the Himalayan mountain range, striking the small country of Nepal and sending tremors deep in Northern India, resulting in at least 449 deaths, countless injured, toppling a 19th-century tower in the capital Kathmandu and triggering avalanches on Mount Everest.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake, initially measured at 7.7 but upgraded to 7.9 magnitude, struck 80 km (50 miles) east of Pokhara. It was only 2 km deep.

nepal quake

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Nepal Death Toll Now 43 And Rising

Nepal death toll now 43 and rising (Ice Age Now, Oct 18, 2014):

“Cold so severe it froze your eyelids.”

Rescuers have found 11 more bodies following the snowstorm in Nepal, taking the death toll to at least 43.

“Unseasonal” weather

Hundreds of people became trapped in the Himalayas after the country was hit by a sudden  blizzard. More than 40, including several British trekkers, are still unaccounted for after the unseasonal weather hit a popular 200-mile (320km) trekking route around Annapurna, the world’s 10th-tallest peak, on Tuesday.

Anywhere from 40 to 100 still missing

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Monsanto Partners With USAID To Push GM Corn In Nepal

Monsanto partners with USAID to push GM corn in Nepal (Natural News, Nov. 20, 2011):

The southeast Asian country of Nepal is once again having to fight against foreign interests that are trying to take over its agricultural system. Biotechnology giant Monsanto apparently has its sights set on bringing genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) to this sliver of a country just north of India, and it is allegedly working with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), a so-called humanitarian group, and officials in Nepal to make it happen.

USAID issued a statement on Sept. 13, 2011, saying that it had partnered with Nepal’s Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MoACs) and Monsanto to “promote hybrid maize (corn) seeds among 20,000 farmers of Chitwan, Nawalparasi and Kavre districts and provide training to them.” Media across Nepal quickly picked up on the story, and massive public outcry ensued.

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Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake Kills 21 In India And Nepal

Magnitude-6.9 quake kills 21 in India and Nepal (CNN, Sep. 19, 2011):

The death toll from a magnitude 6.9 earthquake — and its aftershocks — along the border of India and Nepal climbed to 21 Monday, officials said.

Fourteen deaths were reported in India with seven others in Nepal, according to each nation’s Home Ministry. More than 90 have been injured in India.

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