#Germany: 2 tourists (gay couple) from USA were by unknown men (oriental) harassed, beaten & robbed in Munich!

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Munich Public Muslim Prayer Cancelled For Security Reasons

Munich Public Muslim Prayer Cancelled For Security Reasons:

A planned protest by Muslims in Munich, who were going to conduct their Friday prayers in the central Marienplatz square, has been cancelled as authorities fear a backlash from right-wing demonstrators.

The protest organised by Muslim Massi Popal was originally meant to highlight the fact that the recent influx of Muslim migrants throughout the migrant crisis has led to a shortage of prayer rooms in the city. Popal wrote on his Facebook page that the event had to be cancelled because of the possibility of counter protests from populists and other right-wing activists broadcaster BR24 reports.

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UK Column News – 17th February 2017: “There Is No Brexit” – “Theresa May Utterly Lying To The Nation” (Video)

Feb 17, 2017

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Scott and David Ellis for today’s news including:

START Blair is back
02:39 A look at UK parliamentary EU sub committees
08:45 The Munich Security Conference – annual geopolitical theatre
14:30 G20 minister meeting sees Tillerson and Lavrov meet
16:50 The new chair of the BBC board – who is he and how was he appointed?
19:35 The fake media response to that Trump press conference
22:30 Fake: “terrifying” footage of new Russian jet
28:30 MoD to “opt out” of common law system?
32:25 The Times attack on Andrew Wakefield continues
36:45 The state of child protection in Ireland – links to the Docherty case
47:00 ÂŁ40 million UK government package for child sexual exploitation (prevention?)

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Asylum Seekers Account For Almost 10% Of Criminal Suspects In Munich – #MigrantCrisis

Almost Half of Criminal Suspects in Munich Are ‘Non-Germans’:

The proportion of non-German criminal suspects has risen over the past year and as asylum seekers are now counted separately, they account for almost 10 per cent of criminal suspects in Munich.

The statistics, which come from the Bavarian police, show the number of non-German criminal suspects has increased over the past year from 46 to 48 per cent and the crime rate overall has risen six per cent in the city. The report is the first time that asylum seekers have been recorded separately from other non-Germans and account for one in five non-German suspects or 8.6 per cent of total suspects, Merkur reports.

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Munich, Germany: Migrants Sexually Attack Girls at City Hall Youth Party

Migrants Sexually Attack Girls at City Hall Youth Party:

Several migrants sexually molested 18-year-old girls at an annual celebration for young people in Munich after the city’s mayor had reached out and invited the migrants to attend.

Socialist mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter invited 1,300 young people to attend a traditional celebration, inviting several migrants, as well. According to reports, the migrants harassed and sexually assaulted numerous teen girls, Sueddeutsche Zeitung reports.

“There is no tolerance for such behaviour at all,” Mayor Reiter stated after the allegations came out in the German press. The event, which happens on an annual basis, sees all 18-year-olds in the city invited to the city hall to celebrate and have fun. On the upper level of the building, a dancefloor complete with DJs was set up and was the location where the assaults began.

One girl, who the paper refers to as Constanze to protect her identity, claims that several young asylum seekers were aggressively dancing around her and her friends all throughout the night. Despite the girls firmly telling the migrants they weren’t interested they refused to leave them alone. The girls left to go downstairs and were followed by the migrants who grabbed them and attempted to drag them into a spare room.

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Smoking Gun: Nice And Munich Terror Attacks Linked To CIA And Mossad


Smoking Gun: Nice And Munich Terror Attacks Linked To CIA And Mossad:

Evidence continues to surface that the terror attacks in Nice and Munich were government orchestrated false flag operations by European Union governments in league with Mossad and the CIA, while the authorities waste no time clamping down on civil liberties in the wake of the events.

It has emerged that Richard Gutjahr – a German journalist married to an Israeli politician and former spy agency employee – was on the scene filming the truck attack in Nice, and then found himself taking pictures at the Munich mall when the shooter opened fire.

In Nice, Gutjahr was quoted by AFP saying: “I stood on the balcony, right on the Promenade des Anglais, and saw how people celebrated there, and how suddenly a truck drove through the crowd.”

Then he appeared at the mall in Munich:

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Questions Surrounding The Munich Shooting


Questions Surrounding The Munich Shooting:

Days after the German mainstream press attempted to portray the Munich shooter both as an ISIS fighter and a right wing extremist, more information has come to light surrounding the history of the shooter and his motives. But, the more information reported by the mainstream press regarding the incident, the more questions that arise in connection to the incident itself.

To be clear, there is not enough evidence to clearly label this attack as a false flag or as a lone nut incident. Still, there are a number of questions that need to be answered and there are a number of aspects to this case that need to be addressed as potentially more than merely striking coincidences. We must avoid the temptation to label every attack as a false flag but we must never ignore the signs that we are witnessing one.

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Munich Shooting: Several Killed In Shopping Centre

Photos: Here

Munich police say many dead in ‘shooting rampage’ in shopping mall:

Gunmen went on a shooting rampage in a shopping mall in the southern German city of Munich on Friday, killing many people, police said.

Authorities were evacuating people from the Olympia mall but many others were hiding inside.

A Munich police spokeswoman said multiple people were killed or wounded.

“We believe we are dealing with a shooting rampage,” the spokeswoman said.

More than one gunman was believed to be involved and no one had been arrested, she said.

NTV television reported that German police special forces had arrived at the scene.

It was not immediately clear who carried out the attack, which took place a week after an ax-wielding teenager went on a rampage on a German train. Islamic State claimed responsibility for that attack.

Staff in the mall were still in hiding, an employee told Reuters by telephone.

“Many shots were fired, I can’t say how many but it’s been a lot,” the employee, who declined to be identified, said from the mall in Munich.

Munich shooting: Several killed in shopping centre:

Several people have been shot dead in a shooting at a shopping centre in the German city of Munich, police say.

A big operation is under way. Police are telling people to stay at home and avoid the streets.

Shots Fired at Munich Shopping Center, German Police Say

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Gerald Celente Nov 5, 2012: ‘America Is Speeding Into The 20th Century’ (Video – 1/5 – German Subtitles)



Gerald Celente, the founder of the Trends Research Institute, at the Marriott Hotel in Munich, Germany, on November 3rd, 2012. Celente was holding a presentation later on on the Internationale Edelmetall- und Rohstoffmesse, the largest precious metals conference in Europe. You can find Gerald Celente at trendsresearch.com and trendsjournal.com.