Apr 13

Apr 12, 2016


On the Tuesday, April 12th edition of TRUNEWS with Rick Wiles, we will be featuring Mike Norris (son of Chuck Norris) and his new film AmeriGEDDON.

A dire warning of a wake up call of what might be our future when a globalist terrorist organization aligned with the United Nations disables the United States power grid and institutes Martial Law. It will take a dedicated family of patriots armed with strong survival skills and the remains of the Second Amendment to save America and reclaim its freedom.

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Jan 26

H/t reader I.G.

The Big Short (2015) (Video)


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Dec 23


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Nov 23


‘Blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed.’
– Bruce Springsteen


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Jul 27

Jan 7, 2015


Does the CIA have too cozy of a relationship with Hollywood? Scripts for The Americans, Zero Dark Thirty and multiple other works are routinely approved by agency representatives when sensitive national security issues are discussed, and some fear self-censorship and outright manipulation have the potential to occur. RT’s Tabetha Wallace and Tyrel Ventura discuss.

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Dec 25

As I’ve said here …

The Marketing Campaign Is Now Complete: Sony To Release The Interview On December 25 After All

“And every ……. …. will watch the movie.”


the interview teaser_0

–  “We Are Taking A Stand For Freedom” – New Yorkers Explain Why They Are Waiting In Line To See “The Interview” (ZeroHedge, Dec 25, 2014):

And just like that Americans got punk’d again.

From two of the countless New Yorkers waiting in line to see The Interview:

“We are taking a stand for freedom. We want to show the world that Americans won’t be told what they can and can not see. If we want to see a movie we’ll go see a movie and make up our own minds….”

“I came to express my very strong support for the free expression of ideas.” Continue reading »

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Dec 23

And every ……. …. will watch the movie.

the interview teaser_0

The Marketing Campaign Is Now Complete: Sony To Release The Interview On December 25 After All (ZeroHedge, Dec 23, 2014):


From the WSJ:

Sony Pictures Entertainment will release “The Interview” on a limited number of screens Dec. 25, the studio said, six days after a hacking attack and terrorist threats led the studio to cancel the slapstick comedy about an assassination plot against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Continue reading »

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Dec 19

–  The Interview Is “Desperately Unfunny”, “Will Flop” If Not Cancelled According To Leaked Sony Emails (ZeroHedge, Dec 19, 2014):

The conspiracy theories surrounding the story of The Interview’s cancellation in the aftermath of the North Korean “hacking” just keep getting stranger by the day, (and will, in 6-9, months lead to the blockbuster drama: “How ‘The Interview’ Got Cancelled“)

First, as we previously reported, at the same time as the NYT reported that according to the US the hack “undisputedly” originated in North Korea, Wired magazine released an article explaining why it is impossible to make such a determination (see Someone is Lying). That, however, did not stop the US on its inexplicable witch hunt, and moments ago Reuters reported that according to the US, it was indeed North Korea who was responsible for the hacks (although, the report adds, North Korea may have had a little help from China so nobody really know but whatever).

From Reuters: Continue reading »

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Nov 16


Nov 01


“Noah”: A Biblical Tale Rewritten to Push an Agenda (Vigilant Citizen, Sep 22, 2014):

Since its release in early 2014, the big-budget movie “Noah” has caused controversy for not being biblically accurate. While that is certainly the case, the movie does more than take liberties with the Bible: “Noah” pushes messages that have nothing to do with the Bible. These messages are actually political and come directly from the world elite. The primary message? Humanity needs to be cleansed … again.

The first “commandment” of the Guidestones : “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”. From the 7 billion people on Earth today, 93% of humanity would need to die to reach 500 million.

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Aug 26

​Man jailed for 33 months for pirating ‘Fast & Furious’ (RT, Aug 25, 2014):

A computer programmer who filmed Fast and Furious 6 at a cinema and then uploaded it to the internet has been jailed for almost three years.

Philip Danks, 25, used a camcorder to record Fast and Furious 6 at a cinema in Walsall, near Birmingham and then uploaded a copy to the internet the following day.

The pirate copy was downloaded 779,000 times, costing Universal Pictures, one of Hollywood’s biggest film-makers, almost £2.3m.

Two days after his arrest on May 23, he posted on Facebook, “Seven billion people and I was the first. F*** you.”

Philip Danks
Philip Danks (Image from facebook.com)

On Thursday, he pleaded guilty to three charges of distributing pirate copies of films and was jailed for 33 months. Continue reading »

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Jul 09


Hollywood inserts gun control subtext in new Planet of the Apes movie (Infowars, July 8, 2014):

Entertainment part of brainwashing effort against 2nd Amendment

It is no secret Hollywood is loaded with liberal movie moguls and directors.

Last January we reported on uber-lib movie producer and Obama supporter Harvey Weinstein bragging he would produce a film attacking the Second Amendment and targeting the National Rifle Association. Weinstein told Howard Stern the NRA would “wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them.”

“I don’t think we need guns in this country. And I hate it,” he added. Continue reading »

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Apr 22

For your entertainment.


Air Force Lt. Col. John Burton was assigned to evaluate the usefulness of the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle, an Army troop carrier/scout vehicle that, in its final redesign, was effectively a deathtrap for its occupants. Burton keeps trying to execute a proper live-fire armor test on it but is constantly subverted by his temporary commanding officer, Army Maj. Gen. Partridge, in order to get it under construction and in the field.

Kelsey Grammer ….. General Partridge
Cary Elwes …………. Colonel James Burton
Viola Davis …………. Sgt. Fanning
John C. McGinley … Colonel J.D. Bock
Tom Wright ………… Major William Sayers
Clifton Powell ……… Sgt. Benjamn Dalton

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Feb 20


The Devil looks like Obama

Devil is cut from ‘The Bible’ movie because he looks like Obama: Producers condensing show into film lose controversial character (Daily Mail, Feb 19, 2014):

  • When the hit TV miniseries aired on the History Channel a year ago, bloggers immediately noted the similarities between Satan, played by actor Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni, and the President
  • Side-by-side comparisons of the two went viral online
  • Producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett said they cut the character out of their film, called ‘Son of God,’ to avoid rehashing the controversy
  • ‘The Bible’ was a surprise success, drawing millions of viewers each week

A President Obama-lookalike actor who played the devil in the miniseries ‘The Bible’ has been edited out of an upcoming film based on the show after the uncanny resemblance sparked intense controversy.

When the 10-hour hit miniseries aired on the History Channel a year ago, bloggers immediately noted the similarities between Satan, played by Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni, and the President and side-by-side comparisons of the two went viral online.

Continue reading »

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Jan 24


The Hollywood indicator: ‘Wolf’ market warning (CNBC, Jan 23, 2014):

The most damning piece of evidence may be the timing of the first “The Wolf of Wall Street.” An otherwise unrelated film by the same name, it was released in February 1929 (and was produced by Paramount, which distributed the 2013 film)—months before the horrific crash of that year.

Flashback: 9/11



Matrix (1999) Neos Passport expires on September 11, 2001
Matrix (1999): Neo’s Passport expires on September 11, 2001

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Nov 21


Donald Sutherland: ‘I want Hunger Games to stir up a revolution’ (Guardian, Nov 19, 2013):

Donald Sutherland wants to stir revolt. A real revolt. A youth-led uprising against injustice that will overturn the US as we know it and usher in a kinder, better way. “I hope that they will take action because it’s getting drastic in this country.” Drone strikes. Corporate tax dodging. Racism. The Keystone oil pipeline. Denying food stamps to “starving Americans”. It’s all going to pot. “It’s not right. It’s not right.”

Millennials need awakening from slumber. “You know the young people of this society have not moved in the last 30 years.” With the exception of Occupy, a minority movement, passivity reigns. “They have been consumed with telephones.” The voice hardens. “Tweeting.”We are high up in a Four Seasons hotel overlooking Beverly Hills, sunlight glinting off mansions and boutiques below, an unlikely cradle of revolution. Sutherland, resplendent in a dark suit and red tie, is pushing 80. But he is quite serious about the call to arms. “We did it in ’68.”


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Nov 08

New Robocop Movie Envisions World Patrolled by Drones (Infowars, Nov 8, 2013):

Americans need to be brainwashed out of their ‘robophobia’

The fourth installment of the Robocop franchise, set for release in February next year, is based around the premise that robotic drones patrol the world but that America is the last holdout and needs to be brainwashed into relinquishing its “robophobia”.

A new trailer for the movie released today features a scene in which Samuel L. Jackson promises to make even the worst neighborhood in America “completely safe,” before showing footage of huge lumbering robots acting as military patrols in middle eastern countries, whose citizens are forced to submit to biometric scans by the robots in order to avoid being treated as a criminal.

“It is great to see American machines helping to promote peace abroad – so then tell me why can’t we use these machines here at home? Why is America so robophobic?” asks Jackson in his role as a showman advocate of mechanized crime control.

Continue reading »

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Sep 15


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Jun 19



John Carpenters masterpiece. Hidden beneath the illusion of everyday life, alien economists are developing the Earth as their own third world.

Roddy Piper stumbles onto their plan and the shit hits the fan.

A telling social commentary on greed, consumption, propaganda, surveillance, government control and the growing schism between the rich and the poor.

As relevant as ever.

Directed by John Carpenter

Starring Roddy Piper, Keith David, Meg Foster

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May 07

Remember Zero Dark Thirty? Turns Out it was a CIA Propaganda Film After All (Liberty Blitzkrieg, May 7, 2013):

In 1977, Carl Bernstein, famed for his Watergate reporting, disclosed that more than 400 journalists and executives of mostly liberal US media organisations had worked for the CIA in the past 25 years. They included journalists from the New York Times, Time and the big TV broadcasters.
– John Pilger in his powerful article, The New Propaganda is Liberal

This isn’t the first time I’ve used the above quote to kick off a post. I also used it in late March for the article:  How Hollywood Became “Propagandist in Chief” by John Pilger.  How right he was in that scathing critique of the artistic joke that has become big budget performing arts in America these days.  Now, courtesy of documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act regarding the CIA’s influence on Hollywood blockbuster Zero Dark Thirty, we discover what a total propaganda joke this film really is.  What an utter embarrassment to cinema.

From Gawker:

Kathryn Bigelow’s Osama bin Laden revenge-porn flick Zero Dark Thirty was the biggest publicity coup for the CIA this century outside of the actual killing of Osama bin Laden. But the extent to which the CIA shaped the film has remained unclear. Now, a memo obtained by Gawker shows that the CIA actively, and apparently successfully, pressured Mark Boal to remove scenes that made them look bad from the Zero Dark Thirty script.

Continue reading »

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Jan 16

The CIA and Other Government Agencies Dominate Movies and Television (ZeroHedge, Jan 16, 2013):

Rob Kall points out that the military-industrial complex is the winner of the Golden Globe award:

Homeland won best TV series, best TV actor and actress. It IS a highly entertaining show which actually portrays some of the flaws of the MIIC system.

Argo won best movie and best director. It glorifies the CIA and Ben Affleck spoke with the highest praise for the CIA.

And best actress went to Jessica Chastain of Zero Dark Thirty, a movie that has been vilified for propagandizing the use of torture. Continue reading »

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Dec 19


Matrix (1999): Neo’s Passport expires on September 11, 2001:

(Click on image to enlarge.)

The Dark Knight Rises Viral Package Credit: Warner Bros.

Sandy Hook, Dark Knight Rises, Aurora, Skull&Bones (Jon Rappoport, Dec 18, 2012):

The confirmed discovery that at 1hr:58 of the Dark Knight Rises, Commissioner Gordon is pointing to the words “Sandy Hook” on a map of the Gotham area has caused a storm of interest.

As it should—since 27 people were just killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, and in the Dark Knight film, “Sandy Hook” is indicated as a target for attack.

Continue reading »

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Dec 09


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Nov 02

“Bullion, Grab What You Can Get!”


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Jul 21

Batman Shooting Foretold In 1986 “Dark Knight” Comic (Zen Gardner, July 20, 2012)

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Jul 20

From the article:

The FBI is considering raising the national security level nationwide following the shooting, Sky News says citing its sources.

See also:

Breaking/Confirmed: Assassination Attempt On Hillary Clinton In Israel (Updated) – (Veterans Today)

At least 14 confirmed killed at Dark Knight Rises premiere shooting in Colorado movie theater (RT, July 20, 2012):

At least 14 moviegoers were killed and 50 injured at a cinema in the Colorado city of Aurora in the Denver suburbs. They were attending a midnight showing of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.

The theater was packed with a lot of people, many of them young fans, at the time the shooting started, 9news reports. The violence erupted some 15 minutes after the movie began, witnesses said.

Ten of the victims were killed on the spot, while four others died from injuries in hospital. Unconfirmed reports say there are children among the dead.

An area children’s hospital said the youngest of the six shooting victims brought to them is six years old. Not all of the patients at the hospital are children, however.

Continue reading »

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Jul 20

See also:

Breaking/Confirmed: Assassination Attempt On Hillary Clinton In Israel (Updated) – (Veterans Today)

A masked gunman has shot dead 14 people and wounded more than 50 others at a Batman film premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in the US, police said.

Batman cinema shooting: 14 people shot dead and 50 injured in Denver (Telegraph, July 20 , 2012):

Eyewitnesses reported that a baby was shot at point blank range and some of the victims were children as a single masked gunman went on a rampage. It was not clear whether the baby was killed in the attack.

The gunman, who was quickly arrested, was reportedly wearing body armour and a gas mask and used tear gas in the assault inside the cinema.

The shooting happened at the Century Aurora 16 Movie Theater in a mall in the suburb of Aurora, Denver, Colorado which was packed for a midnight premiere. Two separate devices were also said to have been found in vehicles outside the cinema.

Local reporter Justin Joseph of KDVR said that, according to witnesses, the moment Batman appeared on screen a man wearing body armour and a gas mask, and wielding at least one long gun, stood up and faced the crowd.

What witnesses described as two “bombs” – now believed to be tear gas – were thrown into the crowd, he said.

He said: “As people ran this gunman opened fire hitting people. Police sources have told us there are at least 10 bodies inside the cinema, most of them children or teenagers, and one baby.

“A baby was shot at point blank range, the family were gathered around screaming.”

Continue reading »

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Jul 20



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May 24

Bombers in Hollywood: The Price of Military Tech Assistance in Movies (Vice, May 22, 2012):

Last weekend, a depressing irony flew under the cultural radar.

At Camp David, President Obama met up with fellow NATO leaders to discuss the road ahead in Afghanistan. Although no one there used the language of defeat, the implicit message was clear: the war has gone nowhere in the past few years and it’s time to start packing up. Meanwhile, what raked in $25.5 million at the box office? Battleship. And who provided director Peter Berg with the war technology that beats the aliens? The U.S. military.

He’s not the only one: the past few years have seen an explosion of high-profile cooperation between the armed forces and the movie industry. If the most powerful armed force in history isn’t winning in reality, it certainly is on the big screen. And like so many problematic aspects of late capitalism, the military-Hollywood complex has a grimly understandable logic.

Matthew Alford, film researcher and author of Reel Power: Hollywood Cinema and American Supremacy, is even harsher in his critique. “The Pentagon has a manual. Basically, it will only provide full cooperation to propaganda pieces,” he said in an interview.

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May 15

YouTube Added: 13.05.2012

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