Nov 24

“Rebels” Shooting At Russian Pilots While Parachuting Caught On Tape:

If Putin was angry when Turkey shot down a Russian plane, which may or may not have crossed Turkish territory – reports on both sides are conflicting – he will be absolutely livid to learn that, according to Turkey’s Dogan News, the Russian pilots who had parachuted in an attempt to save their lives after the plane was shot down, had been executed while parachuting down by local rebels, which considering the video released earlier belonged to the Free Syrian Army, are same “rebels” who are funded directly by the CIA.

And this:

As Telegraph points out, the above tweet is from CNN Turk’s Foreign Editor who tweeted that the Turkmen rebels DHA spoke to said: “We hit at the two pilots after they parachuted.”

This, as many have already pointed out, is a war crime.

The only question is whether this, together with the provocative action by Turkey which many can see being an act of war, will be deemed as such by Putin.

The parachuters can be seen in the second half of the clip below: Continue reading »

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Nov 24

Related info:

In New Video, A Grateful Al-Qaeda Thanks US For Supplying Anti-Tank Missiles


Russian Search Helicopter Downed Near Syrian Border By US-Made Anti-Tank Missile, Rebels Claim:

The news is coming fast and furious out of Syria on Tuesday where, earlier today, Turkey decided to shoot down a Russian Su-24 which Ankara says violated its airspace while conducting operations near the border.

Russia says the fighter jet was in Syrian airspace for the duration of the mission while Turkey insists that the plane crossed the border and was warned several times before being engaged by two F-16s.

For his part, Vladimir Putin has now called Turkey a “backstabber” on the way to accusing Ankara of funding ISIS and derailing the war on terror.

Meanwhile, the FSA which is aligned with al-Nusra and is backed and funded by the US and Turkey released two videos depicting its fighters celebrating over the body of a dead Russian pilot.

Just in case all of that wasn’t enough, the FSA now claims to have shot down a Russian helicopter as it searched for the two missing pilots.


And here’s The TelegraphContinue reading »

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Nov 22

US, French Aircraft Carriers Rush Toward Syrian Coast To Find Numerous Russian Warships Already There:

Two weeks ago, on November 5, and one week before the Paris terrorist attack, we reported that somewhat unexpectedly, France had dispatched its only aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, to “the eastern Mediterranean for operations against Isis in both Syria and Iraq.”

It was unclear just what these pre-emptive operations would be and why France is getting so dramatically involved in the campaign against ISIS. Not knowing the dramatic attack that was about to unfold (whose false flag origins have been quickly ignored as nobody has yet explained why a fake Syrian passport was found next to the suicide bomber), we speculated that this move had to do with the departure of the CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt which had left the Persian Gulf region a month ago, leaving the entire 5th Naval Fleet without a US carrier presence for the first time in a decade. Continue reading »

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Nov 22

How you were tricked into supporting the war in Syria:

Those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it, those that do understand are doomed to watch in horror while everyone else repeats it. The run up to overthrowing President Assad of Syria was occurring before The Fifth Column existed. I covered it when I wrote daily for The Anti-Media, and even before then when I wrote for a Canadian outlet called Digital Journal. It began long before that though.

It started in 2006 when the US decided it wanted to oust Syrian President Assad and started laying the ground work. This was proven by leaked Saudi Arabian intelligence cables hosted on Wikileaks. Julian Assange said of the leaks: Continue reading »

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Nov 22

* * *

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Nov 20


The Onion Predicted All Of This Back in 2003:

George W. Bush may think that a war against Iraq is the solution to our problems, but the reality is, it will only serve to create far more,” read a 2003 article on The Onion a week after then-President George Bush launched the Iraq War. While a wide variety of organizations and individuals also rebuked that invasion, the satirical newspaper offered one of the most accurate assessments to date. So accurate, in fact, it all but predicted the rise of the Islamic State.

In the mock-debate piece, entitled, This War Will Destabilize The Entire Mideast Region And Set Off A Global Shockwave Of Anti-Americanism vs. No It Won’t,” The Onion highlighted the very real risks of war.

As fictional debater Nathan Eckert warned: Continue reading »

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Nov 14


Possibly the Least Believable Story All Week: Pentagon Claims “Flawless” Air Strike “Evaporated” Jihadi John:

Today it’s all over the news that supposedly the ISIS chief executioner Jihadi John was killed by a “flawless” U.S. air strike targeting him.

Yes, “flawless” is the word that was widely publicized. In fact, ABC News is reporting ISIS’s star Mossad agent er, decapitator “evaporated” (yes, evaporated) when an air strike targeted his vehicle according to an unnamed U.S. official (always unnamed, but he’s “official,” so we should definitely believe every word he says).


Good thing there’s no body to actually prove anything, huh? You know, what with him being all evaporated and such. What a great time to trot out randomly find and kill off a heavily publicized boogeyman flawlessly, not unlike that one time Obama claimed he killed Osama bin Laden after holding off the raid at least two other times like it didn’t even matter when America finally took out the man it claims was responsible for 9/11 (probably because Osama died years ago)! Continue reading »

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Nov 06

Former US Air Force Lieutenant: Obama’s Syria Strategy Is An “Illegal Embarrassment”:

If there’s anything that should have become abundantly clear over the past several months it’s that Washington’s “strategy” in the Mid-East is coming apart at the seams.

To be sure, there’s no reason why intelligence officials in the US should have ever thought the Syria gambit was going to work. Playing on the Sunni-Shiite divide can certainly be effective when it comes to creating chaos but it’s a notoriously risky way to go about things and it’s fraught with uncertainty.  Continue reading »

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Nov 05

You can’t make this stuff up!

And …

“If that sounds insane to you, that’s because it is.”

And what could possibly go wrong?


CIA, Saudis To Give “Select” Syrian Militants Weapons Capable Of Downing Commercial Airliners

But that’s nothing the CIA can’t fix.

With the Pentagon now set to deploy US ground troops to Syria (and indeed they may already be there, operating near Latakia no less), Washington is reportedly bolstering the supply lines to “moderate” anti-regime forces at the urging of (guess who) the Saudis and Erdogan.

Incredibly, some of the weapons being passed out may be shoulder-fire man-portable air-defense systems, or Manpads, capable of hitting civilian aircraft. 

But don’t worry, those will only be given to “select rebels.” Here’s more from WSJ: Continue reading »

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Nov 05

France Deploys Its Only Aircraft Carrier To Fight ISIS:

Just as one US carrier was leaving the middle east, another widely feared and respected geopolitical superpower was set to replace US carrier presence in the Middle East in the ongoing war against “ISIS” – France.

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Nov 04

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Nov 03

Report: Israel Bombs Syrian Missile Base:

Israel reportedly bombed a missile base used by President Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria near the country’s border with Lebanon on Sunday, destroying multiple missile warehouses.

“Israeli planes breached Lebanese and Syrian airspace and bombed the Syrian regime’s 155th Brigade [base] in the Qutayfa area, destroying a number of missile warehouses,” sources told a pro-rebel news outlet, NOW Syria reported. Continue reading »

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Nov 03

Syrian rebels use caged captives as ‘human shields’:

Prisoners believed to be regime officers used as shield near Damascus as Assad forces intensify bombing of rebel areas.

Syrian rebel groups have locked people in cages and driven them to areas near Damascus to use as human shields against heavy government air raids.

A video posted online by the Shaam News Network, an opposition media outlet, showed prisoners in iron cages being driven on the back of pickup trucks through what it said was the area of Eastern Ghouta, northeast of the capital. Continue reading »

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Nov 01

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Oct 31


Obama Announces “Boots on the Ground” in Syria, Despite Promising “No Boots on the Ground” 16 Times:

The following was reported by Reuters earlier today.

The United States will deploy dozens of special operations forces to northern Syria to advise opposition forces in their fight against Islamic State, a major policy shift for President Barack Obama and a step he has long resisted to avoid getting dragged into another war in the Middle East. Continue reading »

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Oct 30


Putin Makes Obama an Offer He Can’t Refuse:

Why is John Kerry so eager to convene an emergency summit on Syria now when the war has been dragging on for four and a half years?

Is he worried that Russia’s air campaign is wiping out too many US-backed jihadis and sabotaging Washington’s plan to topple Syrian President Bashar al Assad? Continue reading »

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Oct 30


Syria: Obama authorizes boots on ground to fight ISIS (CNN)

Obama vs Putin

Obama Set To Announce US Boots On The Ground In Syria, Russia Threatens Deployment “Unacceptable”:

When the US media began airing helmet cam footage of Delta Force executing a prison break at an ISIS compound last week we suggested that Washington was making an effort to prepare the American public for more boots on the ground in Iraq and the possibility of ground troops in Syria.

The catalyst: Russia and Iran. Put simply, the US has been embarrassed by Moscow and Tehran’s coordinated effort to rout the Sunni extremists backed by Riyadh, Doha, and Ankara operating in Iraq and Syria and now, as Baghdad and Kabul threaten to turn to The Kremlin for help in the face of American ineptitude, the Pentagon is desperate to show that the US can still be effective at fighting terrorism. Continue reading »

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Oct 29


Dramatic Footage From The Syrian War In Aleppo And Palmyra:

Back in May, ISIS seized the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, a UNESCO world heritage site.

The world immediately began to panic at the prospect of the city’s destruction at the hands of Islamic State. Since then, there have been various reports which indicate ISIS has in fact decimated a few treasures of antiquity and indeed, some of that destruction reportedly involved tying prisoners to ancient columns and then subsequently blowing them up (that “intelligence” comes from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights so one should take it with a grain of salt).


(an image purporting to show the destruction of ancient ruins)

Palmyra is but one key city the Assad regime and its Russian and Iranian allies are attempting to retake. Others include Aleppo, where Hezbollah and IRGC forces are fighting under cover of Moscow’s warplanes to wrest control from a hodgepodge of rebels and militants.  Continue reading »

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Oct 29

“I cannot condemn in strong enough terms this ill-advised US military escalation in the Middle East. Whoever concluded that it is a good idea to send US troops into an area already being bombed by Russian military forces should really be relieved of duty.”

We Must Oppose Obama’s Escalation in Syria and Iraq!:

By Ron Paul

Ealier this week, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee to outline a new US military strategy for the Middle East. The Secretary admitted the failure of the US “train and equip” program for rebels in Syria, but instead of taking the appropriate lessons from that failure and get out of the “regime change” business, he announced the opposite. The US would not only escalate its “train and equip” program by removing the requirement that fighters be vetted for extremist ideology, but according to the Secretary the US military would for the first time become directly and overtly involved in combat in Syria and Iraq. Continue reading »

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Oct 28


US Ground Troops In Syria Is “Illegal, Big Mistake”, Russia Warns Obama Of “Unpredictable Consequences”:

On Tuesday, Defense Secretary Ash Carter told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the US would no longer hesitate to engage in “direct action on the ground” in Iraq and Syria. 

The change in rhetoric (and apparent shift in strategy) comes just days after the US seemingly prepared the public for what might be coming by releasing helmet cam footage of what Washington says was a raid on an ISIS prison by Delta Force (accompanied by the Peshmerga). 70 prisoners were allegedly freed although not before the US suffered its first combat death in Iraq since 2011.

The timing of the video is suspect, to say the least. It came just days after Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joe Dunford visited Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi in an effort to dissuade Baghdad from requesting Russian airstrikes on ISIS targets. In short, it appears as though Washington is trying to simultaneously, i) prove to Mid-East governments that the US can still be effective in the fight against terrorism even as questions remain about ulterior motives and even as Russia racks up gains in Syria, and ii) prepare the public for the possibility that America is about to put boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria. Here’s more from WSJ on Washington’s new “strategy”: Continue reading »

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Oct 28


US Navy Commander: Russia’s Military Operations in Syria Are Impressive, Effective:

A remarkably candid analysis by U.S. Navy Commander Garrett I. Campbell  (also a fellow at the Brookings Institution) concludes that not only has Russia’s military shown incredible competency in Syria, it has also done more with less — using “outdated” naval vessels to fire state-of-the-art cruise missiles with no western equivalent, for example. Some highlights from his article:

Russia’s Air Power Is Nothing to Sneeze At

According to Campbell:

The Russians are flying a significant number of sorties with recognizable successes. Current estimates range from 48 to 96 daily. This is a lot…

Can Russia sustain this level of air campaign? Maybe. Almost none of our NATO allies could match what Russia has done so far in the skies. Continue reading »

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Oct 28

Turkey’s Jets Fire On Syrian Kurds Allied With U.S. Against ISIS:

Turkey has acknowledged attacking a Kurdish militia group that has been a U.S. ally in the fight against ISIS, saying fighters had crossed into an off-limits area in Syria. Turkey also says it has attacked ISIS within its own borders.

The attacks underscore the complications the U.S. and its allies face when forming a strategy against the extremist ISIS terrorist group in an area where regional and sectarian conflicts continue to play out.

Discussing Turkey’s role in the region and its two strikes on the Kurdish Democratic Union Party, or PYD, in Syria, Turkey’s prime minister said, “Turkey has not laid all of its cards on the table yet. The picture will be different when it does so. Everyone should watch its steps,” according to Hurriyet Daily News. Continue reading »

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Oct 28

Pentagon: Ready For Direct Ground Action In Syria, Iraq:

Update: While it’s not entirely clear whether this represents an explicit pivot or simply amounts to a reiteration of comments US defense officials made in the wake of the ISIS prison raid that freed some 70 captives in Iraq and led to the first US casualty in ground combat since 2011, the media is alive with reports this evening which indicate that Defense Secretary Ash Carter may be set to send more spec ops ground troops to Iraq and “engage directly” in Syria. Here’s CNN with the official White House-approved line:

The U.S. is considering increasing its attacks on ISIS through more ground action and airstrikes, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Tuesday.

Carter told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the U.S. “won’t hold back” from supporting partners carrying out such attacks or from “conducting such missions directly, whether by strikes from the air or direct action on the ground.” Continue reading »

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Oct 26

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Oct 24


Haunting Drone Footage Captures Syrian Destruction In Stunning High-Def

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Oct 24


Russia Takes Over The Mid-East: Moscow Gets Green Light For Strikes In Iraq, Sets Up Alliance With Jordan

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Oct 24

Russia Releases Dramatic Assessment Of ISIS Strikes, As US Sees “Little Green Men” In Syria

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Oct 24

New Russian military might on full display in Syria

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Oct 24

World backing Russian war on terror in Syria: Journalist

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Oct 23

2 Turkish Parliament Members: Turkey Provided Chemical Weapons for Syrian Terrorist Attack:

Two members of the Turkish parliament gave a press conference this week saying that they have wiretapped recordings and other evidence showing that Turkey supplied the sarin used in Syria.  As reported by Turkey’s largest newspapers, Today’s Zaman:

CHP deputies Eren Erdem and Ali ?eker held a press conference in ?stanbul on Wednesday in which they claimed the investigation into allegations regarding Turkey’s involvement in the procurement of sarin gas which was used in the chemical attack on a civil population and delivered to the terrorist Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) to enable the attack was derailed.

Taking the floor first, Erdem stated that the Adana Chief Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into allegations that sarin was sent to Syria from Turkey via several businessmen. An indictment followed regarding the accusations targeting the government. Continue reading »

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