Pro-liberty candidate Michael Snyder running for Congress: Freedom, liberty, health, (ISRAEL) FIRST

Israel & Lord Rothschild FIRST…


The Bible says that those that bless Israel will be blessed and those that curse Israel will be cursed. I will always stand with Israel, and if I am elected the Jewish people will have no greater ally in the United States Congress than me. I am 100% against a “two state solution”, and I would use the full power of my office to fight against the establishment of a Palestinian state.”

– Michael Snyder


As a side note:

For Ron Paul Trump is just more of the same…

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Pro-liberty candidate Michael Snyder running for Congress: Freedom, liberty, health FIRST:

In a recent interview with Natural News founder Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Idaho congressional candidate Michael Snyder, founder of The Economic Collapse Blog, among other sites, explained why he was running: Ensuring that current and future generations of Americans can live in freedom and prosperity.

Snyder said that one of his biggest influences was then-Rep. Ron Paul, a Texas Republican with very strict limited-government views (an early advocate for ‘draining the swamp’ before it became popularized by President Donald J. Trump).

Once a D.C. lawyer, Snyder moved with his wife, Meranda, to Idaho six years ago, where he began focusing on writing. After rising to the top of the so-called “alternative media,” in which he focused exclusively on the promotion of individual liberty, health freedom and small government, he decided it was time to take his game to the next level — especially after Donald J. Trump shocked the GOP and Washington establishments to beat Hillary Clinton in November 2016.

Though he supported Trump, “I didn’t think he’d win,” Snyder admits. That makes sense, given the force arrayed against him: A $1 billion Clinton war chest, the entire mainstream media, and the fact that — as we now know — there were unseen forces working behind the scenes to undermine his candidacy (and now his presidency).

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