The Medical CIA: How Environmental Destruction Magically Becomes A Medical Disease

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Man Uses Drones to Expose One of America’s “Biggest Secrets”: Factory Farms (Video):


The medical CIA: how environmental destruction magically becomes a medical disease:

by Jon Rappoport

December 20, 2017

“To handle all that [pig-farm feces] waste, farmers in North Carolina use a standard practice called the lagoon and spray field system. They flush feces and urine from barns into open-air pits called lagoons, which turn the color of Pepto-Bismol when pink-colored bacteria colonize the waste. To keep the lagoons from overflowing, farmers spray liquid manure on their fields nearby. The result, says Steve Wing, an epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is this: ‘The eastern part of North Carolina is covered with shit’.” —National Geographic, 10/30/14

The above quote describes corporate pig farming around the world.

In order to carry out this operation, giant companies like Smithfield have influenced legislators and government-agency officials. Environmental laws and regulations are ignored, or changed. Lawsuits are fought, hammer and tongs.

Here is what Robert F Kennedy Jr. told radio interviewer, Rachel Lewis Hilburn on 6/3/16:

“…a hog produces ten times the amount of fecal waste by weight as a human being, so if you have a facility that has ten thousand hogs in it, it’s producing as much sewage as a city of a hundred thousand people. Smithfield has one plant in Utah—they call it Circle Four Farms—that has a million hogs on it, so it’s producing the same amount of waste as New York City every day.”

Here is Kennedy’s kicker:

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Tick bite causes meat allergy

Tick bite causes meat allergy:

There’s no doubt that there are many health benefits to a well-planned vegetarian diet — and you live longer as well. But in most parts of Western society, vegetarians are in a minority — say between 2 and 10 per cent.

But this could change, thanks to the rapidly increasing spread of an Australian tick. For some people, one bite from this tick makes them allergic to meat for the rest of their lives.

The tick is the Australian paralysis tick. It lives along the east coast of Australia from Lakes Entrance in Victoria to up to Cooktown in Far North Queensland. The adult ticks are about four millimetres across.

H/t reader kevin a.

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Beyond Meat “chemical” burger to start invading fast food restaurants across America

Beyond Meat “chemical” burger to start invading fast food restaurants across America:

Though the majority of the world population still has an insatiable hunger for meat, veganism has become the number one health and dietary trend. In 2016, Google Trends showed a 90 percent increase in “vegan” searches.

With a growing community deciding to shun all animal products, the food industry saw its chance to increase profits by introducing fake, artificial meat. Backed by a former global chief executive of McDonald’s and Tyson Foods, a controversial fake meat company, called Beyond Meat, is on a mission to take over the food world with lab-grown, fake meat products.

Beyond Meat is the firm who claims to produce Petri dish burgers that taste more like meat than real beef. Touted as the first plant-based burger that sizzles and bleeds, Beyond Meat sealed a deal with BurgerFi to sell the burger in eight of BurgerFi’s 101 locations — Malibu; New York City; Poughkeepsie, NY; Philadelphia; Coral Springs, Florida; Coral Gables, Florida; and two stores in Delray Beach, Florida, reported the Daily Mail Online.

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Hepatitis danger from Full English breakfast… caused by EU meat: Sausage bug has been dubbed ‘the Brexit virus’

Hepatitis danger from Full English breakfast… caused by EU meat: Sausage bug has been dubbed ‘the Brexit virus’:

Tens of thousands of people are being infected with a potentially deadly illness after eating imported meat riddled with what has been described as ‘Brexit virus’.

The strain of hepatitis E, which used to be mainly a tropical disease but has now mutated to infect livestock, causes a flu-like illness and in severe circumstances, could cause death.

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US DARK Act Shocks Consumers with Non-GMO Label for GMO Fed Meat and Dairy – Exclusive

US DARK Act Shocks Consumers with Non-GMO Label for GMO Fed Meat and Dairy – Exclusive:

Despite a new poll published Monday suggesting that 76% of Americans expect that a non-GMO dairy label would mean the cows were fed non-GMO feed, a “Trojan horse” paragraph in Bill H.R. 1599, also known as the DARK Act, is set to deliver the exact opposite to consumers, as well as a massive boost to the Biotech industry.



Warren Taylor, Co-Owner of Snowville Creamery in Ohio, stated Monday; “The DARK Act affirmed the U.S. government’s refusal to require GMO labeling despite almost universal public desire for GMO labeling. It makes labeling a federal function, so individual states cannot pass unique labeling laws. This is a common sense requirement in today’s marketplace. The most egregious part of the Act went almost completely unnoticed. A single Trojan horse paragraph at the end of the non-GMO product labeling section allows meat, milk, and eggs from animals fed GMO feed to be labeled as non-GMO. In this way the DARK Act went from not telling to actively intentionally misleading the public about the GMO content of meat, milk, and eggs.”

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Consumer Reports Testing Finds All Beef Shows Signs Of Fecal Contamination

Bon appétit!


Consumer Reports Testing Finds All Beef Shows Signs of Fecal Contamination (AllGov, Aug 27, 2015):

Eating a hamburger in the U.S. comes with the risk that it might contain fecal matter, based on research performed for Consumer Reports.

“There’s no way to tell by looking at a package of meat or smelling it whether it has harmful bacteria or not,” said Urvashi Rangan, executive director of the Center for Food Safety and Sustainability at Consumer Reports. “You have to be on guard every time.”

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‘Surviving Or Thriving’ – What Canada’s 40% Surge In Meat Prices Means For Ordinary People (Video)

Full CBC documentary:

“Surviving Or Thriving” – What Canada’s 40% Surge In Meat Prices Means For Ordinary People (ZeroHedge, April 19, 2015):

On the surface, Canada’s 1.2% inflation is negligible, and barely enough to keep up with the pace of overall growth as mandated by a few central bank academics. It is below the surface, however, that one finds the scary truth. Because when stripping away the sliding energy prices (which at the recent pace of short covering among oil speculators are about to surge) some scary numbers emerge, such as a 3.8% monthly jump in food prices, primarily as a result of a whopping 30-40% increase in select meat prices in the last 8 months.

How do ordinary people – which excludes those who work in central banks and have taxpayers fund their everyday purchases, which allows them to fully ignore soaring food and rent costs – survive in an environment of soaring food prices?

As the following brief documentary by CBC’s The National reveals, food inflation means people have no choice but to eat “far less beef” than they used to, “or chicken.” Others are ok with the runaway food inflation: “it doesn’t matter to me, I buy the meat at the price it is and that’s fine with me” say a gentleman who likely works for a hedge fund and BTFD for a living.

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Cornucopia Institute identifies industrial factory farms illegally passing off meat as ‘organic’

Cornucopia Institute identifies industrial factory farms illegally passing off meat as ‘organic’ (Natural News, Oct 18, 2014):

In a food market driven by money, greed and power, our only hope for access to clean, sustainable and humanely treated food are watchdog groups whose sole purpose is to keep the industry under a microscope.

That’s exactly what The Cornucopia Institute does — a relentless organic watchdog group whose mission is to “draw attention to and rein in abuses from the rise of factory farm confinement dairy operations in organic agriculture.”

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German Supermarket Giants Demand Return To GMO-Free Fed Poultry

German Supermarket Giants Demand Return to GMO-Free Fed Poultry (Global GMO Free Coalition, Sep 2, 2014):

Germany’s top supermarkets, the powerhouses of Europe when it comes to retail, have delivered a blow to the biotech industry by forcing the German poultry industry to return to the use of non-GMO feed.

It was announced last Thursday that the German supermarkets, with a broad consensus, recently demanded from the German Poultry Association (ZDG) to stop using GMO feed for both egg and poultry meat production, starting from January 1st 2015. That is the date when the retailers want to receive GMO-free fed products again, meaning poultry suppliers will have to rush to get their feed supply chains free from GMO feed once more.

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Federal Approval of Tyson-Hillshire Mega-Meat-Merger Harms Consumers

Federal Approval of Tyson-Hillshire Mega-Meat-Merger Harms Consumers (EcoWatch, Aug 27, 2014):

Yesterday, the U.S. Justice Department approved the merger between Tyson Foods and Hillshire Brands, requiring an important divestiture, but nonetheless allowing one of the largest meat processing mergers in years.

The Justice Department forced Tyson to sell its sow-buying business that competed head-to-head with Hillshire’s sow slaughter business. The Justice Department should be commended for recognizing the buyer-power that pork processors and marketers have over hog farmers and taking a necessary step to protect farmers from increased consolidation in the pork packing industry. The pork packing industry remains overly concentrated, but at least the Justice Department prevented it from getting any worse.

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At $15.99/lb — I can no longer afford to eat meat


All food prices are rising everywhere.

(I do not eat meat.)

At $15.99/lb — I can no longer afford to eat meat (Intellihub, July 30, 2014):

HAIKU, Hawaii (INTELLIHUB) — I went to the local market today in search of a few steaks to barbeque tonight with my family and what I found may shock you.

Not only could I not afford the three cuts of steak I needed for the dinner I was going to whip up, to top it all off the steaks were very small by proportion.

At nearly $16.00 per pound I had to pass, looks like we will be eating a lot of rice and beans in the near future as meat has become unaffordable for most middle-class Americans.