Food Producers Fear ‘Meat Glue’ Use Will Spark Public Outrage After ‘Pink Slime’ Wake-Up Call


Nationwide Health Scandal: Meat Glue The Meat Industry’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’ Exposed

Food producers fear ‘meat glue’ use will spark public panic after ‘pink slime’ debate (Daily Mail, May 9, 2012):

Meat processors are rushing to quell fears about another kitchen trick that may leave consumers wary of their next steak.

A recent expose about the use of ‘meat glue’, a powder substance that connects small pieces of sometimes lesser-quality meat together before repackaging it and pawning it off as a proper fillet mignon, has industry insiders fearful of more consumer outrage following the ‘pink slime’ debate.

‘Someone gave it a catchy name, so now it’s catching on,’ Jeremy Russell, a spokesman for the National Meat Association told Bloomberg News in response to the  questions being raised about the use of the powder, called transglutaminase.

The so-called ‘meat glue’ has been used in American restaurants and the kitchens of banquet halls for decades, is USDA-approved and considered safe for the diner.

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