Japan’s Richest Man Masayoshi Son, The ‘Unlikely Ally’ Of Anti-Nuclear Protesters, Donates His Lifelong Future Earnings To Disaster Victims

Message to Mr. Masayoshi Son:

How about starting and funding a campaign to expose the lies of TEPCO and the Japanese government and to wake up the Japanese people, thereby saving millions of  lives?

And how about donating to those who expose their lies since March 11?

(For  overwhelming evidence study the links below.)

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From the article:

‘We are not alone’

Anti-nuclear protesters have an unlikely ally in Masayoshi Son, Japan’s richest man. The multibillionaire CEO of Softbank, which owns a major mobile phone carrier, 40 percent of Yahoo! Japan, and a championship-winning baseball team, is pushing solar energy as a post-Fukushima alternative. Mr. Son, who is donating his lifelong future earnings to victims of the triple March disasters, is planning to build 10 mega-solar plants. He says that such facilities covering 20 percent of unused agricultural land in Japan could generate as much as power as TEPCO.

Japan’s anti-nuclear protesters find the going tough, despite Fukushima disaster (Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 23, 2011):

Japan’s anti-nuclear protesters find the going tough, despite Fukushima disaster

Tokyo –As staffers trickle out of the powerful Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) on their way home from work, a group of women from Fukushima Prefecture shout at them through a megaphone.

“When are we going to be able to return to our hometowns? Will they ever be safe to live in again? When will you take responsibility for this?” the women call out toward the ministry, which has been responsible for both promoting nuclear energy and overseeing its safety in Japan.

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