The State of the Battle in Eastern Ukraine

The State of the Battle in Eastern Ukraine (Washington’s Blog, Sep 5, 2014):

The State of the Battle in Eastern Ukraine-1

Showing what’s left after the invading troops were allowed to leave:

And, then, there is this summary of the situation, by the Russian military analyst, “Vineyard of the Saker”:

“all the signs are that the JRF [Junta Repression Forces]  have reached their breaking point: this is the moment when a military force suddenly and completely collapses, like a dam which blows out under the pressure of water.  The JRF is not retreating on one, two or even three directions, it is retreating everywhere (except north of Lugansk).  Entire battalions are leaving the front under orders of their battalion commanders and without the approval of the Junta leaders.  At least one such battalion commander is already being judged for desertion.  The entire Ukie [Ukrainian Government] leadership seems to be in a panic mode, especially Yatseniuk and Kolomoiski, while the Nazis are mad as hell at the Poroshenko administration.  There are constant rumors of an anti-Poroshenko coup by outraged Nazi nationalists.  And then, there are the absolutely staggering Ukrainian losses..

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Humanitarian Catastrophe: Lugansk, E. Ukraine, Left With No Water, Power

Humanitarian catastrophe: Lugansk, E. Ukraine, left with no water, power (RT, Aug 5, 2014):

The eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk has declared a state of humanitarian catastrophe over a lack of medical supplies, electricity, lighting, mobile and internet communication. Some 250,000 civilians are unable to leave, the statement also says.

“As of August 5, Lugansk remains disconnected from electricity. The situation remains critical on the city’s territory. Lugansk is has no energy, is in a state of humanitarian catastrophe. Since Sunday, part of the population in the region’s center have been without light or water, as well as mobile and internet communication,” the statement on the city council website read.

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OSCE: 250 Civilians Killed In Ukraine’s Lugansk During Last Two Months

250 civilians killed in Ukraine’s Lugansk during last two months – OSCE (RT, July 19, 2014):

At least 250 civilians were killed and over 850 wounded in June and July in the opposition-controlled city of Lugansk, which is besieged by the Ukrainian military, the daily report by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission said.

According to the report, the observers met with members of Lugansk emergency first aid brigade on Thursday.

“The doctors said that in June and July alone there were 250 killed and 850 wounded in the Lugansk region,” the document published Saturday said.

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‘Provocation’: Moscow Slams Ukraine’s Shelling Of Russian Border Checkpoint

‘Provocation’: Moscow slams Ukraine’s shelling of Russian border checkpoint (RT, June 28, 2014):

Mortar shells from Ukraine have again hit Russian territory, damaging a building at a border checkpoint and creating holes in the ground in two villages. The Russian Foreign Ministry has protested the “provocation,” demanding that Kiev investigate it.

At least three shells were launched over the Russian-Ukrainian border into Russia on Saturday, with one blasting a border-crossing checkpoint in the Rostov Region.

“Today, on June 28, Gukovo checkpoint came under fire. One of the shells hit a building and exploded,” a spokesman for the Federal Security Service’s (FSB) Border Guard administration in Rostov Region, Vasily Malaev, told RT.

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Breaking: Major Military Columns Enter Lugansk From Border Area

Breaking – Major military columns enter Lugansk from border area

Breaking – Major military columns enter Lugansk from border area  (Veterans Today, June 20, 2014):

We got the first reports of a large column including armor and supply vehicles from an eyewitness close to the border on the Ukraine. I was getting ready to put the report up as unconfirmed, but took one more look for any video that might be up, and bingo… there it was… the large column moving into Lugansk as the dawn was breaking over the trees.

The tanks were not on carriers, but on their treads, an expensive way to move them, but has them instantly deployable. So you are about to see what some early morning risers in Lugansk saw. The flags you see on some of the vehicles in this first video are Donetsk militia.


Step two. I knew that with endless cell phone video cameras everywhere that there should be more video coming in of the column. The next video is from a car going by a column, not sure if this is the same one or not, but if you watch closely you will see there are air-defence missiles in the trucks with hard tops.

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Confirmed: Ukrainian Air Force Fired Over 150 Missiles At Lugansk, Bombed Admin HQ

A Ukrainian fighter flies above Lugansk during a battle between resistance fighters and the Ukrainian National Guard in June 2, 2014
A Ukrainian fighter flies above Lugansk during a battle between resistance fighters and the Ukrainian National Guard in June 2, 2014 (RIA Novosti / Evgeny Biyatov

Confirmed: Ukrainian air force fired over 150 missiles at Lugansk, bombed admin HQ (RT, May 3, 2014):

Kiev has admitted showering the eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk with dozens of missiles from the air, saying that its Air Force helicopters and jets “fired more than 150 missiles” in Monday’s military action.

DEATH TOLL: 181 people killed, 293 injured in Kiev military op

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) also confirmed on Tuesday that the deadly explosion at the city’s administrative building was indeed an airstrike. Kiev has so far denied the responsibility for the incident, saying its forces “do not target” civilian areas.

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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Putin Sees Chance To Break Up NATO, EU

Putin chess

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during President Reagan’s first term. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal. He has held numerous academic appointments, including the William E. Simon Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University, and Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

Putin sees chance to break up NATO, EU: Analyst (PressTV, May 25, 2014):

By Paul Craig Roberts

Western propaganda about events in Ukraine has two main purposes. One is to cover up, or to distract from, Washington’s role in overthrowing the elected democratic government of Ukraine. The other is to demonize Russia.

The truth is known, but truth is not a part of the Western TV and print media. The intercepted telephone call between US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt reveals the two coup plotters discussing which of Washington’s stooges will be installed as Washington’s person in the new puppet government.

The intercepted telephone call between Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and EU foreign policy official Catherine Ashton revealed suspicions, later confirmed by independent reports, that the sniper fire that killed people on both sides of the Kiev protests came from the Washington-backed side of the conflict.

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Donetsk, Lugansk Republics Unite In New State ‘Novorossiya’

Donetsk, Lugansk republics unite in “Novorossiya” state (ITAR-TASS, May 24, 2014):

The DPR commissions are currently working to form a new social and economic platform under which the new region will live

Self-proclaimed People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk have united in a state called Novorossiya (New Russia), the chairman of the DPR Supreme Council, Denis Pushilin has said.

“We’ve signed a memorandum on the republics’ union. We’ve named the united regions as the union of people’s republics,” Pushilin told Itar-Tass on Saturday.

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Kiev Troops Reportedly Shoot At Deserting Conscripts As Lugansk Region Military Op Escalates

Kiev troops reportedly shoot at deserting conscripts as Lugansk Region military op escalates(RT, May 23, 2014):

Kiev forces have killed at least seven militiamen and injured dozens of people, including civilians, in clashes in the Lugansk Region. Some Kiev troop conscripts reportedly tried to desert and flee to the militia, and were shot at by their commander.

Both sides suffered losses during the battle near the village of Rubezhnoye, close to the city of Lisichansk in the Lugansk region. At least seven self-defense members were killed and 16 others injured, according to the militia. A spokesperson for Kiev’s troops reported two fatalities and seven wounded among their ranks.

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Residents Shocked By National Guard Militants’ Rampage In Lugansk Region


Residents shocked by National Guard militants’ rampage in Lugansk region (Voice of Russia, May 16, 2014):

Militants of Ukraine’s National Guard have arrested federalization activists in the towns of Starobelsk and Markovka in the eastern Lugansk region. Eye-witnesses say the militants rob civilians and maltreat elderly people.

“In Starobelsk, National Guard militants behave in Makhno style, bursting into homes, seizing money and cars and doing nasty things to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, while keeping them at gunpoint,” an Interfax correspondent reports, quoting Alexei Pronichev, a resident of Starobelsk.

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US Does Not Recognize Referendums In Ukraine

White House press secretary Jay Carney

US does not recognize referendums in Ukraine (PressTV, May 12, 2014):

White House spokesman Jay Carney says the United States does not recognize the results of Sunday’s autonomy referendums in Ukraine’s eastern regions of Donetsk and Lugansk.

In a press conference on Monday, Carney said the votes are “illegal under Ukrainian law” and they were “a transparent attempt to create further division and disorder.”

The White House also blasted Russian President Vladimir Putin over the crisis in the country.

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