Louis Vuitton Adjusts Business Model To Focus On The Oligarch Market

Louis Vuitton Adjusts Business Model to Focus on the Oligarch Market (Liberty Blitzkrieg, Sep 26, 2013):

You know you have entered Neo-Fedualism when high-end luxury retailers are struggling because there are no longer enough regular wealthy buyers anymore. As regular readers of this blog understand, this is due to the fact that central bankers and governments around the world have been redistributing and consolidating all global wealth to the top 0.01% oligarch crony class.

The corporate solution to this problem courtesy of Business Week is:

Louis Vuitton is raising its focus somewhat from the really affluent to the really, really affluent. The Paris-based conglomerate of fabulous and fussy things is launching a new line of very high-end leather handbags and accessories to complement its existing products, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

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