Sep 19

Sadly Trump is an elite puppet, just like Hillary.

The bombings begin… Risk of massive false flag event skyrockets as desperate establishment plots to derail Trump, halt the election or change the narrative:

Less than 20 days ago, I warned Natural News readers that “chaos will erupt across America in less than 100 days,” specifically explaining that the frustrated political left will “go full terror” across America’s cities.

Yesterday, the bombings began (and Trump hasn’t even won the election yet!).

In New York City, 29 people were injured by an improved explosive device placed in a dumpster and donated with such force that it blew out the windows of nearby buildings.

A second explosive device of similar design was also located just blocks away. But that wasn’t the only bomb: Another bomb was detonate in New Jersey, as reports: Continue reading »

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Sep 19

H/t reader I.G.


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