Feb 25

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The Music Industry’s Satanic Agenda: Continue reading »

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Apr 20

The Occult Meaning of Lady Gaga’s Video “G.U.Y.” (Vigilant Citizen, March 31, 2014)

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Nov 14

Symbolic Pics of the Month (10/13) (The Vigilant Citizen):

In this edition of SPOTM: Amber Rose, Bono, Lady Gaga, Eminem and Miley Cyrus.

Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13) (The Vigilant Citizen):

In this edition of SPOTM: Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Ciara, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and…sigh…Smurfette. Also, more then ever, what the hell is wrong with the fashion world? Warning: the first five images are might disturb some readers.

Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/13/11) (The Vigilant Citizen)

Symbolic Pics of the Month (06/13) (The Vigilant Citizen):

In this edition of SPOTM: Sharon Needles, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Tara McDonald and many other examples of how artists must adopt Illuminati symbolism in order to stay in the spotlight.

Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13) – The Vigilant Citizen (The Vigilant Citizen):

In this edition of SPOTM: Courtney Stodden, Tilda Swinton, Rita Ora and a bunch other pics proving that what is discussed on this site is all too real.

Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/13) (The Vigilant Citizen):

In this edition of SPOTM: Courtney Stodden, Rihanna (again), that guy from One Direction and more proof that the entertainment industry is ruled by a dark secret society.

Symbolic Pics of the Month (02/13) (The Vigilant Citizen):

In this edition of SPOTM: Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and a whole lot of MK-Themed fashion. (I know, I did state last month that the SPOTM series of articles was over. I however realized that I wanted to discuss about a bunch of pics, so there you go).

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Sep 13

Behold Twitter’s Thought Leader Titans (ZeroHedge, Sep 13, 2013):

500 million users, 170 billion tweets, $10 billion valuation… and these are the four people whose 140-character enunciations are followed the most…

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Jun 06

20 Completely Ridiculous College Courses Being Offered At U.S. Universities (Economic Collapse, June 5, 2013):

Would you like to know what America’s young people are actually learning while they are away at college?  It isn’t pretty.  Yes, there are some very highly technical fields where students are being taught some very important skills, but for the most part U.S. college students are learning very little that they will actually use out in the real world when they graduate.  Some of the college courses listed below are funny, others are truly bizarre, others are just plain outrageous, but all of them are a waste of money.  If we are going to continue to have a system where we insist that our young people invest several years of their lives and tens of thousands of dollars getting a “college education”, they might as well be learning some useful skills in the process.  This is especially true considering how much student loan debt many of our young people are piling up.  Sadly, the truth is that right now college education in the United States is a total joke.  I know – I spent eight years in the system.  Most college courses are so easy that they could be passed by the family dog, and many of these courses “study” some of the most absurd things imaginable.

Listed below are 20 completely ridiculous college courses being offered at U.S. universities.  The description following each course title either comes directly from the official course description or from a news story about the course… Continue reading »

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Jul 17

Lady Gaga naked… with ‘tiny men’ crawling all over her: Singer bares all in ad for new black-liquid perfume (Daily Mail, July 17, 2012):

Risque: Lady Gaga poses naked in the new ad campaign for her perfume, Fame. The singer has miniature scantily-clad men crawling over her body to save her blushes


SATANIST Lady Gaga On Her New Blood & Semen ‘Fragrance’: ‘It Was Taken Out Of My Own Blood Sample So It’s A Sense Of Having Me On Your Skin’ – ‘Actually The Perfume Smells Like An Expensive Hooker’

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Nov 19

Google: SATANIST Lady Gaga

You can’t make this stuff up!

Warning: Satanist!

Lady Gaga’s fragrance to smell like ‘an expensive hooker’… and will it be called Monster? (Daily Mail, Nov. 18, 2011):

Nothing about eccentric performer Lady Gaga could be called middle of the road.

So it follows that when the flamboyant star creates a fragrance, it’s going to be a break from the normal saccharine offerings.

Blasting Britney Spears’ Fantasty and Justin Bieber’s Someday out of the sweetly perfumed water, Lady Gaga’s fragrance, said to be called Monster, is set to be a punchy concoction based on the molecular structure of both blood and semen.

Coty Beauty, which is the firm behind the fragrance, have not yet confirmed the details behind the name of Lady Gaga’s creation, but given Gaga’s fondness for the Monster association – her fans are called Little Monsters, while she has given herself the moniker Mother Monster as well as tattooing the name on her arm – the name seems a likely one.

Early reports suggested the perfume would have the heady aroma of blood and semen.

The finer points of this startling revelation have, however, now been clarified by the Lady herself.

When the 25-year-old Born This Way singer signed the license in September 2010, she allegedly requested that the scent smell of ‘blood and semen.’

But in fact, Gaga’s request was for the fragrance – set for release early next year – to be based on the molecular structure of the bodily fluids, not the actual aromas themselves.

‘You get the after-feeling of sex from the semen and the blood is primal’, she said.

The blood element is based on the molecular make-up of the star’s own blood.

‘It was taken out of my own blood sample so it’s a sense of having me on your skin,’ she said.

‘I wanted to extract sort of the feeling and sense of blood and semen from molecular structures, so that’s where [the rumours] came from.

‘That is in the perfume but it doesn’t smell like that,’ she confirmed.

‘Actually the perfume smells like an expensive hooker.’

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