Labour Candidate Stuart MacLennan Commits Political Suicide on Twitter

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General election 2010: Labour sacks candidate Stuart MacLennan in Twitter row (The Guardian)

The first casualty of the campaign and the first Twitter-induced political downfall…


Stuart MacLennan, Labour candidate for Moray (age 24), has been removed in short order after his Twitter account was unearthed by the press.

Here are some of his remarks:

“God this fairtrade, organic banana is s**t. Can I have a slave-grown, chemically enhanced, genetically modified one please?”

“Just caused severe disquiet with my use of the word ‘c**t’ in polite company” (he doesn’t use the asterisks)

“Made my connecting train. No first class it would appear. Sitting opposite the ugliest old boot I’ve ever seen too.”

“Lots of chavs at Stirling station.”

Into the bargain, he called the elderly “coffin dodgers” and repeatedly lamented having to drive so far north to Moray.

Oh, the dangers of social media! Earlier today heĀ admitted tweeting “silly” and “offensive” messages and said he was sorry.

His followers included John Prescott, Sarah Brown and Downing Street itself – though the account has, alas, now been suspended.

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Darling: UK facing worst economic crisis in 60 years

Alistair Darling is under pressure to come up with solutions to the crisis

The UK is facing its worst economic crisis in 60 years, Chancellor Alistair Darling has admitted.

He told the Guardian newspaper that the economic downturn would be more “profound and long-lasting” than most people had feared.

Using strong language, Mr Darling acknowledged voters were angry with Labour’s handling of the economy.

Shadow chancellor George Osborne said Mr Darling had “let the cat out of the bag” about the state of the economy.

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Children could get a criminal record for holding a can of beer

Children across Britain face being given a criminal record if they are caught holding a can of beer, under new plans being considered by the Government.The measure would mean any person under the age of 18 caught just holding an alcoholic beverage may be tarnished with a conviction, which would need to be declared to future employers.

The proposals follow recent warnings from Home Secretary Jacqui Smith that the police would be given greater powers to remove alcohol from youngsters.


Criminal record: Children caught holding a can of beer could face a conviction

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