Jul 19

The Death Of A City: Detroit’s Eulogy As Delivered By Kevyn Orr (ZeroHedge, July 19, 2013:

From the bankruptcy court declaration filed by Kevyn D. Orr in support of the Detroit Chapter 9 Petition.

After decades of fiscal mismanagement, plummeting population, employment and revenues, decaying City infrastructure, deteriorating City services and excessive borrowing that provided short term band-aids at the cost of deepening insolvency, the City of Detroit today is a shadow of the thriving metropolis that it once was. The City does not provide basic and essential services to the residents who remain in the City. Crime is endemic. The City is infested with urban blight, which: (a) depresses property values; (b) provides a fertile breeding ground for crime and tinder for fires (with the attendant disproportionate devotion of police and firefighting resources to abandoned lots); and (c) compels the City to devote precious resources to demolition.

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