Confirmed: Magravs don’t work. AND KESHE WENT TOO FAR.


Confirmed: Magravs don’t work. AND KESHE WENT TOO FAR:

Veterans Today, or rather, Gordon Duff, the self-confessed disinfo agent of Veterans Today, published another article about the “Red Circle”, which only exists in the minds of mentally ill tricksters like Keshe and Duff.

To give himself credibility, he quotes Ricardo Baretzky, a known NWO supporter and head of ECIPS, which is basically a blueprint structure for the NWO government. It seems the KF followers really want to be ruled by a luciferian NWO dictatorship.

So all the false serpents are supporting each other, continuing to slander and accuse me, an innocent person, of being the head of an international crime syndicate. So ridiculous. We would like to point out that Baretzky, just like all the other disinfo agents, has been interviewed by (SURPRISE!) Project Camelot. It is becoming clearer and clearer that their cult is afraid of being exposed.

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