Apr 15

Half of humanity’s wealth is owned by only eight people:

In 2017, the wealth gap is wider then ever before. Just eight billionaires have a net worth of more than half the world’s population combined. To illustrate the rate at which this growth continues to occur, last year there were 62 individuals who had collectively accumulated as much wealth as half the planet. The gap continues to grow, and Americans continue to fork over their money to companies like Microsoft and Amazon. In fact, six of the eight wealthiest men are Americans.

An analysis from Oxfam warns that the gap between the rich and the poor is greater than ever. In their report, An Economy for the 99%, Oxfam describes the gap as “obscene.” The analysis reveals that eight very wealthy men have a combined net worth of $426 billion. There are 3.6 billion people comprising the poorest half of the world’s population, and their combined net worth is only $409 billion. Continue reading »

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Aug 01


AND NOW: Obama Picks Cass Sunstein, America’s Joseph Goebbles, To Serve On The NSA Oversight Panel

U.S. Military Adds Jeff Bezos and Cass Sunstein to Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Advisory Board:

Earlier this year, when I found out Google’s Eric Schmidt had been named head of a newly created Pentagon board I thought that was creepy enough. It’s gotten creepier.

The Washington Post reports:

The Pentagon’s increasingly eclectic Defense Innovation Advisory Board has reached full strength, with celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and Amazon.com founder Jeffrey P. Bezos among the latest named to a group that includes some of the private sector’s most successful leaders. Continue reading »

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May 10

Jeff Bezos just made a whopping $671 million in his biggest Amazon stock sale ever:

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sold about a million shares of Amazon, around 1% of his stake, and netted $671 million, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission spotted by Fortune.

This is the biggest sale Bezos has ever made of the stock. He sold $534 million of shares last August, according to GeekWire.

After the sale, Bezos owns 81.91 million shares (~17% of Amazon). Continue reading »

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Oct 02

Washington Post finalizes $250 million sale to Bezos (USA Today, Oct 1, 2013):

Washington Post finalizes $250 million sale to Bezos, a deal that was announced in August.

The Washington Post now fully belongs to billionaire Jeff Bezos.

The Washington Post Co., which had owned the paper, said Tuesday that it has finalized selling that part of the company to the founder and chairman of Amazon.com, a deal that was announced in early August and shocked the media industry.

In paying $250 million in cash for the paper, Bezos gains control of the fabled but struggling publication that had been controlled by four generations of the Graham family.

Continue reading »

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Aug 05

Jeff Bezos To Buy Washington Post Newspaper And Its Publishing Assets For $250 Million (ZeroHedge, Aug 5, 2013):

A few months after investing some pocket change into the slideshow-focused “Business Insider”, Jeff Bezos has decided to buy the Washington Post newspaper publishing business, including the WaPo paper itself for $250 MM. The headline blast:

It is unclear if the online version of WaPo goes with it, but most likely the answer is yes. It is also unclear just what Bezos’ strategy is for the hard-version of the WaPo: maybe instead of selling 450,000 daily copies at $1.25, Bezos will sell 450,000,000,000 at -$1.25?

So long-overdue consolidation in the media space by rich, bored billionaires, or just the imminent arrival of even more slideshows, and even more epic losses to be “made up with volume”? Only time will tell.

The full press release, for now not in slideshow format, and precisely zero kittens:

The Washington Post Company (WPO) announced today that it has signed a contract to sell its newspaper publishing businesses, including The Washington Post newspaper, to Jeffrey P. Bezos.

The purchaser is an entity that belongs to Mr. Bezos in his individual capacity and is not Amazon.com, Inc.
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Jun 10

Bilderberg Group 2011: Full Official Attendee List:

“Thanks to the fantastic work of Bilderberg activists, journalists and the Swiss media, we have now been able to obtain the full official list of 2011 Bilderberg attendees. Routinely, some members request that their names be kept off the roster so there will be additional Bilderbergers in attendance.


  • Coene, Luc, Governor, National Bank of Belgium
  • Davignon, Etienne, Minister of State
  • Leysen, Thomas, Chairman, Umicore


  • Fu, Ying, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Huang, Yiping, Professor of Economics, China Center for Economic Research, Peking University


  • Eldrup, Anders, CEO, DONG Energy
  • Federspiel, Ulrik, Vice President, Global Affairs, Haldor Topsøe A/S
  • Schütze, Peter, Member of the Executive Management, Nordea Bank AB


  • Ackermann, Josef, Chairman of the Management Board and the Group Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank
  • Enders, Thomas, CEO, Airbus SAS
  • Löscher, Peter, President and CEO, Siemens AG
  • Nass, Matthias, Chief International Correspondent, Die Zeit
  • Steinbrück, Peer, Member of the Bundestag; Former Minister of Finance Continue reading »

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