Stephen Lendman: Palestine Burns While Trump Lauds Zionist Extremism

Palestine Burns While Trump Lauds Zionist Extremism:

Palestine is a virtual open-air prison, besieged Gaza worst of all, Trump oblivious and uncaring about deplorable conditions. More on this below.

Together with Netanyahu in Jerusalem, he “reaffirmed the unbreakable bond of friendship between Israel and the United States…built on our shared love of freedom, our shared belief in human dignity, and our shared hope for…Israel to have peace.”

Fact: America and Israel deplore peace and stability, partnering in endless wars, seeking unchallenged dominance, wanting the Middle East map redrawn to their advantage, eliminating Syrian and Iranian sovereign independence, keeping Palestinians subjugated under occupation harshness.

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Trump in Jerusalem: ‘1st’ direct flight from Riyadh, hotel turned fortress & prayer at Western Wall

Trump in Jerusalem: ‘1st’ direct flight from Riyadh, hotel turned fortress & prayer at Western Wall:

Reporting that the hotel and its surrounding area “would become a virtual fortress,” the Times of Israel said that all telephones and TVs in the suite would be replaced by US security teams with devices specially flown in from the States.

Moreover, the luxurious suite is bulletproof, poison gas-proof and bomb-proof, built to withstand the collapse of the entire building, according to NBC News citing the property operations manager, Sheldon Ritz.

The presidential suites have independent air conditioning in case of a gas attack and are built to withstand a RPG [rocket-propelled grenade]. But still the US is bringing rocket-proof glass to put in front of the window,” NBC News cited Ritz as saying. “If the whole hotel blows up, the suite will come down in one piece,” he added.

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Trump’s First Foreign Trip: 10,000 Cops, Bomb-Proof Hotel Rooms, Robots, Steak With A Side Of Ketchup

Trump’s First Foreign Trip: 10,000 Cops, Bomb-Proof Hotel Rooms, Robots, Steak With A Side Of Ketchup:

Over the past week a lot of digital ink has been spilled trying to preview and predict what will take place during Trump’s first official mammoth visit abroad, when over the next 8 days after an overnight flight on Air Force One, Trump will hopscotch from Saudi Arabia to Israel to the Vatican. He’ll close his trip with a pair of summits in Brussels and Sicily. The stakes are great for Trump who makes his debut on the international stage: he’s the first president since Jimmy Carter to not travel abroad during his first 100 days in office. And he’ll depart under a cloud of controversy, even as his media troubles intensified with fresh news on the Russia probe and his “Comey is a nut job” remark.

There is just one problem with all of these nuanced, carefully constructed previews of Trump’s trip: they will all end up wrong, as there is simply no possible way of knowing or predicting all the potential permutations that could emerge from unleashing one President Trump upon the world.

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Assad to be the 1st of Irlmaier’s tripartite of assassinated victims?: Israel Minister: “The Time Has Come To Assassinate Bashar Assad”

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Wikipedia editing courses launched by Zionist groups

Two Israeli groups set up training courses in Wikipedia editing with aims to ‘show the other side’ over borders and culture

Two Israeli groups have set up ‘Zionist editing’ courses with aims to alter perceptions about Israel. Photograph: David Silverman/Getty Images

Wikipedia editing courses launched by Zionist groups:

Rachel Shabi in Jerusalem and Jemima Kiss

Since the earliest days of the worldwide web, the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has seen its rhetorical counterpart fought out on the talkboards and chatrooms of the internet.

Now two Israeli groups seeking to gain the upper hand in the online debate have launched a course in “Zionist editing” for Wikipedia, the online reference site.

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Stephen Lendman: Israeli Occupation Viciousness: A Personal Story

Israeli Occupation Viciousness: A Personal Story:

By Stephen Lendman

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) explained the anguish of one of countless Palestinian victims.

Mohammad Allain is a lawyer, an East Jerusalem resident. He deals exclusively with Israeli house demolition issues. He’s now dealing with his own, victimized by Israeli collective punishment.

Recounting his story, he said “I am now talking as a father and not as a lawyer.” In October 2015, Israeli soldiers killed his son, Bahaa, claiming he attacked their ranks – the usual fabricated pretext to justify cold-blooded murder.

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#BREAKING: Israeli warplanes launch airstrikes against Syrian army positions in Quneitra, south-western #Syria.

And who gives a f#*ck about Russia and Iran????? …

Russia, Iran Warn U.S. They Will “Respond With Force” If Syria “Red Lines” Crossed Again – #WW3

What could possibly go ‘wrong’?

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ISIS Apologized To Israel For Attacking IDF Soldiers

ISIS Apologized To Israel For Attacking IDF Soldiers:

In a curious incident that is certain to provoke questions about the proximity, not to mention fund flow, between Israel and ISIS the former Israeli Defense Minister, cited by the Times of Israel, said that  Islamic State terrorists have on at least one occasion “apologized” to Israel for mistakenly attacking IDF soldiers in the occupied Golan Heights. The disclosure may also provide some insight into why after reportedly attacking virtually every religion and ethnicity in the region, there have been virtually no documented attacks by the Islamic State on Israel or its citizens.

Discussing the wider Israeli policy of “neutrality” in Syria, former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon accidentally admitted that Israel has an open communications channel with an Islamic State cell which operates in Gollan Heights.

“There was one case recently where Daesh opened fire and apologized,” Ya’alon said on Saturday, quoted by the Times of Israel.

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