Feb 09


British SAS Special Forces ‘Dressed Up As ISIS Rebels’ Fighting Assad in Syria

SAS heroes blown up in ISIS ambush on top secret mission in Iraq:

The heroes’ bravery has not been officially acknowledged as Tory ministers lean on defence chiefs not to acknowledge the secret ground war

Three elite British troops were hurt under fire from Islamic State thugs during a top-secret mission in Iraq.

But the heroes’ bravery has not been officially acknowledged as Tory ministers lean on defence chiefs not to acknowledge the secret ground war being fought by our special forces in Iraq and Syria . Continue reading »

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Feb 02


There Are Now 3,700 U.S. “Boots On The Ground” In Iraq:

While global stock markets fail to rebound from recent lows, the US military is using every available distraction to build up the military presence in Iraq, and as the US defense secretary admitted moments ago: CARTER SAYS 3,700 U.S. `BOOTS ON THE GROUND’ IN IRAQ TODAY.  Considering a typical battalion has anywhere between 300 and 800 soldiers, at what point does the Pentagon stop calling it the politically palatable “boots on the ground” and start calling it what it really is: an army?

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Jan 30


BOMBSHELL: Declassified Memo Proves the Pentagon had ZERO Evidence of WMDs in Iraq:

Thirteen years after the invasion and occupation of Iraq, it is common knowledge that this war of choice was based on fabrications and slick propaganda. There were no weapons of mass destruction, the country posed no real threat to the U.S., and it was not a hotbed of terrorism until after Saddam was deposed.

Now, a bombshell has dropped in the form of a leaked classified report—a “smoking gun” if you will—that confirms the utter deception carried out on the American people to support the invasion. It demonstrates just how far the cabal under George W. Bush, making up a group known as the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), would go to prey upon fear in pursuit of global hegemony.

While Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and others were proclaiming their certainty about the imminent threats posed to the U.S. by Saddam’s Iraq, the leaked documents reveal that they knew almost nothing about any actual weapons or capabilities.

On August 16, 2002, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld asked Air Force Maj. Gen. Glen Shaffer, head of the Joint Staff’s intelligence directorate, for a report on “what we don’t know (in a percentage) about the Iraqi WMD program.” Continue reading »

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Jan 30

Germany to send 550 More Troops to Mali, Iraq Missions:

BERLIN — German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet decided Wednesday to deploy an additional 550 troops to missions against jihadi fighters in Mali and Iraq.

They will be deployed in Mali, to relieve French forces in their fight against jihadis, and in northern Iraq, to train Kurdish troops also battling IS. Continue reading »

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Jan 23

Iraqis return home, disenchanted with life in Germany

Migrant crisis: Iraqis return home, disenchanted with life in Germany:

Heval Aram is waiting for a flight to Iraq. He says he and his family travelled for 12 days to reach Germany, but the poor conditions they experienced in refugee camps pushed them to return home.

“They gather people in horrible camps with no space to sleep, bathe or relax. There is no hope here in Germany. I hope nobody will leave their home to come here,” he said.

Others claim the food is too expensive for the amount of money they receive from the state.

There are also complaints the asylum process is too slow. Continue reading »

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Jan 20

Iraqi town survives 1.5 years under ISIS siege

Unassailable fortress: Iraqi town survives 1.5 years under ISIS siege:

Security forces and local tribes have joined efforts to turn the small Iraqi town of Barwanah into an unassailable fortress, which has survived a 1.5-year siege by Islamic State. They have delivered huge losses to the jihadists.

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) used over 300 vehicles, rigged with explosives, to crush the resistance of the Barwanah residents, but failed to succeed every time, Ali Farihat one of the local tribal leaders, told RT’s Arabic Channel. Continue reading »

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Jan 02

UK veterans may be prosecuted over Iraq ‘war crimes’ as claims grow tenfold:

Allegations of unlawful killings and torture committed by British troops in Iraq have multiplied tenfold over the past five years, with the head of the unit established to investigate the cases saying the soldiers may face prosecution.

When the UK Ministry of Defence created the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) in 2010 to look into accusations of abuse and torture allegedly committed by the British contingent in Iraq in 2003-06, the number of the victims it was dealing with was 152, yet in a matter of five years this number grew by almost 10 times, currently reaching at least 1,514, according to the latest IHAT quarterly update.

Of the total number of alleged victims, some 280 are victims of alleged unlawful killings and 1,235 are cases of ill-treatment, including alleged rape and torture. Continue reading »

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Dec 28


ISIS Flees Ramadi, This Is What They Left Behind: Photo Album “From The Devil’s Grasp”

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Dec 27

Iraqi forces close in on final Daesh position in Ramadi:

Iraqi troops have pushed deeper toward the last remaining district in Ramadi held by Daesh militants, an army spokesperson told Reuters on Saturday.

This is part of an operation launched last Tuesday night aimed at expelling Daesh from the city, which the group has controlled since May. If successful, recapturing Ramadi will be one of the most important victories for Iraqi armed forces since Daesh swept across a third of the country in 2014.

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Dec 27

Islamic State fighter with US-made M4.
Islamic State fighter with US-made M4.

ISIS Commander’s phone shows contact with Turkish intelligence:

Baghdad, Iraq (TFC) – An Islamic State commander was killed in Salahuddin province and his body was searched. A cell phone retrieved from the corpse revealed messages from Turkish intelligence services proving the NATO country was providing security for ISIS militants when they traveled between Turkey and Iraq. This is the second NATO country implicated in assisting the Islamic State’s troops. The first was Canada.

The IS commander was killed by Hashd al-Shaabi, a loyalist volunteer force. Jabbar al-Ma’mouri, a leader within the force made the announcement. He said, “The mobile phone also contains other important information which cannot be disclosed now, and it has been delivered to the specialized security groups for further scrutiny.” Continue reading »

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Dec 25

Russian intel spots 12,000 oil tankers & trucks on Turkey-Iraq border – General Staff:

Russian intelligence has spotted up to 12,000 tankers and trucks on the Turkish-Iraqi border, the General Staff of Russia’s armed forces has reported.

“The [aerial] imagery was made in the vicinity of Zakho (a city in Iraqi Kurdistan), there were 11,775 tankers and trucks on both sides of the Turkish-Iraqi border,” Lieutenant-General Sergey Rudskoy told journalists on Friday.

“It must be noted that oil from both Iraq and Syria come through this [Zakho] checkpoint,” General Rudskoy said.

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Dec 24

It surely looks like the destruction of Turkey is the plan of TPTB.


How Turkey’s Erdogan “Risks The Destruction Of The Country”:

As those who frequent these pages are no doubt aware, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has lost his mind.


To the extent Washington’s favorite autocrat had any sanity left going into the summer, he lost it completely in the wake of June elections that saw AKP lose its absolute majority in Parliament. That meant Erdogan would have a more difficult time rewriting the political rule book on the way to consolidating his power in an executive presidency.

Adding insult to injury, the election showed increased voter support for the pro-Kurdish HDP which Erdogan equates with the PKK, Ankara’s terrorist boogeyman. Continue reading »

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Dec 23

Bad Habits Die Hard: Turkey to Beef Up Troop Presence in Iraq

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Dec 19

US “Accidentally” Blows Up 10 Iraqi Troops In First “Friendly Fire” Accident Of ISIS Fight:

“It is not in doubt. ISIS is almost finished. They are weak. If only America would stop supporting them, we could defeat them in days.”

That’s a quote from Mustafa Saadi, a Shiite commander who participated in the fight to retake the ISIS-controlled Baiji refinery near Siniya, Iraq in October.

Saadi’s comments underscore the pervasive distrust among Iraqis when it comes to the US military presence in the country. For many, it makes no sense that the US military – which rolled up Saddam’s 400,000+ troop army in the space of just three weeks in 2003 – has been unable to rout Bakr al-Baghdadi’s forces. After all, Islamic State has just 30,000 fighters and the US has been bombing the group for 15 months. As firebrand Shiite politician Hanan Fatlawi put it earlier this year, “I can’t believe that the United States, with all of its weaponry, military intelligence and international sway, would have this much trouble taking out ISIS. It just doesn’t add up.” Continue reading »

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Dec 17


The Missing Islamic State Link: A Documented CIA Connection:

What we do know is one of the most important spies in the CIA, one with a major role in the Near East (probably Iraq), definitely was retained as a lobbyist by Sulayman.  And Sulayman retained him to “create an autonomous Sunni region in Iraq or an independent Sunni State.”  In other words, destroy Iraq by formally creating and recognizing Sunni-Jihadi-stan.  Or a safe-zone for Sunni terrorists.  Or what it actually is, a caliphate.  It was recently written in the Washington Post that many Shia Iraqis harbor the conspiratorial belief the US created the Islamic State to destroy Iraq.  Conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact. 


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Dec 17

In Dramatic Reversal, US Vice President Biden Calls On Turkey To Withdraw Its Troops From Iraq:

It has been a strange two days for US foreign policy.

Earlier today we reported that in what amounts to a significant blow to the official US position over Syria, namely the multi-year demands to replace president Assad with a western puppet ruler, John Kerry on Tuesday accepted Russia’s long-standing demand that President Bashar Assad’s future be determined by his own people, as Washington and Moscow edged toward putting aside years of disagreement over how to end Syria’s civil war.” Continue reading »

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Dec 16

UK Column News – 15th December 2015

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Dec 14

U.S. Pilots Confirm: Obama Admin Blocks 75 Percent of Islamic State Strikes:

‘We can’t get clearance even when we have a clear target in front of us’

U.S. military pilots who have returned from the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq are confirming that they were blocked from dropping 75 percent of their ordnance on terror targets because they could not get clearance to launch a strike, according to a leading member of Congress.

Strikes against the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) targets are often blocked due to an Obama administration policy to prevent civilian deaths and collateral damage, according to Rep. Ed Royce (R., Calif.), chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Continue reading »

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Dec 12

Thousands Of Militiamen Stage Anti-Turkey Protests In Baghdad As Iraq Lodges Security Council Complaint:

“As the leader of a military brigade, I am not fully satisfied with the government’s action, and we are here to say that Iraq’s patience has run out.”

“We call on the Security Council to demand that Turkey withdraw its forces immediately and not to violate Iraqi sovereignty again.”


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Dec 12

H/t reader squodgy:

“Turkey invades Iraq, Iraq calls for UN to act……erm…..er…well…um….”

Turkey Invades Iraq, Iraq demands UN act:

Baghdad, Iraq (TFC) – Turkey’s government has had forces in Iraq under the guise of training local Sunnis to fight against terrorism. Recently, the Turkish government has been bombing Kurdish positions inside Iraq and has began a force buildup within the war-torn country. The Iraqi government, seeing the writing on the wall, has demanded the troops be pulled out of their nation.

The Iraqi government used tough language indicating that it has tried to resolve the situation peacefully with no success. It is now demanding that UN stop what it calls a “flagrant violation of the provisions and principles of the UN charter and in violation of the sanctity of Iraqi territory.” Turkey’s leader has stated the country has no plans to remove the troops. Continue reading »

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Dec 10



US Has Secret, “Non-Negotiable” Plan To Send 100,000 US, Saudi Troops To Iraq, Lawmaker Claims

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Dec 09

China Says Turkey Needs To Respect Iraq’s Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity:

“Turkey is acting recklessly and inexplicably,” Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s ambassador to the UN told the Security Council at a closed-door meeting on Tuesday.

Churkin was not, as you might have guessed, referring to Ankara’s brazen move to shoot down a Russian warplane near the Syrian border late last month (although we’re quite sure that Moscow would classify that as “reckless and inexplicable” as well).

Churkin was referencing Erdogan’s decision to send between 150 and 300 Turkish troops along with around two dozen tanks to Bashiqa, just northeast of the ISIS stronghold in Mosul.  Continue reading »

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Dec 09


Related info:

US-Backed Rebels Fight Turkey-Backed Rebels in Northern Syria

Turkish army hits Kurdish militant targets in northern Iraq overnight:

Turkish warplanes struck Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militant targets in northern Iraq overnight and a policeman was killed in southeastern Turkey during clashes with the group.

Turkish jets hit targets in the Qandil, Hakurk, Zap and Avasin Baysan areas of northern Iraq, targeting storage units and shelters for the militants, the Turkish army said on Wednesday. The region is part of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish entity known as Kurdistan. Continue reading »

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Dec 09


It Will Take 10 Years To Recapture Mosul From ISIS, US Army Officer Says:

When Mosul fell to ISIS in June of 2014, the world was shocked that the group – which at that juncture, was just beginning to make a name for itself – could possibly have overrun the US-trained and armed Iraqi army to take control of the country’s second-largest city.

“The city fell like a plane without an engine,” a Mosul businessman who fled to Erbil said at the time. “They were firing their weapons into the air, but no one was shooting at them.”

That account reinforces the notion that the Iraqi regulars effectively ran away in the face of the ISIS advance. Here’s what Ash Carter said after Ramadi fell: “The Iraqi forces just showed no will to fight. They were not outnumbered. In fact they vastly outnumbered the opposing force and yet they failed to fight and withdrew from the site…We can give them training, we can give them equipment. We obviously can’t give them the will to fight.”

No Ash, you can’t, and when you hand over equipment to soldiers with no will to fight, that equipment usually ends up in the “wrong” hands which is exactly what happened after the Iraqi regulars abandoned Mosul. After routing the Iraqi forces, ISIS seized 2,300 humvees and then proceeded to loot some $429 million in cash from the city’s central bank. This made Obama’s terrorist “jayvee squad” one of the most well armed, well funded extremist groups in history.  Continue reading »

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Dec 08

Defence ministry officials sit under screens with satellite images on display during a briefing in Moscow, Russia

Russia asks for U.N. council talks on Turkey action in Syria, Iraq:

Russia has asked the United Nations Security Council to hold closed-door discussions on Turkish military action in Syria and Iraq, diplomats said on Monday, in the latest sign of increasing tensions between Moscow and Ankara.

Russia’s U.N. mission had no immediate comment. But council diplomats said they expected a Nov. 24 incident in which Turkey shot down a Russian plane near the Syrian-Turkish border would come up. Relations between Russia and Turkey have nosedived since that incident. Continue reading »

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Dec 06

Iraq May Seek “Direct Military Intervention From Russia” To Expel Turkish Troops:

Turkey just can’t seem to help itself when it comes to escalations in the Mid-East.

First, Erdogan intentionally reignited the conflict between Ankara and the PKK in an effort to scare the public into nullifying a democratic election outcome. Then, the Turks shot down a Russian warplane near the Syrian border. Finally, in what very well might be an effort to protect Islamic State oil smuggling routes, Erdogan sent 150 troops and two dozen tanks to Bashiqa, just northeast of Mosul in a move that has infuriated Baghdad.  Continue reading »

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Dec 05


Did Turkey Just Invade Iraq To Protect Erdogan’s ISIS Oil Smuggling Routes?

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Dec 02

US Is “In Cahoots With ISIS,” Iraqis Swear: “It Is Not In Doubt”:

On Tuesday evening, we took a look at how Iran’s Shiite proxy arms fighting ISIS in Iraq responded to Ash Carter’s contention that the US would soon send an “expeditionary targeting force” to assist Iraqi and Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the battle against Islamic State.

From Kata’ib Hezbollah: “We will chase and fight any American force deployed in Iraq. Any such American force will become a primary target for our group. We fought them before and we are ready to resume fighting.”

From the Badr Organisation: “All Iraqis look to (the Americans) as occupiers who are not trustworthy.”

And as for the official reaction from Baghdad, we go to PM Haider al-Abadi: “Iraq does not need foreign ground combat forces on Iraqi land.”



So basically, “thanks, but we’ve seen enough of your ground troops over the past 15 years and if they come here again, they’re likely to get shot at, and not just by ISIS.” Continue reading »

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Dec 02


Israel buys most oil smuggled from ISIS territory – report:

All this noise about Turkey deflects from the very big Israeli involvement. Convenient.

I covered the illicit oil trade extensively in this post: Carving Turkey After a NATO Roasting- Claims vs Reality

Israel has become the main buyer for oil from ISIS controlled territory, reports “al-Araby al-Jadeed.”

Kurdish and Turkish smugglers are transporting oil from ISIS controlled territory in Syria and Iraq and selling it to Israel, according to several reports in the Arab and Russian media. An estimated 20,000-40,000 barrels of oil are produced daily in ISIS controlled territory generating $1-1.5 million daily profit for the terrorist organization. Continue reading »

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Dec 01


Iraqi PM Rejects US “Boots On Ground” As Shiite Militias Pledge To Kill US Soldiers:

There are probably a lot of lessons we can learn from the conflict in Syria.

We might, for instance, pause and reflect on the morality of subjecting millions of people to untold pain and suffering in pursuit of geopolitical expediency. Or we could make a serious effort to reevaluate a foreign policy that too often centers around bringing about regime change in far away lands without considering the ramifications and potential for blowback.

Of course that kind of deep self-reflection will never happen in Washington, but fortunately, there’s a far simpler lesson that requires very little in the way of high level thinking to understand. Here it is: arming and funding Islamic militants you just met is always a bad idea.  Continue reading »

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