Texas And U.S. Facing Growing Threat Of Domestic IEDs … Afghanistan & Iraq Coming To A City Near You

Be afraid, be very afraid. Terrorists everywhere!

Surrender what is left from your civil rights and you will be fine, … maybe.

Problem – reaction – solution.

Texas and U.S. facing growing threat of domestic IEDs (Houston Chronicle, July 30, 2012):

Improvised explosive devices have claimed the lives and limbs of thousands of American soldiers across Iraq and Afghanistan.

And now officials say the devilish devices are posing a growing threat across Texas and the United States.

The accused shooter in the Aurora, Colo., movie theater massacre, James Holmes, allegedly deployed IEDs in his apartment, prompting federal law enforcement agencies to look into possible links to domestic or foreign-based terrorism.

The incident follows disrupted IED attacks in 2010 — a car bomb disarmed in New York City’s Times Square and explosives detected in ink cartridges aboard two U.S.-bound commercial cargo planes.

And with Mexican drug cartels using car bombs in cities bordering Texas, officials along the southwest border are increasingly concerned about ready-to-go devices being smuggled into the United States.

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