Spain’s Stock Exchange Halted For Over 4 Hours Due To ‘Technical Glitch’

Spain’s Stock Exchange Has Been Halted For Over 4 Hours Due To “Technical Glitch” (ZeroHedge, Aug 6, 2012):

Update: IBEX resumes for trade with a nearly 5 hour delay, last seen higher at 1.68%. We can only hope the Knight algo is not to blame for yet another round of headless chicken buying.Last week it was Knight, today it is the Spanish stock market. Following a halt for a “technical glitch” just after 4 am Eastern time, Spain’s stock exchange, the IBEX, is still not trading as of this posting. So how will Spain and the ECB declare victory if they are unable to demonstrate the daily ramp in Spanish stocks (where shorting financials is once again forbidden…. because Europe continues to be “fixed”).

From MarketWatch:

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