Aug 29

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Huma Adebin Announces Separation From Anthony Weiner After Latest Sexting Scandal:

Update: And the hits just keep on coming: moments after Huma Abedin announced her split from her tainted husband, the Daily Beast reported that The New York Daily News will no longer run columns by Anthony Weiner, opinion editor Josh Greenman told The Daily Beast. “[W]e won’t be running his columns in the future,” Greenman wrote in an email. Weiner, a former New York City council member and New York congressman, got a regular column in the paper in 2014.

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Earlier today we wondered how long, in the aftermath of the latest Anthony Weiner “dick-pic” scandal, the marriage between Hillary Clinton’s top lieutenant and her allegedly cheating husband would last. The answer: a few hours. Moments ago, Huma Abedin issued a statement announcing that she has decided to separate from her husband, Anthony Weiner, the former congressman who has been repeatedly caught sexting with other women. Continue reading »

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May 06

Hillary Clinton personal aide Huma Abedin

FBI Interviews Clinton’s Top Personal Aide As Email Investigation Heats Up:

As we reported yesterday, just when Hillary thought the email scandal was behind her, and she could shift her focus to the newly minted GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, an order by Judge Emmet Sullivan of the U.S. District Court decided to lay out ground rules for interviewing multiple State Department officials, and ordered at least six current and former State Department employees to answer questions, all in an effort to finish the depositions in the weeks before the party nominating conventions.

One key name in the order was longtime Clinton personal aide Huma Abedin, who as The Hill reports, was indeed interviewed today by the FBI, along with other top aides, some multiple times. Continue reading »

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