DIE FASTER (Greece 2012): Athens Turns Off Power Supply To HOSPICE!

Εικόνα αρχείου από το Άσυλο Ανιάτων (Φωτογραφία:  Τα Νέα )
Image file from the Hospice (Photo: The News)

Google translation (original article in Greek down below):

Because he had not paid the hike PPC ceased electricity to a building of Hospice (in.gr, July 19, 2012):


In economic collapse with unpredictable consequences has led the Hospice, blister, because of non-payment of debts of the National Health Service Organization (EOPYY), EUR 3 million, resulting in the observed phenomena yposistismou bedridden patients, shortages of essential drugs and medical supplies. Also, 170 employees are unpaid since March and the most tragic of all, PPC proceeded to interrupt the supply of electricity to the building of the Asylum.

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