Foreign terror suspect ‘who kept identity secret for 23 years allowed to STAY in Britain’

Foreign terror suspect ‘who kept identity secret for 23 years allowed to STAY in Britain’:

A FOREIGN-born terror suspect who has twice been ruled a threat to national security has won the right to stay in Britain – by keeping his identity secret for 23 years.

The suspect is known to have masqueraded under at least two false identities – “Nolidoni” and “Pierre Dumond” – since entering the UK illegally in 1993 and claiming asylum.Courts have granted the man anonymity and only refer to him as suspect “B”.

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Theresa May: Home Office Could Have Covered Up Paedophile Claims


H/t reader squodgy:

“Rotten, just rotten to the core.

Should all be castrated with no anaesthetic, and with a rusty knife.

She was in charge of the Home Office for six years. She knew all along.

Bloody hypocrisy, she was part of the cover up. And still is.”


Theresa May: Home Office could have covered up paedophile claims:

Home Secretary triggers further inquiries after report by Peter Wanless fails to ‘prove or disprove’ whether Home Office covered up historic child sex abuse allegations

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has admitted the Home Office could have covered up paedophile allegations in the Eighties, as she was forced to launch another new inquiry into the claims.

But she was immediately contradicted by David Cameron, the Prime Minister, who said a review showed there “wasn’t a cover up”.

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Home Office Admits it Can’t Verify the Ages of Calais Migrant ‘Children’

Home Office Admits it Can’t Verify the Ages of Calais Migrant ‘Children’:

Concerns have been raised that adult migrants are posing as children to gain entry to the UK, as it has emerged that the Home Office has no way of verifying the ages of child migrants being relocated from the Calais Jungle.

The first group of fourteen teenage migrants arrived in the UK yesterday, under the government’s new scheme to fast track entry of minors with connections to the UK from the Jungle before the migrant camp is demolished by the French authorities.

But photos of the ‘children’ appear to show young male adults.

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Cover up? Review of Home Office handling of Westminster child sex allegations slammed

Cover up? Review of Home Office handling of Westminster child sex allegations slammed (RT, Nov 11, 2014):

A supposedly independent review of the Home Office’s handling of allegations about decades of systemic child abuse that infiltrated Westminster has ruled that it’s impossible to discern if there was an establishment cover-up.

Conducted by the chief executive of the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), the inquiry examined whether the Home Office carried out an adequate and effective review last year into its handling of damning information relating to alleged historic child sex abuse.

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Child sex abuse report: Files concerning Westminster paedophile ring were destroyed in last few years

H/t reader squodgy:

“And there you have it.

The secret service, on behalf of the owners, created situations which enabled them to get compromising evidence against individuals to facilitate blackmail & thus enforce compliance in Parliament, the Judiciary & the Financial world.

Files compromising now worthless individuals will be disposed of as pointless.

What nobody is talking about is the present.”

Child sex abuse report: Files concerning Westminster paedophile ring were destroyed in last few years (Independent, Nov 11, 2014):

Theresa May has admitted there “might have been” a cover-up at Home Office in the 1980s concerning allegations that politicians were involved in child sex abuse but said an official review found the claim was “not proven”.

UK hackers face life imprisonment, threat to whistleblowers – activists

UK hackers face life imprisonment, threat to whistleblowers – activists (RT, Oct 23, 2014):

Internet users who ‘threaten’ national security, by causing economic or environmental damage, could face a life sentence under new government plans to crack down on internet crime. Campaigners say the move will target whistleblowers.

The government proposal claims the laws are needed to deal with “catastrophic” cyber-attacks that “result in loss of life, serious illness and injury, or serious damage to national security, or a significant risk thereof.”

Proposals would update the existing Computer Misuse Act 1990, and would give judges the power to hand down harsher penalties on hackers. The laws would also incorporate internet users spying on the activities of UK businesses.

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‘Snooper’s Charter’: UK Goverment Pushes For Access To Social Media


‘Snooper’s charter’: UK govt pushes for access to social media (RT, June 26, 2014):

Britain’s Home Secretary is pushing for new spying powers to access social media and email accounts. Theresa May argues that it’s a “matter of life and death,” and has dismissed claims the government wants to spy on citizens.

The British Home Office is pushing for changes to the law that would radically expand powers to monitor citizens. The communications data bill, which has been branded ‘the snooper’s charter’ by opponents, would allow authorities access to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

In addition, services like Facetime and Skype would also be accessible to the UK authorities.

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Glenn Greenwald’s Partner David Miranda Detained For 9 Hours, Electronics Confiscated

Glenn Greenwald’s Partner Detained For 9 Hours, Electronics Confiscated (Liberty Blitzkrieg,, Aug 18, 2013):

A month ago, I wrote a piece titled: If Flying into the UK, Your Phone Can Be Seized and Data Downloaded Without Suspicion. As you might suspect, the focus of the piece was something called schedule 7 of the UK’s Terrorism Act of 2000, which allows authorities to stop and search  people “without prior authorization or reasonable suspicion.” Not only that, they are not automatically permitted access to legal counsel during the interrogation and they must cooperate. Oh, and your electronic devices can be confiscated.

I chose to write that article at the time to highlight the myriad ways it could be grossly abused. Well now we a very high profile example of such abuse as Glenn Greenwald’s partner, David Miranda was stopped for nine hours (the maximum allowed), his electronics were confiscated, and we have no explanation from the Home Office as to why he was considered a terrorist threat.

Here’s an idea for investigative journalists and activists worldwide. Do not fly through the UK unless you absolutely have to.

More from The Guardian:

The partner of the Guardian journalist who has written a series of stories revealing mass surveillance programmes by the US National Security Agency was held for almost nine hours on Sunday by UK authorities as he passed through London’s Heathrow airport on his way home to Rio de Janeiro.

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British Terror Suspects Quietly Stripped Of Citizenship … Then Killed By Drones

British terror suspects quietly stripped of citizenship… then killed by drones (Independent, Feb 28, 2013):

Exclusive: Secret war on enemy within

The Government has secretly ramped up a controversial programme that strips people of their British citizenship on national security grounds – with two of the men subsequently killed by American drone attacks.

An investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism for The Independent has established that since 2010, the Home Secretary, Theresa May, has revoked the passports of 16 individuals, many of whom are alleged to have had links to militant or terrorist groups.

Critics of the programme warn that it allows ministers to “wash their hands” of British nationals suspected of terrorism who could be subject to torture and illegal detention abroad.

They add that it also allows those stripped of their citizenship to be killed or “rendered” without any onus on the British Government to intervene.

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Home Office Security Chief Responsible For Buckingham Palace ‘Viewed Child Porn’

Home Office security chief responsible for Buckingham Palace ‘viewed child porn’ (Daily Mail, Nov 25, 2012):

  • David Tracey, a Home Office security expert, arrested by Essex Police
  • 48-year-old charged with four counts of making indecent images of children
  • Tracey is believed to advise on security for Buckingham Palace
  • A Home Office civil servant who oversees security for Buckingham Palace security has been charged with viewing child pornography.

    David Tracey, 48,of Billericay, Essex, was arrested by officers from Essex Police and charged with four counts of making indecent images of children.

    He works at the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism, a Whitehall unit that oversees strategy on thwarting terrorists.

    Sources told the Sun that Tracey had advised strategy on the protection of Royal palaces and other important public buildings, including Downing Street and nuclear sites.

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    New Security Fears As Heathrow Checks ‘Miss’ 5 Terror Suspects In One Day

    Problem, reaction, solution.

    (Solution = More security, more big brother, more military presence, more …)


    (FOX NEWS) Inside Job: ‘The US Government Escorted The Underwear Bomber Through Security Without A Passport To Board The Plane’, Say Two Attorneys, Eyewitnesses Who Were On Site

    TSA Source: Undercover TSA Agent Successfully Smuggled A Gun Past Full-Body Scanners

    New security fears as Heathrow checks miss terror suspects (Guardian, July 14, 2012):

    • Inexperienced airport staff ‘missed five alerts in one day’
    • Fears come after fiasco over G4S Olympic stewarding

    Terror suspects on the Home Office watch list are entering the UK in the runup to the Olympics without the necessary security checks, according to frontline officials at Heathrow.

    One senior border officer told the Observer that inexperienced new recruits, deployed to shorten queues after complaints over lengthy waiting times, are repeatedly “missing” passengers of interest who should be referred to counterterrorism officers when they reach passport control.

    The official said he was personally aware that three terror suspects – all of whose names are registered on the Home Office suspect index system – had been waved through by staff on his shifts since the start of July. Border officials should immediately notify counterterrorism police or MI5 if they suspect that “SX travellers” are attempting to enter the UK. Another colleague alleged that five suspects were “missed” in one day earlier this month.

    “It’s all new faces,” said the senior official. “The rest of the staff, I have no idea where they have come from, how long they are here for, what their background is. These are people who have been forced by their own department to come here.”

    The crisis comes days after G4S, the world’s biggest security firm, announced it could not provide enough security guards for the London Olympics, forcing the government to call up 3,500 troops to meet the shortfall. Last month John Evans, head of MI5, said the Games offered an “attractive target for our enemies, and they will be at the centre of the world’s attention”.

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    Home Secretary Theresa May: We’ll Stop Migrants If Euro Collapses – UK Government Draws Up Plans For Emergency Immigration In The Event Of Financial Collapse

    The Government is drawing up plans for emergency immigration controls to curb an influx of Greeks and other European Union residents if the euro collapses, the Home Secretary discloses today.

    Theresa May says “work is ongoing” to restrict European immigration in the event of a financial collapse

    Theresa May: we’ll stop migrants if euro collapses (Telegraph, May 25, 2012):

    In an interview in The Daily Telegraph, Theresa May says “work is ongoing” to restrict European immigration in the event of a financial collapse.

    People from throughout the EU, with the exception of new member countries such as Romania and Bulgaria, are able to work anywhere in the single market.

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    German ‘Dolphin’ Submarine Loaded With A 500 KILOTON HYDROGEN BOMB ‘DISAPPEARS’ While Being Tracked By The NSA, MI6 And Every Sophisticated Device NATO Owns

    Raw Reports, Nuclear Threat from Germany (updated) (Veterans Today, April 30, 2012):


    6 Decades of Deception

    I will keep this short as possible.  A single nuclear weapon has “gone missing” as of last week, one of four missing but this one “more missing” than the others.

    The Thames Valley Police, famous for their fictional representations in the Colin Dexter detective novels, detained a high ranking government security officer, department to remain unnamed, at the behest of what we are told is the Home Secretary.

    Time we put a call in to Inspector Lewis?  Morse, played by John Thaw, would never have allowed such a thing.  John Thaw was always a favorite and his pub of choice, The Trout outside Oxford is a nice stop off, you can misplace a nuke, torture a spy, this time one of your own,  and make it home with fish and chips.  I do so love Britain.


    Now, to put this is American English.

    A nuclear weapon that wasn’t supposed to exist, a single 500 kiloton hydrogen bomb, one of four being tracked, was seen being loaded at the German port of Bemerhaven, Germany.

    The groups assisting in what we were informed was a counter-terrorism surveillance operation were the American NSA, British MI 6, the Office of Naval Intelligence and the British Royal Navy.  The “device” was loaded onto a Germany built “Dolphin” submarine and left the harbour doing 7.5 knots.

    The submarine disappeared while being tracked by every sophisticated device NATO seems to be able to own or borrow.

    At least one of those from among the listed agencies was arrested by the local police force in Oxford, their electronic surveillance gear siezed, were confined for 12 hours despite being above arrest and detention as a senior NATO intelligence officer.

    Attempts to track the sub in the busy harbour were in vain and it is unknown what the nationality of the crew were or the destination, whether the UK, the US or some place in the Middle East.

    What we do know is that Germany and other NATO nations, in a highly disputed exception to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, had held 182 such weapons until all had supposedly been given back to the United States in 2005.

    We now know this to be untrue.  There are several possible scenarios:

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    Police And MI5 Get Power To Watch You On The Web

    Police and MI5 get power to watch you on the web (Independent, April 2, 2012):

    Police and intelligence officers are to be handed the power to monitor people’s messages online in what has been described as an “attack on the privacy” of vast numbers of Britons.

    The Home Secretary, Theresa May, intends to introduce legislation in next month’s Queen’s Speech which would allow law-enforcement agencies to check on citizens using Facebook, Twitter, online gaming forums and the video-chat service Skype.

    Regional police forces, MI5 and GCHQ, the Government’s eavesdropping centre, would be given the right to know who speaks to whom “on demand” and in “real time”.

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    Big Brother UK: Every Phone Call, Text Message, Email Traffic And Websites Visited To Be Stored In Vast Databases Under New Government Anti-Terror Plans

    Phone and email records to be stored in new spy plan (Telegraph, Feb. 18, 2012):

    Details of every phone call and text message, email traffic and websites visited online are to be stored in a series of vast databases under new Government anti-terror plans.

    Landline and mobile phone companies and broadband providers will be ordered to store the data for a year and make it available to the security services under the scheme.

    The databases would not record the contents of calls, texts or emails but the numbers or email addresses of who they are sent and received by.

    For the first time, the security services will have widespread access to information about who has been communicating with each other on social networking sites such as Facebook.

    Direct messages between subscribers to websites such as Twitter would also be stored, as well as communications between players in online video games.

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    London 2012 Olympic Games: Biometric Scans For All Overseas Games Athletes


    Iran Threatens to Boycott London Olympics Over ‘Racist’ Logo Resembling The Word ZION

    Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Former Director Of Studies At The US Army War College: ‘It Is 100% Certain That 9/11 Was A Mossad Operation’ (Video)

    UK launches international operation to gather information on Olympic participants and coaches

    Biometric scans for all overseas Games athletes (Independent, Feb. 12, 2012):

    More than 10,000 Olympic athletes and their coaches are having fingerprints and face-scans taken by UK officials around the world in the biggest operation of its type to prevent the London Games being targeted by illegal immigrants or terrorists.

    Ministers fear that besides the vast numbers of genuine “Games family members (GFMs)” – not only an estimated 10,500 athletes but their training teams, accredited media and officials – would-be terrorists or illegal immigrants could use the influx of people at Heathrow in the days before the Games start on 27 July to get into Britain.

    A temporary terminal at Heathrow is already being built to try to take the strain of the 20,000 accredited people as well as millions of ticketholders and visitors.

    The Government is to step up the national terror threat to “severe” during the 16-day Games, meaning an attempted attack is highly likely.

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    UK: Hundreds Of Paratroopers Are Trained For Riot Control

    UK riots: paratroopers are trained in riot control (Telegraph, Jan. 28, 2012):

    Hundreds of soldiers from 3rd battalion The Parachute Regiment spent last week learning how to contain and arrest “rioters” in a series of exercises mirroring last summers violence.

    Defence sources have confirmed that if violence were to return to British cities, especially during the Olympic Games, the Paras would be “ideally placed” to provide “short-term” support to police forces around the UK.

    Such a request would have to be made by the Home Office and would have to have Prime Ministerial approval, according to the source.

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    UK Polices To Deploy £25,000 Military-Style Lasers To Control Riots

    And yes, those lasers will be really bad for your eyesight.

    James Bond-style: The SMU 100 temporarily impairs the vision of anyone looking towards its source with a four metre wall of light

    UK tests “non-blinding” police lasers (Boing Boing, ‎Dec 12, 2011‎):

    The makers of a “non-blinding” laser claims an unnamed UK police force is set to trial the weapon as a means of “controlling riots.” According to the manufacturer — who developed the weapon for use against pirates in Somalia — the laser can “temporarily” blind its victims at 500m. It is meant to provide “an intimidating visual deterrent” because “If you can’t look at something you can’t attack it.”

    My friend Sulka, who brought this to my attention, has some informed speculation about what “non-blinding” might mean. He notes that the UK is a signatory on the Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons (I didn’t know this existed, and I’m both glad and sad that it does), whose definition of blindness “is where your eyesight goes worse than 20/200, meaning you can’t see the *largest* letter in a Snellen chart when looking at it with *both* eyes.”

    So that means that this weapon wouldn’t run afoul of international law if it (merely) reduced your vision to the point where you were impaired but not legally blind, permanently.

    Meanwhile, Twitter wags are already predicting a resurgence of mirrorshades among protesters, which means that everything the cyberpunks predicted in the mid-80s is finally coming true. I always thought that Anon was basically an analog to the Panther Moderns.

    Lock, Stock and Laser? UK police go high-tech (RT, Dec. 12, 2011):

    The laser was originally designed to protect sensitive cargo from pirates on the high seas.  Likewise, NATO-led troops have already deployed similar weapons to counter insurgents in Afghanistan.

    Rioters beware: Police set to deploy £25,000 James Bond-style laser that temporarily blinds (Daily Mail, Dec 12, 2011)

    Police to test laser that ‘blinds rioters’ (Telegraph, ‎Dec 11, 2011‎):

    A shoulder-mounted laser that emits a blinding wall of light capable of repelling rioters is to be trialled by police under preparations to prevent a repeat of this summer’s looting and arson.

    The technology, developed by a former Royal Marine commando, temporarily impairs the vision of anyone who looks towards the source.

    It has impressed a division of the Home Office which is testing a new range of devices because of the growing number of violent situations facing the police.

    The developer, British-based Photonic Security Systems, hopes to offer the device to shipping companies to deter pirates. Similar devices have been used by ISAF troops in Afghanistan to protect convoys from insurgents.

    The laser, resembling a rifle and known as an SMU 100, can dazzle and incapacitate targets up to 500m away with a wall of light up to three metres squared. It costs £25,000 and has an infrared scope to spot looters in poor visibility.

    Home Secretary Theresa May: Police Must Accept Pay Cut Or Lose Jobs

    Thanks to the bankster bailouts the pound is finished and the UK is bankrupt …

    On Mervyn King’s Apology That Central Banks Are Destroying The Middle Class’ Standard Of Living

    Bank of England’s Mervyn King Warns Inflation Could Reach 5 Percent Within Months

    … and the people will be footed with the bill.

    Reminds me of …

    Met Police officers to be ‘microchipped’ by top brass in Big Brother style tracking scheme:

    There will not be any choice about wearing one.

    … and that in turn reminds me of …


    A new paper titled “Microchip-Induced Tumors in Laboratory Rodents and Dogs: A Review of the Literature 1990–2006” has been released today by CASPIAN. The full, 48-page paper provides a definitive review of the academic literature showing a causal link between implanted radio-frequency (RFID) microchip transponders and cancer in laboratory rodents and dogs. In addition, a brief, four-page synopsis of the full report is being made available.

    Police officers must accept cuts to their pay packets to avoid losing thousands of frontline jobs, Home Secretary Theresa May said today.

    Mrs May said she did not want to make savings for the sake of it, but ”extraordinary circumstances” mean the Government must reform terms and conditions to keep officers on the streets.

    Her speech comes ahead of an independent review of police pay and conditions by former rail regulator Tom Winsor, which will be published on Tuesday.

    Mrs May called for all forces to follow the example of the Metropolitan Police in getting officers to patrol alone rather than in pairs.

    “By getting more officers to patrol alone – rather than in pairs – and by better matching resources to demand in neighbourhood policing, they are increasing officer availability to the public by 25 per cent,” she said.

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    Home Secretary Theresa May: Police Could Use Water Cannon To Disperse Rioters

    Water cannons, because the cavalry attack failed…

    UK: Mounted Police Charge Fees Protesters (Video), Police Investigate Truncheon Attack

    … and the people won’t give in:

    15 Year-Old Tells Establishment to Stick-it

    Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has opened the way for water cannon to be used on the British mainland for the first time if future demonstrations escalate into uncontrollable violence.

    Police used water cannons on the rioters Photo: AP

    Ministers will not stand in the way if senior officers wanted to use it, she said.

    And in the wake of last week’s shocking scenes in central London’s West End Mrs May warned that future demonstrations needed to be policed “robustly.”

    The sight of an out-of-control mob vandalising parts of Westminster has led to accusations that the Conservatives are weak on law-and-order.

    In the UK water cannon has only been deployed in Northern Ireland, at various points throughout the Troubles, and its use has been resisted until now by senior police officers elsewhere in Britain. However, it is widely used as a crowd control tactic abroad.

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